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Anaheim Mayor And City Council Races: What We Know So Far

  • The latest election results can be viewed here. This story will be updated when NPR or the Associated Press have made calls on the results. When a race is called, it is not a projection. As AP notes, such a call is only made "when AP is fully confident a race has been won — defined most simply as the moment a trailing candidate no longer has a path to victory."

Anaheim voters will cast ballots for a new mayor and three city council members in the first election following an FBI corruption investigation targeting some of the city's top political players, including former mayor Harry Sidhu.

The results could shape the future of the city's historically cozy relationship with Disney, the Los Angeles Angels and other major business interests in the city.

Other top issues in the race include homelessness and affordable housing.

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Sidhu resigned in May after FBI documents revealed he was under investigation for allegedly leaking confidential information to Angels baseball representatives while the city was negotiating the sale of Angel Stadium and surrounding land. The remaining members of the Anaheim City Council couldn't agree on a replacement for Sidhu, so the city has been without a mayor ever since.

The FBI documents also revealed what the agency called a "covert group" that wielded influence over city government, a group that included former Chamber of Commerce leader Todd Ament, a major lobbyist, a top local political consultant, and a Disney executive.

Now, four candidates are vying for mayor, which is elected at-large. In the city council races, two candidates each are vying to represent Districts 2, 3 and 6. Gloria Sahagún Ma'ae, who’s running in the District 2 seat, is the lone incumbent seeking reelection. Ma'ae was appointed to city council in 2021 after another councilmember resigned.

About The Mayoral Candidates

Trevor O'Neil

Trevor O'Neil currently serves as Anaheim’s mayor pro tem. A former Sidhu ally, he has touted his role in pressuring Sidhu to resign after the FBI revelations. He is supported by the Anaheim Taxpayers Association, and fellow councilmembers Jose Díaz, Sahagún Ma’ae and Steve Faessel.

Ashleigh Aitkin

Ashleigh Aitkin is a former federal prosecutor who has promised to clean up corruption in city government and bring tighter controls and more transparency to lobbying and campaign contributions. She ran against Sidhu in 2018 and lost by less than 500 votes.

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Lorri Galloway

Lorri Galloway is a former Anaheim city councilmember (2004-2012) and the founder and executive director of the Eli Home for Abused Children. She ran for mayor in 2018, coming in third place with a little over 15% of votes.

Dick Lopez

Dick Lopez is a water systems operator at Anaheim's water treatment plant. Lopez says he wants to bring honest discussion and transparency back to city council.

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About The City Council Candidates

Anaheim City Council Candidates

A Note On The Results

  • Keep in mind that in tight races particularly, the winner may not be determined for days or weeks after Election Day. In L.A. County, the first batch of results released includes vote by mail ballots received before Election Day, followed by early votes cast at vote centers before Election Day, then votes cast in-person on Election Day. This process is expected to wrap up in the early hours of Nov. 9. Then, additional results will be released following a schedule you can see on the county's site. In California, ballots postmarked on or before Nov. 8 are counted toward the results as long as they arrive within seven days of the election. Results must be certified by county election officials by Dec. 8.

Tracking Your Ballot

You can track the status of your ballot:

If your mail-in ballot is rejected for any reason (like a missing or mismatched signature), your county registrar must contact you to give you a chance to fix it. In Orange County, the registrar will send you a notification by mail and you have until Nov. 22 to reply and "cure" your ballot.

How We're Covering This Election

  • Early voters and mail-in ballots have fundamentally reshaped how votes are counted and when election results are known.

  • Our priority will be sharing outcomes and election calls only when they have been thoroughly checked and vetted. To that end, we will rely on NPR and The Associated Press for race calls. We will not report the calls or projections of other news outlets. You can find more on NPR and The AP's process for counting votes and calling races here, here and here.

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