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Morning After Report: 90210 Episode 24 'One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer'

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Nothing says "Sophomore Prom Night" quite like a brand new baby.

Nothing says "Sophomore Prom Night" quite like a brand new baby.
It's Sophomore Prom night, and we've had an unlikely write-in Queen scorn her crown and her King (Silver, Dixon), a confession of "liking" (Liam to Naomi), a rumble (Navid and Adrianna's baby-daddy Ty), a "my water just broke" announcement (Adrianna), and a secret divorcee on a date with a teacher who still has the hots for the school counselor (Jen, Semi Hot, Kelly Taylor). You follow? It's been a big night--big enough for a two parter--and now it's time to wrap things up, dangle some storylines off a cliff or two, and say goodbye to 90210's inaugural season (and to LAist's Morning After Report--sniff!).What Sophomore Prom is missing is a booze-soaked after-party, and plans to have one by some girl in a fake fur mini-cape have been ruined by Principal Dad and his "Zero Tolerance" policy. This calls for Mini-Cape to try to get Naomi, all high off the fumes of Liam's "I like you," to help fix the no-party problem. Naomi offers up her new parent-free home, but Jen says no way--no vomit on her carpet! Only...Naomi is the one who paid for all that stuff since Jen is actually broke. We can tell Jen doesn't take to being burned like this well because she narrows her eyes and sneers. Uh oh.

To complicate matters, when Naomi hears that Ade is in labor, she puts the party in Annie's hands. You know, the Principal's kid, who everyone thinks ratted out Mini-Cape and her party to Principal Dad. This can't possibly end well. After all..."One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer."

Leaving Prom proves to be a bit of a challenge, since apparently it's stacked parking for limos and hot rods at Paramount Studios. This leaves time for Annie, Ethan, Silver & Dixon to beg a ride from Mini-Cape and her posse in their hideous Hummer limo (since Navid and Adrianna took the gang's limo to Los Angeles Memorial Hospital) and time for Liam and Naomi to bond in his car, lips and hearts. Oh, and all the private stuff Liam confessed to Naomi about his troubled home life? Endearing to Naomi, fodder for chit chat with her and Jen, and...oops: Totally meant to be kept to herself.

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At the hospital, Adrianna is wailing in her prom dress while a stereotypically disinterested desk clerk is too busy gossiping on the phone to pay attention. Her labor pains lead right into the opening riff. C'mon--one last fist bump for the season!


Silver has gone from being "that weirdo who made a sex tape" to being at the center of a love triangle.
The school-sanctioned After-Prom-a-palooza Party is embarrassingly lame with its hip-hop acapella singers, make your own sundae bar, and video games. Principal Dad is in dork heaven, and proudly wearing his "One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer" t-shirt. Meanwhile, the party that was totally unplanned is in full swing at Naomi and Jen's bachelorette pad. Dixon picked the wrong guy to complain to about Silver and how "different" she is because it's pretty obvious that Ethan is totally into her. How obvious this is to Dixon remains to be seen, but since he's dumb as a box of rocks I'm guessing not that obvious. Just in case we didn't get it, Ethan pulls a photo of Silver taken earlier that night out of his jacket pocket and stares longingly at it.

For absolutely no reason, Principal Dad and Mom go to the hospital where Adrianna is in labor. Why would they do this, when their kids are somewhere else (somewhere forbidden, actually) and Dad is in charge of a school function, and Adrianna is not their problem?

Adrianna is wigging out about all the details, since she's in labor three weeks early. One thing she's wigged out about is the fact that Brenda Walsh isn't there. This is a weird thing to wig out about, though, because she hasn't mentioned Brenda in ages, but Kelly seems to know that Brenda is "still in China." Well, okay. That explains...nothing. None of this matters now, since the baby needs to come out stat via C-section.

Drinking games are in full force at Naomi's party, but Liam prefers to sit alone and sketch. These things combined make Annie all fussy and shrewish. Surprised?

Hey, look: Adrianna had a baby! It's a girl! Know who doesn't want to look? Adrianna. She's pretty melancholy about the whole situation, despite Navid's uncanny way of being totally nonplussed. Adrianna's unlikely waiting room crew (Kelly Taylor, Principal Dad & Mom Wilson, and Naomi) are delighted to hear the baby news. The Wilson parents corner Navid to try to figure out where their kids are. They realize they can't find their kids, but this makes them giggle. Yeah, giggle. Oh no. Oh NO! Please don't tell me that brownie Principal Dad & Mom shared was...I can't even say it. No. No. Are the Wilson parents STONED ON POT BROWNIES ON PROM NIGHT?


Some parents clearly can't handle their prom night.
Naomi's party is in full swing. Pretty impressive (drinks, DJ set-up, cups, snacks, etc) considering she decided to have the party about two hours ago. Silver also seeks out Ethan for relationship comforting, since she has no idea Ethan is prone to moon over pictures of her. After Ethan assures Silver she and Dixon will be fine as a couple Silver points out that Ethan is wearing Dixon's jacket. Uh oh. That means Dixon is wearing Ethan's jacket, and WE ALL KNOW WHAT'S IN HIS JACKET POCKET! (Oh, it's a picture of Silver, in case you, too, are whacked out on pot brownies and forgot that little tidbit.) Luckily they swap out without any apparent fall out.

Kelly Taylor innocently asks the Wilson parents if they're doing okay (they are NOT doing okay--they are making a list called "How to Find Kids" and using stage whispers to discuss their stoned-ness) and they confess to her that "the nerds had pot brownies" at the After Prom Party. They enlist her to go get them some "munchies" while they continue to over-act their intoxication and get all paranoid.

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Speaking of intoxication, Mini-Cape is puking in the john at Naomi's, and Annie agrees to drive her home, because Annie is a total pushover. We get the full scope of Naomi and Jen's pad as Jen strolls the yard and makes her way over to Liam. Man, that's quite the spread for a 16-year-old and her conniving, scheming, lying 20-something sister. Jen introduces herself to Liam as Zelda, Naomi's neighbor. Perhaps as payback for being burned she is about to seduce Liam and prove Naomi's man is a dog by using that "private" info Naomi shared with her as a manipulation tool. It's not shocking to find that Liam reacts to this by saying "Naomi is NOT my girlfriend" and agrees to disappear somewhere with Jen-Zelda. Disco inferno, people.


Who wants to meet Brenda Walsh's dragon? Anyone?
Brenda, dressed as...Cleopatra, shows up to visit Adrianna. They marvel at how alike they are (dramatic lives, they play Cleopatra in plays) and Brenda invites Adrianna to go for a walk. If I wasn't already convinced this was going to end with Adrianna offering her baby to Brenda I'd say the CW was going for a little old-new 90210 girl on girl action storyline. Or this a dream sequence. This show loves a good dream sequence. The girls pause in front of a room with a sign on it saying Jim Walsh is inside. "That's my father," says Brenda all spooky-like. "He's dying."Adrianna is weirded out because Brenda would rather go eat hospital cafeteria jello with marshmallows in it than visit her dying father. "If you don't say goodbye you'll regret this for the rest of your life!" she tells Brenda. We can now stop worrying that Jim Walsh is dying because obviously this is a dream Adrianna is having that is going to signal to her that a) she will regret it for the rest of her life if she doesn't say goodbye to her baby before giving her away and, possibly b) she should give the baby to Brenda. Okay, so "b" is a stretch, but, come on, wouldn't that be kind of cool?

Anyhow, we're not there yet, we're still in the dream, because Brenda wants Adrianna to "meet her dragon." No, seriously, there's one of those Chinese dragons next to her. And....Adrianna wakes up. TV magic!

Nothing says Prom like a love triangle, which is where we find Silver, Ethan, and Dixon. Silver and some be-gowned extras jump into the pool, and as Silver floats around--that wacky "different" girl!--Ethan stares longingly at her as Dixon looks on in the background. "So how long have you had a thing for my girlfriend?" Dixon confronts Ethan. Ethan tries to back himself out of the corner, but...Dixon's not totally convinced. Especially because Dixon found the picture of Silver in his jacket pocket. Dixon is looking for some serious trouble because he forces Ethan to turn to Silver (she's conveniently joined them, all soaking wet and happy) and admit "I like you Silver."

Back at the hospital, Ty hands over the parental consent form to Navid (hey, who needs parents, guardians, lawyers, or anyone when you're 16?!) and gives him a cigar and props for being a good guy. More awkwardness in another part of the hospital, where Kelly is delivering snackies to the stoned Wilsons.


Prom just hasn't been Naomi's night.
So if the hospital is for awkward, and Naomi's party is for drama, Naomi leaves the hospital just in time to bring some awkward to the party. She shows up and, of course, wants to know where Liam is. An extra who gets to speak a line tells her that he's upstairs. Naomi is about to find out that both her boyfriend and her sister are total a-holes, which, frankly, we all knew all along. Good times.When Naomi discovers Liam he's alone. Granted, he's half dressed and zipping up, so what he's been up to is pretty obvious, even to dimwitted Naomi. She picks up some clothes from the floor, tells him she never wants to see him again, and he seems pretty smug about the whole exchange. After Naomi leaves, Jen strolls in and reveals to Liam that she's actually the sister. Liam finds this reprehensible, as only someone as morally repugnant as he could. "You are a bitch," he tells her. She doesn't disagree.

Just when you think things couldn't possibly get uglier, they do. Really, really, really ugly. Naomi goes right to Annie and calls her out as a crowd gathers. That piece of clothing on the bedroom floor was Annie's wrap, which clearly means Annie (the misunderstood Kansan with the V-card) boned Liam. Naomi doesn't buy Annie's story of being with drunk Mini-Cape, because Mini-Cape hates Annie. The crowd that has gathered begins to taunt Annie, saying that she ratted out Mini-Cape's party, and that she's a Kansas skank. Someone even throws a drink in her face. This is pretty gnarly, and even though she is way beyond annoying, Annie doesn't deserve this.


"But I'm a good Christian girl who had a roofie put in her drink and was raped at the Degrassi ski weekend!" Oh, wait...
Naomi kicks Annie out of her house, and Annie starts to channel Degrassi TNG Darcy in freak out mode, screaming "Screw you!" to everyone. And she really puts the screws to Naomi because she picks up her T-Mobile phone and calls the cops.Back at the hospital, Adrianna is bonding with her baby when the real Brenda--minus the Cleopatra dream garb--shows up. Adrianna doesn't want to say goodbye to her baby, but the adopting couple are on their way. It would be so great if she would just give the baby to Brenda...but then Brenda explains that the whole reason she went to China was to adopt a baby girl. Oh snap! Well, there goes point "b" in my theory.

The cops still haven't showed up at Naomi's, but Ethan is running out and Silver is chasing him. "We're just friends, right?" she asks. He demonstrates the neutrality of his feelings by pushing her against the wall and sticking his tongue down her throat. Take that, friendship! Oh noes, what is Silver going to do? (As a bonus, Band of Horses' "The Funeral" has started playing over this end of the season montage.)

And, oh noes, what is Naomi going to do? She's sobbing in her sister's lap, because she has no idea it's her sister who is the slutbag who nailed Liam. Only the sirens of the approaching police cars wail louder than poor Naomi.

Adrianna is also crying, as the adoptive parents of baby Daisy show up to take the kid away. Liam puts in an apology call to Naomi, but is interrupted by two beefy guys who are there to take him away to a wilderness therapy boot camp kind of place.


Did Adrianna do the right thing?
But daylight seems to have fallen upon the city...Annie takes her eye off the road as she drives the family van through the hills, and stares at the half-empty bottle of vodka that's next to her. The car jolts to a stop, and she peers over the dash and the hood. Whatever she sees freaks her out, and she decides to get the hell out of there. As she drives off we first see that there's something in the looks like a body! And that there's an older Mercedes approaching the body, and the Mercedes has a WBHH sticker on it. The car stops at the body in the road.

Who is in the car? Who is in the road?

And...Will Silver pick Ethan or Dixon? Will Annie get busted? Did Adrianna do the right thing by giving up her baby? Will Jen get away with sexing up her sister's man? Will Liam come back from boot camp? Will Naomi get busted for her party? Will Principal Dad and Mom come down off their pot brownie high? Will Semi-Hot teacher be bummed he missed all this action by not appearing in the season finale?

I guess we'll just have to wait to find out!

90210 will be back next season on the CW...but you'll have to do your own recaps!

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