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LAist Interview: A Local Medical Marijuana Card-Holder

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Medical Marijuana Card

With all this national attention surrounding the recent DEA raids on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, LAist found it the perfect time to get the news from the horse's mouth, so we sat down with a Medical Marijuana card-holder who has visited some of the shops that the DEA shut down. Hopefully we can answer some of the questions surrounding the rumors, the hype, and the DEA:

How does a person get a Medical Marijuana card? How did you get yours?
There are certain Doctors who specialize in prescribing Medical Marijuana or "Cannabis" (as they like to call it). They advertise in the LA Weekly and some are more legit than others. I have seen a CA Medical Marijuana card before but I do not have one and that is not what legally allows you to posses Marijuana for personal use. It is the Doctors prescription and you need that before you get any cards. Most doctors don't care if you are "sick" or not. Besides, some of the legitimate reasons a person CAN be prescribed Medical Marijuana are as vague as, "Pain". So, the Doctors are trying to help sick people feel better AND they are trying to help healthy people feel better! Its a win, win. I first got my prescription about 7 years ago from a Dr. E##. He was recommended by a friend and was very professional. I had to fill out normal Doctor's Office forms and write about how I needed Cannabis for whatever medical reason I chose (They were listed on the form in case I wanted to choose one on the spot). I chose pain because of my many sk8boarding injuries and proceeded to pay his secretary $250.00 for a one year prescription for Medical Marijuana. I couldn't believe it. I asked about the dispensaries in the LA area and the secretary gave me the gas face. She asked, "Do you really have any trouble finding weed?" I thought, No and answered, "Yes." She gas faced me again and gave me a business card from the #### Wellness Center. I left with that and a signed document certifying my Medical Marijuana status.Then what did you do?
Then I called The Wellness Center from my parked car, told them I was coming and drove straight there. It was great back then. The club was importing everything from Oakland (where it originated) and everything was peaches and cream. Six months later that club started only selling weed that they grew and products made from the weed that they grew. The only problem was - They couldn't grow weed for shit! I didn't know about any other clubs and I could get way better weed "on the street". My prescription was almost expired so I said, "fuck it". Years later, my weed connects all had children and I knew that more stores had been popping up all over the place. I made some calls and got this number - (213) ###-####. It only costs $100.00. I called and made an appointment for the next week. Before the next week could come a friend of mine text messaged me about a "Prescription Party" he was having where a Doctor would be signing prescriptions (for a fee of course). I showed up late and most people had gone home or drank and smoked themselves into a stupor. Lucky for me the Doctor was included in the drunk, smoked out portion of the partygoers. I managed to get away with paying him only $50.00 and I got a prescription for Vicodins too! My point is - It is very cheap and easy to get a prescription now and no one seems to care that the majority of the people taking advantage of all this- aren't terminally ill.

Why is it better than buying pot from the neighborhood pot dealer?
#1) The best quality and variety in the world. There are over 100 "weed stores" from Long Beach to The Valley and the weather is right!
#2) They accept credit. You can have no money in the bank and walk out of a weed store with an ounce of OG KUSH.
#3) You can complain. If "Lil Smoker" down the street sells you a short 1/4, you're shit out of luck. But when the weed store shorts you, you can tell them and they will hook you up.
#4) Less risk. Sure, these places get raided every once in a while but the customers are never arrested. At worst, you might get questioned for a short period of time, but who cares? If you are doing a drug deal at a gas station or something, that's sketchy. Or worse, sitting in the drug dealer's living room with an ounce in your pocket when he gets raided, you are going to jail.
#5) Convenience. With so many stores and Internet access ( ) You can find a good place, close to you that will be open when they say they are (a lot of places are open until midnight)!

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Why do you think the DEA is busting these pot shops, even though the city says its ok?
I don't know. The City and State say its ok. I thought the federal government was supposed to work FOR the people of the United States of America (not against them). The only explanation is - The federal government is not working for the people of the United States of America. Either that or its the Mercury Car Insurance Aliens.

How long before the Medical Marijuana Clinics typically re-open?
The next day. I haven't heard about any place (that is legit) being permanently shut down. As far as I know - everyone is winning in court right now too. No one (that isn't growing big) is doing any time.

Are most of the people shopping at the Medical Marijuana Clinics legitimately sick?
No. But, is anyone legitimately sick?

Are you concerned that your name has been put onto some kind of "Government Watch List"?
No. I am not ashamed. I see nothing wrong with smoking weed. I tell anyone who I think will be cool with it. If it was 100% legal, I would use my real name in this interview but until then you can call me Jeb.

If marijuana were sold legally would that make more people marijuana users?
I hope.

What is/was the best medical marijuana caregiver in LA, and why?
The California Patients Group on S.M. Blvd. - - They are non profit. They have a wide selection, deals on 1/2 ounces and a hash bar where you can get pre-rolled joints for $5.00 or sample the goods. They have free coffee, a big screen w/ couches, snacks and sometimes weed snacks for free! I love this place.

Do you think other drugs should be legalized for medical or recreational use? Why, or why not?
I think alcohol should be illegal and weed should be legal for recreational use. As far as other drugs- keep um illegal but don't spend any money enforcing those laws. I don't know, maybe acid should be legal. Maybe acid should be mandatory, like Jury Duty.

What kinds of things do they sell at the clinics?
Weed, hash, oil, kief, weed food (pastries, candy and butter), pipes and bongs.

If you could give the DEA a piece of your mind what would you say?
I would tell them to spend all that money they (un-deservingly) have on the real drug problems in America like Meth, Crack, Alcohol and Heroin. That shit destroys people. I can tell you one thing for sure- Pot is not on the same level as those drugs. Smoking a joint is more comparable to drinking a cup of coffee.Sales tax on marijuana started on Jan. 2nd so leave us Alone. The people have spoken (voted). Get the fuck of our backs. You have a couple glasses of wine when you get home. I smoke a couple bong hits. Where is the victim? WHO IS THE VICTIM YOU OLD FUCKEN REPULICAN DUMB FUCKS??!!!

What is the best/worst thing about having a medical marijuana card?
The best thing is always having the best weed. The worst thing is spending all my money on always having the best weed.

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Why do you think the federal government has such a resistance to legalization?
I think it has something to do with Nancy Regan but I was young then and I didn't pay much attention in school.