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Jacob Margolis

Jacob Margolis

Science Reporter (he/him)

Not only am I nostalgic for Capri Sun and Kudos bars, but for a time when temperature records didn’t fall year after year, long term drought wasn’t a regular topic of conversation, and when we didn’t have to buy a dozen air filters for our homes to protect from wildfire smoke.

I report on climate change and related disasters. And I spend a lot of time thinking about how we got here, if we’re actually working towards a better future, and who’s being left behind along the way. I’m skeptical of where we’re going, but hopeful that we can end up in a better place than is projected in all those problematic “business as usual” scenarios.

I can be bought with a hot berry pie, punished with Passover chopped liver, and I love talking to people like you, so feel free to reach out.

Connect with me on Signal: (323) 989-2982

What do you want to know about fires, earthquakes, climate change or any science-related topics?
Jacob Margolis helps Southern Californians understand the science shaping our imperfect paradise and gets us prepared for what’s next.

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