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KPCC Reporter Josie Huang's Account Of Her Arrest By LA County Sheriff's Deputies

KPCC/LAist reporter Josie Huang was arrested by L.A. County Sheriff's deputies last night while covering the shooting of two deputies in Compton.

Where To Get Financial Assistance, Food And More During The Coronavirus Crisis

We've compiled this list of places that are offering financial assistance, food for adults and kids, and more. We'll be updating it regularly.

Where To Get Financial Assistance, Food And More During The Coronavirus

We've compiled a list of organizations that are working to help put money, food and necessities back into the community.

Governor Newsom Says It's 'Unlikely' That Schools Will Reopen Before Summer

The governor noted that all precautions were a result of "common sense."

Mountain Lion P-56 Killed After Death Of Livestock

The resident obtained a permit from the state's Department of Fish and Wildlife.

A New Kobe Mural Is Going Up At 1st And La Brea

In L.A., tributes to Kobe have been myriad, and they have been grand.

An Increase In Hate Crimes Has Disproportionately Affected LA's Black And Jewish Communities

In total, LAPD reported 322 hate crimes in 2019, up from 292 in 2018.

NASA's Spitzer Telescope Revealed Colors Unseeable By The Human Eye. It Retires Next Week

The space-based observatory helped to identify the most distant galaxy observed to date.

Black Lives Matter LA Says It Wasn't Invited To Participate In The Women's March For The First Time

The organization has been invited to speak onstage for the past three years.

LAPD Chief Moore Says Cops Who Falsify Documents Have 'Absolutely Zero Worth As A Police Officer'

Twenty cops are being investigated for falsely labeling residents as gang members.

Check Your Wiper Blades -- The First Storm Of 2020 Blows Into LA On Thursday

Rain for many. Snow for some. Traffic for everybody. Maybe put some snacks and water bottles in your car. Couldn't hurt.

Cannabis Is Unsafe For Pregnant Women, Says Panel Of California Scientists

The decision means that legal cannabis products in the state will soon need to carry warning labels.

Dear LAist: Where Have All The June Bugs Gone?

One reader misses the familiar thwack of tiny wings hitting glass.

What's Worse Than SoCal Thanksgiving Traffic? Just Add A Winter Storm

The greater Los Angeles area will likely see rain, possibly thunderstorms, and in some places, snow.

Dear LAist: Does The City Really Hire People To Hunt Coyotes?

A reader wants to know how rogue coyotes are handled.

Dear LAist: Can I Take My Bike On Metro Trains?

One reader wants to know how bicycle-friendly L.A. Metro is.

Readers Give Thanks To The Veterans In Their Lives

From parents to siblings to friends, our readers shout out their loved ones.

Honor A Veteran In Your Life With A Message On LAist

We want to take a minute to say "thanks."

Proposition 187: Why a Ballot Initiative That Passed 25 Years Ago (And Never Went Into Law) Still Matters

The ballot measure passed 25 years ago this week and denied a range of services to immigrants who couldn't prove they were in the country legally. It never became law.

When Does One Become An Angeleno? Part 2

One thing is certain: you have to put in the time.

How To Make Friends In LA, Part 2

Here's what you -- and we -- had to say.

Dear LAist: How Do I Make Friends In LA?

It's actually not as scary as it seems.

Air Quality Is Bad Throughout SoCal's Burn Areas. Here's How To Stay Safe

The biggest concern, according to an expert, is PM2.5 -- fine particulate matter.

Dear LAist: What's Up With The Circular Restaurant At LAX?

It's the first thing we see when we leave and when we arrive. So what's the latest?

Are LA's Anti-Gridlock Zones Being Enforced? Also What Are They

One reader wondered why the areas seemed totally unmonitored.

No More Lyft, Uber Or Taxi Pickups At LAX. At The End Of October It's All About That Shuttle Life

Will you share your best LAX driving hacks for the greater good, or will you now guard them with your life?

Callout! We Want Your Burning Questions About Life, Love And Los Angeles

Give us your questions, your curiosities, your deepest yearnings for understanding.

Traffic Lights On Freeway Ramps Are Probably Making Your Commute Faster

Surprise! Stopping before you merge means you ultimately speed up.

LA Mayor Garcetti Claps Back At Trump's Homelessness Comments

The mayor made his ask in a live Facebook video, which coincided with the president's visit to L.A.

Dear LAist: Who Can I Complain To About The Overgrown Trees In My Neighborhood?

L.A. has a City Forest Officer, but she's not the one who tangles with tree maintenance.

Mayor Garcetti: When It Comes To Flying, He's Just Like Us (...Sort Of)

Here's what happens before the Mayor hits the air.

This Is How The LAPD Writes Its Tweets

Like most companies and organizations, it's a team effort.

Is Los Angeles A Desert?

Spoiler: No. But kind of.

LA's Hotel Pools Where You Don't Even Have To Be A Guest To Swim

Look cool or get cool or both or neither. Do you. Just hydrate, fam.

The City Wants Housing For The Homeless. A Nonprofit Wants To Keep Its Playground. Who Wins?

City officials and representatives for a nonprofit are at odds over a parcel of land in Echo Park.

LA City Council District 12 Election Guide: Loraine Lundquist Vs. John Lee

Loraine Lundquist and John Lee are vying for the seat that represents a swath of communities in the northwest San Fernando Valley.

LA Hires Its Own Lorax To Manage And Care For Our Trees

Rachel Malarich is L.A.'s first-ever City Forest Officer.

The Curious History Of LA's Gas Station Topiary Art

It begins, as so much does, with a burst of inspiration in the 1990s.

Legal Experts Call On Jackie Lacey To End Death Penalty Sentences In LA County

75 professors and scholars published an open letter on Wednesday.

Santa Anita Park Averages 50 Horse Deaths A Year. This Year Is Nothing New

The number of equine fatalities reported by the park have been relatively consistent for nearly 25 years.

Are Pasadena Public Schools Really That Bad?

A bad reputation has plagued the district for decades. Turns out, it's not that simple.

Dear LAist: What's Going On With The Jordan Downs Redevelopment?

A huge rebuild of the Watts housing community is leading residents to wonder what's next for them.

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LA Landlords Who Let Apartments Sit Vacant Could Be Taxed

Filling those spaces won't solve the housing and homelessness crises, but some people think it might help chip away at them.

Dear LAist: Why Is Traffic Lighter On Friday Mornings?

Friday morning traffic somehow seems less soul-sucking than morning traffic on other days of the week. Why?

Echo Park Sk8trz Will Soon Have A New Practice Spot

A new skate park is opening at the site of an abandoned pool

What We Know About The 30 Horses That Died At Santa Anita in the 2018-19 Season

The track is under investigation by the Los Angeles District Attorney's office, even though the number of horse deaths at Santa Anita is lower than in recent years.

Dear LAist: What's Up With The Pedestrian Bridge Connecting Cypress Park And Frogtown?

The bridge leads to Taylor Yard, a 42-acre parcel of land that has been dubbed by some city officials as the "crown jewel" of the L.A. River revitalization project.

West Hollywood Is Protesting Georgia's 6-Week Abortion Ban

City officials won't travel to Georgia, and the city council will look to cut ties with Georgia-based businesses.

The Long Beach Aquarium Got An Art Gallery and Delta Smelt Fish, Ya'll

The Aquarium of the Pacific is opening its first-ever expansion

An LAPD Jail Is Infested With Bed Bugs

Exterminators are spraying the building.

LA Zoo's California Condors Are Becoming Foster Parents

They're taking chicks under their literal wings.

LA Wants To Charge Illegal Pot Shops For The Work It Takes To Shut Them Down

Those charges can include costs associated with LAPD enforcement, shutting off the retailers' utilities, and legal fees from the city attorney's involvement.

A Complete List Of Measles Exposure Sites in LA, That We Know Of So Far

The outbreak in L.A. County continues to grow.

Police Discover An Elaborate Drug Lab In A Wealthy Burbank Gated Community

Officers believe it may be part of a larger operation.

Mountain Lion P-47 Found Dead

His remains were discovered on March 21

Here's What You Need To Know About Measles, As The Outbreak Continues To Grow

Some students at Cal State LA and UCLA have been quarantined

People Just Won't Stop Vandalizing Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

It's not the first time Trump's star has been defaced, and it probably won't be the last.

LA County Health Officials Are Investigating A Measles Outbreak

The department today confirmed five known cases of the disease.

LA's Plastic Straw Ban Goes Into Effect Today

Don't be surprised if your beverages look a little different.

Third Person With Measles Passes Through LAX This Year

Any travelers or visitors who were in the area are at risk for developing the disease for up to 21 days.

Those Wildflowers You 'Grammed From The Santa Monica Mountains Are Actually Dangerous Weeds

They're uninvited guests. They're an invasive species. They don't even go here.

Gas Prices Increased In LA, And Could Keep Truckin' Upward For A While

Local refineries are dealing with planned and unplanned issues, causing supply to drop and prices to spike.

Real ID Card Holders Don't Have To Go Back To The DMV

There was some confusion around the issue following the publication of an article in The Sacramento Bee.

Do You Hate Noisy Helicopters? LA County Wants Your Complaints To Be Heard -- Again

The County Board of Supervisors voted to take a step towards reinstating a hotline that accepts residents' grievances.

LAPD Is Joining The 21st Century By Allowing You To File A Car Accident Report Online

The system is part of LAPD's effort to join the 21st century.

Trump Is Here In LA, Gird Your Commute

Here's all the traffic chaos we know about.

No Arrests Yet In Attack Of 45-Year-Old Fan At Dodger Stadium

The attack left Rafael Reyna in critical but stable condition.

LA Parents Just Got One Step Closer To 18 Weeks Of Paid Parental Leave

City Council moved the effort forward in a unanimous vote today.

Another Horse Dies Just Two Days After Santa Anita Park Reopens For Racing

The equine death toll is now at 23 since December.

LA's City Council District 12 Seat Is Up For Grabs. Here Are The 15 People Vying To Fill It

The seat became available when Mitch Englander resigned last October.

Here's Why Gas Prices Just Went Up In LA

Three unrelated incidents at local refineries created a perfect storm.

You Broke The Flowers And Now You Have To Pay $10 To See Them

Lake Elsinore is implementing shuttle service and closing some roads.

USC Names Dr. Carol Lynn Folt As Its New President

Folt previously served as the chancellor of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

USC's Student Newspaper Published A Brutal Editorial About The Cheating Scandal

The writers expressed "disgust and outrage" over the years of ongoing scandals.

Man Dies In Hit-And-Run Crash After Falling Off E-Scooter In Santa Monica

After falling into the road, the 41-year-old was fatally struck by a car

Welcome Back to LA, Disease-Spreading Mosquitoes!

The Aedes breed of mosquito has launched a slow takeover of L.A., and they show no signs of stopping.

Another Horse -- That Makes 22 -- Has Died At Santa Anita Racetrack

In response, the park's owners have decided to ban the use of race day medications.

LA County Wants To Keep Homeless People And Their Pets Together

The board voted to move forward with a motion that would require county-funded housing to allow furry friends.

Here Are All The Southern California Parents And School Officials Involved In The College Cheating Scandal

As of Tuesday, six were charged with conspiring to commit fraud and money laundering.

Santa Anita Park Reopens For Training After 21 Horse Deaths In Under 3 Months

Officials say the track will institute new safety protocols when racing resumes.

DWP May Soon Pull The Literal Plug On Illegal Pot Shops

According to an ordinance that just passed City Council, the agency could cancel utility services on any cannabis businesses operating without the required licenses.

Santa Anita Park Closes Indefinitely After 21st Horse Dies In Under Three Months

The horse, Lets Light The Way, suffered a musculoskeletal injury that led to her being euthanized.

California's Wildflower Bloom Might Not Be So Super This Year

The superbloom many hoped for could pass us all by.

Photo Of OC Students Giving Nazi Salute Goes Viral

The picture was taken at an off-campus party, and also features a swastika formed out of red Solo cups.

The Amount Of Snow Near Tahoe Could Be Good News For SoCal's Water Supply

The measurement was taken in the Sierra Nevadas today.

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