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Ross Brenneman

Education Editor (he/him)

I've spent my media career reporting and writing about education. (Unless you count my college radio music show, "Tase This!”)

At Education Week, based in D.C., I covered the teaching profession and student mental health. Many years ago, I hopped in a car and drove to Los Angeles to do media relations for USC. I covered education research on race and equity, from college admissions to school discipline to climate science instruction.

I'm interested in why school is the way it is: Who is it for? What is it supposed to do? Who is responsible for a child's opportunity to thrive? While it’s important to hold institutions accountable, we also have to pay attention to all the small decisions that help students succeed, or hinder them.

In my free time, I enjoy baking and going to the movies. There is no film experience in America like an L.A. theater on opening night.

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