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LAist Staff

Meet the team reporting the stories and answering your questions about Los Angeles
LAist Editorial Staff
LAist Studios
Digital Product
  • Andy Cheatwood
    Director, Digital Product (he/him)
  • Patrick Dougall
    Audience Insights and Development Manager (he/him)
  • Melissa DeMund
    Front-end Engineer (she/her)
  • Stephanie Kraft
    Product Designer (she, her)
  • Jeff Campbell
    Senior Mobile Developer, iOS (he/him)
  • Michael Cosentino
    Senior Producer, Emerging Platforms (he/him)
  • Jason Georges
    Senior Producer, Digital (he/him)
  • Peter Hernandez
    Newsletter Automation & Growth Manager (he/him)
  • Herb Scannell
    President & CEO
  • Elsa Luna
    Chief Operations Officer / Chief Financial Officer
  • Kristen Muller
    Chief Content Officer
  • Carla Wohl
    Senior Vice President of Development
  • Mary Hawley
    Vice President of Underwriting
  • Doug Johnson
    Vice President, Technology & Operations
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