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Overheard In L.A.: The Pokémon Have Taken Over

I see a Pikachu. (Angela Weiss/ Getty Images)
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This week's edition of Overheard in L.A. is all about Pokémon because it's a sick sad world.Overheard of the Week
"My Uber driver just caught a Pokémon on the freeway. I'm scared for my life.
via @smazz309

Technology really....can...heal the world.
"I didn't think outside would be this dope."
A Pokémon Go player, overheard by @AConnorManning

"Peak douche"
"My brother is catching Pokémon with a drone right now."
Overheard at Dinette in Echo Park, via @McNoodlie

You bet it was worth it.
"Man, I caught a fucking Pikachu on the 405 freeway today. I had to merge like 3 lanes to get the fucking thing."
via @kaitmonsterrr

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Where though
"There should be a Charmander around here..."
via @therockawho

Really where
"Holy shit there's so many Charmanders here."
via @meanlis69

I didn't think I'd type "Charmander" this many times in one day as an adult, yet, here we are.
"There's a Charmander around here!"
Overheard waiting in line at Howlin Ray's, via @meanlis69

"Goals AF"
"I just wanna be a Pokémon master."
via @slayycole

"I just found a Pikachu in the bathroom."
"Pokemon are total perverts."
via @FanGirlLA

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"Guys is there Pokemon here?!"
Overheard waiting in line at Bungalow in Santa Monica, via @christie_dish

"The good news is I'll probably have an Arbok by the end of the week."
Overheard on Metro, via @chaoticute

And now for some non-Pokemon palate cleansers....

Where that sweet Poseidon Kush at?
"Do you have a strain that makes it feel like I'm underwater?"
"Not sure."
"Okay. I'll keep looking by then."
Overheard at the weed store, via @JoshMacuga

A true "only in L.A." statement.
"I was so nauseous I had to leave brunch."
via @gkla

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"How is the Jeffrey Dahmer casting session going?"
via @JennyChurchill

Yeah grow up already
"You're fucking 7 years old, why are you still crying?"
Overheard outside Dodger Stadium, via @RyanKyleWill

That sounds hot
"I went to a weird wedding in the desert. The dress code was denim. 100% denim."
via @CoucouSavannah

You can never have too many!
"How many dick bones should we buy?"
via @MercadoSays

Ah yes, the aspiring Hollywood mantra.
"Please help me exploit myself."
via @SelinaMinx

"Can you help me? There's a movie I'm looking for. It's a Bruce Willis movie about time."
Overheard at Amoeba via @ghostnoiseband

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