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Republishing Our Work

If you’d like to republish our original content please review and follow the below guidelines. This does not apply to any content republished from our partners, including but not limited to NPR, CalMatters, Kaiser Health News, KQED, Capital Public Radio and other non-LAist staff bylines.

  • Credit us in the byline: “Author Name, LAist. ORIGINAL DATE OF PUBLICATION”
  • At the top of the text of the content you are republishing include: “This article was originally published by LAist on [DATE PUBLISHED BY LAist] [link to LAist URL]”
  • Our content may not be edited and no derivatives of any kind may be created.
  • If you use canonical metadata, use the original story URL.
  • Photographs or illustrations may not be republished without specific permission. The use of wire photos (i.e. Getty Images) to illustrate stories will require your own license with the photo agency. To inquire about use of LAist photos and illustrations, please contact with the subject line PHOTO PERMISSION.
  • Content may be published on pages with ads, however ads may not be sold specifically against our content.
  • You may not state or imply that donations to your organization support KPCC/LAist’s work.
  • You may not sell, sublicense, or syndicate our content separately. This includes a prohibition of publishing or syndicating our content on platforms or apps such as Apple News, Google News, or any similar service.
  • You cannot publish our content in bulk or in groupings, wholesale or automatically. You can only republish our content as an individual article, as provided in these rules.
  • Permission to translate our content to another language requires specific permission from the Vice President of Community Engagement and Strategic Initiatives Ashley Alvarado.
  • If you share our content or republished stories via social media, you must tag LAist in your posts as follows: @LAist on Twitter, @TheLAist on Facebook, @LAistvids on TikTok, and @LAistPics on Instagram.
Support for LAist comes from