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California Love
California Love
California Love
Tupac and Dr. Dre’s “California Love” is more than just a song. To many, it is a sense of affection and loyalty to California and is the inspiration behind this show. Join host and New York Times writer Walter Thompson-Hernández as he takes us through his personal journey back to his hometown of Los Angeles.

About the Show

Tupac and Dr. Dre's "California Love" served as a love letter and anthem for a generation. The song inspired author and New York Times writer, Walter Thompson-Hernández, to create a show as prescient as it is personal. In his "California Love" series, Walter invites listeners to join him in his family home, on horseback through the streets of Compton, and up into the sky to examine belonging. Walter takes us deep into his own story as he explores what it means for him to love Los Angeles.

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  • CA Love: Prologue
    Episode 1
    Host Walter Thompson-Hernández returns home to L.A. and reflects on how much the city has changed since he was a child.
  • CA Love: Scared Straight
    Episode 2
    Walter was just eleven years old when he was admitted to L.A.'s infamous Scared Straight program for graffiti related crimes. In this episode, Walter, through a chance encounter, checks-in with his friend who went through the program with him, their anti-tagging arch-nemesis, and how they have turned out after all these years.
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  • CA Love: P Line
    Episode 3
    A story about a wild party line that many Los Angeles’ teenagers used to create a fantasy world.
  • CA Love: Kobe Tile
    Episode 4
    Walter dives deep on what Kobe meant to him in his life and how the icon’s death spurred a collective mourning throughout the city.
  • CA Love: Parrots
    Episode 5
    A first-parrot perspective into legends and myths of how L.A. became home to the world’s largest population of green parrots.
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  • CA Love
    Episode 6
    There’s a horse ranch in the heart of Compton that may hold the answers for salvation and redemption for the city’s black cowboys.
  • CA Love: Ellie
    Episode 7
    Eleuteria “Ellie” Hernández moved to Los Angeles from a small town in Mexico when she was 14 and fell in love with the city. In this episode, Walter sits down with Ellie, his mother, to understand her relationship to L.A. and how it shaped his own.
  • CA Love: Epilogue
    Episode 8
    We close the series with a meditation on how 28 years after the 1992 Riots, for many in L.A., things feel exactly the same.
  • California Love
    Episode 9
    Bonus: Truth Be Told and California Love's Walter Thompson-Hernández
    In this bonus episode, KQED’s Truth Be Told host Tonya Mosley talks with Walter Thompson-Hernández about the making of California Love, growing up in Los Angeles, and the importance of trusting yourself. Plus, in the spirit of Truth Be Told, Walter answers a round of audience questions. The audio is prerecorded from an Instagram Live event from August 20, 2020.
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