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LAist's mission is to explain L.A. We believe that you deserve great local news — and that we need your help to find those stories. We listen to what you’re curious about, what keeps you up at night, and who you want held accountable.

We also believe:

  • Our journalism and programming should be valuable, credible, accurate, entertaining, fair, and relevant.
  • Accurate, fact-based journalism contributes to the health of our communities.
  • Everyone deserves access to high-quality news, information, and programming.
  • Democracy and civic participation are good things.
  • Holding the powerful to account strengthens our democracy.
  • Systemic racism exists. We have an obligation to combat it, even as we’re on our own respective journeys.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion — in everything we do — are critical to our success.
  • We are facing a climate emergency.
  • We are committed to both serving and working with our audience. Offering solutions, when possible, and treating community members’ questions as a starting point for meaningful reporting makes us stronger.

As we hold elected officials and others accountable, we strive to hold ourselves accountable. Everyone makes mistakes, including us. Our goal is to correct them as openly as possible while learning from them so that we don’t make them again. We hope you will help us in that process. (Here’s how to contact us.)

We’re a non-profit organization that relies on financial support from the community to power our journalism. The LAist newsroom is also home to L.A.'s most-listened-to NPR affiliate, 89.3.

We brought LAist back to life in 2018, after it was shut down suddenly by its previous owner late the previous year. Why?

We are dedicated to strengthening the civic and cultural bonds that unite Southern Californians. We do this by providing accurate, fact-based news and forming community relationships that foster understanding, trust, loyalty and goodwill. We value curiosity, embrace complexity.

As Kristen Muller, our chief content officer, said at the time:

We want to tell stories that inform, inspire, and connect Angelenos to one another... and that’s what LAist was doing.
— Chief Content Officer Kristen Muller

LAist. True L.A. stories, powered by you.

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