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'Lady And The Dale' Shows How An LA Trans Woman Almost Revolutionized The Car Industry -- Before The Law Caught Up To Her

The Lady and the Dale explores the life of 1970s Los Angeles trans woman/con person Elizabeth Carmichael.

TV Pilot Club | Kick It With Us To Revisit The Very First 'Fresh Prince' Episode

On March 9, we're heading to Bel-Air. Whistle for a cab on our RSVP page and we'll remind you when the time has come to join the discussion.

Conception Dive Boat Captain Pleads Not Guilty To 'Seaman's Manslaughter' Charges

Federal prosecutors say he failed to properly train his crew on fire safety, and did not post a roving night watch.

Is This Valley Dojo The Real 'Cobra Kai'?

Is this the real-life Cobra Kai?

City Of LA Has Some First Dose Vaccine Appointments Available This Week

We don't know how long they'll last, but we think you should know.

NBC's 'Mr. Mayor' Is A New Yorker's Take On LA, With Help From SoCal Native Vella Lovell

Tina Fey and Robert Carlock have spent a career writing about New York City, so what's it mean when they start writing about Los Angeles?

TV Pilot Club: 'The One Where It Began' -- Help Us Revisit The Very First 'Friends' Episode

Join us Thursday, February 18 at 6:30 p.m. First up is Friends -- a comfort-viewing classic. We'll unpack what holds up and what decidedly does not from its 1994 debut episode.

South LA Filmmaker Gregory 'G Bone' Everett, Director Of '41st And Central,' Dies From COVID-19

Everett is best known for his documentary 41st & Central: The Untold Story of the L.A. Chapter of the Black Panther Party. He was the son of a member of the Black Panthers himself.

Disneyland Cancels Annual Pass Program, Destroys Post-Pandemic Hope For Hardcore Fans

The most hardcore Disney fans, those with passes letting them go all-year long, have had their post-COVID plans taken away.

What It's Like Waiting For 'Wonder Woman 1984' To Come Out When You Have A Small Part In It

It's been a long wait for this movie for all of us, but especially if you're one of the actors waiting for your face to hit the big screen.

Only In 2020 Would 'Saved By The Bell' Be A Guiding Light For Humanity -- The New Class Takes Down White Privilege With Precision And Jokes

The show's back with its trademark sunniness, but this time it delivers a shockingly sophisticated critique of the original show's privilege.

Drive-Ins Spread Through Hollywood (And Beyond)

You don't have to drive quite so far to go to the drive-in anymore.

Netflix HQ Gets A New Face -- A Mosaic Made Of 39,000 Steel Sequins

It's a 6-story-high mosaic depicting an androgynous young woman, titled "SPECTRUM."

Forgotten Classic Hollywood Stars And Tales Found Fame On Instagram -- And Are Now Found In A New Book

Turns out the golden age of Hollywood was IG-ready, just a little early.

How Starz's 'Seduced' Proved We Needed Another NXIVM Cult Documentary

The mini-series covers many of the details left untouched by HBO's "The Vow."

Halloween Haunts Go Drive-Thru Thanks To COVID-19

Among those hit by the pandemic have been large haunted houses and other themed Halloween amusements, known as "haunts" to fans.

Hannibal Buress Brings Live Comedy Back, Via A Rose Bowl Drive-In Show

Stand-up doesn't look like it used to, and it won't be the same for a while.

How To Make A Sitcom Safely During Coronavirus: Have The Cast Be The Crew

NBC's "Connecting..." put its stars to work in new capacities.

How To Take A Time-Traveling Tour Of Historic LA Without Getting On A Bus/DeLorean

What you do when in-person bus tours aren't a thing anymore.

'The Corona Dialogues' Brings Dark Family Comedy To A Zoom Web Series

Dylan Brody hopes this pandemic , like the medieval Plague, inspires a creative renaissance -- with a little help from technology.

The Zoot Suit Riots Meet Underground LA Lizard People In This Graphic Novel

Chicano history meets sci-fi legend in "Lizard In A Zoot Suit."

UCB Faces Backlash After Receiving Coronavirus Bailout, Not Rehiring Employees At The Comedy Theater/School

Instead of using the federal funds to bring back laid-off staff, UCB says it'll use them as a low-interest loan.

Splash Mountain's Replacing Its Racist Heritage With A Black Disney Princess

Is it time to say "so long" to "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah"?

How 2 Mozza Waitresses Brought Restaurant Fans Together With An Online Comedy Show

Amid a pandemic and protests, "Mozza Mealtime" aims to connect employees, fans, and members of the tight-knit restaurant family.

As SoCal Mini-Golf Reopens, Here's How Professional Mini-Golfers Do It (Yes, There Are Pro Mini-Golfers)

There's big money for a small game. And a healthy spirit of competition.

The Magic Castle Conjures Up A New Black Lives Matter Response

Members of the Magic Castle pushed for a bolder statement on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Coronavirus Shut Down Popular Escape Rooms. Now The Industry Is Going Virtual

How do you turn these real-life puzzles into online experiences?

LAist & KPCC Win 3 Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards

We're flattered, honored, and all the other good feelings right now, because we just won three regional Edward R. Murrow Awards.

Theme Parks Are Closed, But Here Are 17 Rides You Can Go On Right Now -- Virtually

We're taking you on a theme park journey around the world -- and through time.

Keeping Improv Alive During Coronavirus

People are doing improv on Zoom -- but will improv theaters survive once stay-at-home restrictions end?

LA Zoo, Cultural Affairs, Tourism: Millions Cut From Activities That Bring Us Together

Furloughs and a L.A. city hiring freeze are spread across departments that make up a lot of the activities that make our lives more fun and fulfilling.

The Plan To Bring North Hollywood's 'Palomino' Country Music Club Back To Life -- In Comic Form

This animator used his experience with CGI to turn a memory into a virtual set.

LA Might Turn Arts Event Funding Into Coronavirus Relief For Artists

The events the money was supposed to go to mostly aren't happening anymore.

LA's Photographers Can't Come Near You, But They'll Peep In Your Windows

They're figuring out how to capture the feeling of our not-quite-a-lockdown.

How LA's Street Artists Are Responding To Coronavirus

Empty streets, blank walls and an unprecedented crisis. Is it the perfect time to spread their messages?

2nd Coronavirus Death In LA County Announced; Returning To Normal Life In A Couple Weeks Unlikely

The public health department is planning for worst-case scenarios, with the virus potentially lasting for weeks or months.

Inside California Adventure's 'Avengers Campus' Marvel-Themed Land

We saw the still under construction land and interviewed the Imagineers behind it. Here's what you need to know.

We All Become Puppies In Universal Studios' New 'Secret Life Of Pets' Ride

Sorry, you're no longer human -- you're adorable.

Behind Every Animated Princess... Is Still A Lot Of Men?

Strides have been made, but there's a long way to go.

Kobe Bryant Memorial Live Updates

Lakers fans are mourning Kobe at a public memorial.

Get 'Naked At The Getty' For A Valentine's Day Weekend Scavenger Hunt

Nothing says romance like being the first to find all the nude art. There's no actual nudity, except for in the art.

The Academy Museum's Giant Sphere Only Looks Like A Galactic Superweapon (There's A Movie Theater Inside!)

The Oscars are over, but there is so much more movie love coming your way, in museum form. Come on a photo tour with us.

The Oscars Mean It's Time For Hollywood Street Closures

The Academy Awards are coming for your streets. Beware.

How To Predict The Oscars' Winners With 'Oscarmetrics' Math

The Academy Awards are here -- and math may hold all the answers, according to a Dodgers data scientist.

We're Getting Another Football Team: The XFL's LA Wildcats

The L.A. Xtreme were the champions of the one and only season of the original XFL. History could repeat itself as we welcome the rebooted version of the league.

Oops, They Did It: A Pop-Up Recreating Britney Spears' Music Videos In LA's Fairfax District

Our loneliness is killing us, so we went to go check out the new Britney pop-up.

Michael Jackson's Glove Is A Singing Alien In This LA Musical Tackling Sex Abuse Allegations

The creator of this satirical L.A. musical was approached by cable executives who wanted a standard biopic about Jackson. This is what happened instead.

What Is 'Life After Winning On Jeopardy' For $96,000, Alex?

What goes up on Jeopardy must come down.

We Traipsed Around A Star Destroyer: Your Guide To Disneyland's 'Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance'

We went on Disney's most ambitious ride ever. Here's what we saw and what you need to know.

If There Was A 'Most City' Oscar, LA Would Win. It's Starring In 3 Best Picture Nominees

L.A. is out there, taking center stage -- not like movies where it's low-key pretending the 2nd Street Tunnel is Prague or whatever.

How To Become A 'Criminal Minds' Director -- From Stuntwoman To CBS Procedurals

She became a go-to for CBS shows like Criminal Minds and NCIS. Here's how you can find your own dream job.

The 10 Wildest Moments From Fox's LA County Sheriff Show 'Deputy'

Here's what made our jaws hit the floor while watching the Fox midseason drama.

Santa Tells All -- How To Become A Professional Santa Claus

Santa Ed explains how to ho-ho-ho and shake like a bowl full of jelly at public events, on TV, and in commercials.

'Rise Of Skywalker' Marathon Pushes LA Fan Too Far: 'It's Dawned On Me That I Really Hate Star Wars'

The last movie in the Skywalker Saga is here. Some fans are hyped -- some, not so much.

Yes, You Can Still See 'Die Hard' & 'Home Alone' In LA This Holiday Season (Even Though Disney Bought Fox)

Disney buying Fox had people worried, but have no fear -- Die Hard and Home Alone are here for you.

Saying Farewell To Altadena's 'House Of The 10,000 Lights' Christmas Display

The displays were an Altadena tradition for decades. Now the lights have gone dark.

How To Raise Money For The Homeless By Sleeping Outside (At A Free Rose Bowl Concert)

Grab your jacket and a sleeping bag for this homelessness Live Aid.

One Of This Year's Most Critically Acclaimed Directors Also Made An LA Thanksgiving Movie

You may have missed it, but the director of "Bend It Like Beckham" and this year's "Blinded by the Light" also made a uniquely L.A. holiday movie.

Hollywood Christmas Parade 2019: Why It's Beloved & How To Avoid The Traffic

Here's everything you need to know about the history -- and the traffic.

These Photos Capture The Birth Of SoCal Skateboarding In The 1970s

How drought and new wheels made skateboarding a '70s L.A. craze.

Area Man Launches The Avocado -- The Onion For LA

If you've ever been disappointed that the Onion isn't satirizing a super-specific L.A. frustration, The Avocado is here for you.

You Can't Usually Play An Escape Room More Than Once, But This LA Game Wants To Solve That

Hatch Escapes wants you to try escaping from the same room twice.

How To Become An Imagineer, According To The Director Of Disney+'s 'The Imagineering Story'

There's a new Disney+ documentary series on the history of Imagineering -- we asked the director how you can become an Imagineer too.

LA Philharmonic Might Take Over Managing The Ford Theatre

The same group that manages the Hollywood Bowl might take over the Ford.

An Oral History Of Blade Runner's 2019 Los Angeles, Because The Future Has Arrived

It took place in November 2019. Pretty soon, Blade Runner will take place in the past.

Ask OK Go How To Make Cool Videos And How To Talk To Girls On Their SoCal Tour Stops

The band's secret to creative success is a magic equation: "Every once in a while, 1 plus 1 is 5 million."

'Make America Laugh Again' Brings Conservative Comics Together In Long Beach

This conservative comedian wants to put comedy first, message second.

LA's Halloween Haunts: These Are The Folks Being Paid To Scare You Half To Death

"When I saw them [running] out of the maze, screaming, terrified for their lives, it was a great satisfaction." -- one of the people who scared you at Halloween Horror Nights

Frankenstein, Dracula And The Mummy Are Haunting LA's Natural History Museum

Don't worry, the Mummy's curse isn't real. (To the best of our knowledge.)

Pumpkin Nights Unleashes 3,000 Hand-Carved Creations On Southern California

If you want a Halloween experience that's less about scares and more about seasonal joy, Pumpkin Nights is here for you.

How To Become An LA Comedian: Cristela Alonzo Explains

She became a stand-up superstar and got her own TV show. Here's how you can (maybe) do it too.

A Childhood Obsession Led To This New Atlantis-Themed DTLA Escape Room

Here's your chance to take a trip to Atlantis, in return for solving SO MANY PUZZLES.

Blue Man Group Is Here In Hollywood, So We Can All Figure Out What Exactly They Are

So wait, what exactly are these guys? We THINK we figured it out.

What Universal Studios' Waterworld Got Right About A Stunt Show, Wrong About Climate Change

An actual Waterworld is impossible, but this show's stunts only SEEM impossible.

Live Like The Aristocracy At The ArcLight's Downton Abbey Experience

Keep a stiff upper lip and a box of popcorn for the ArcLight's Downton Abbey Experience.

Halloween Horror Nights: A Photo Tour Of The New 'Ghostbusters' & 'Us' Mazes At Universal Studios

Whether you want ghosts or evil doppelgangers ready to murder you with scissors, Halloween Horror Nights has it all.

We're All Invited To Friendsgiving... But Will Anyone Show Up?

Could there BE any more ways the '90s sitcom wants you to remember its anniversary?

What Happened Once The Conception Boat Fire Started

The latest on the ship fire that led to 34 deaths.

Binge 19 New Pilots At PaleyFest's Fall TV Previews

See all the new stuff first, with the casts -- and some of the screenings are even free.

How To Become A Theatrical Lighting Designer In LA

Being a lighting designer can mean traveling the country -- and getting used to the dark.

The La Brea Tar Pits Are Being Reimagined -- And You Can Vote On Their Future

The La Brea Tar Pits as we know them are about to go extinct. Here's their future.

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