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Carol Channing Dies At 97. Watch Her Give A Tour Through '60s Los Angeles

The legend takes you from Wilshire Boulevard to the Chinese Theatre (with some culturally insensitive "jokes" along the way).

8 Of The Most Beloved Shows To Film At CBS Television City

From the Carol Burnett Show to American Idol, plus a real-life romance on the studio lot.

Next Stage Theater Closed After Almost 30 Years In Hollywood

Unlike other small theaters, they didn't charge up-and-coming actors to ply their craft.

A Virtual Pub Crawl Of FX Show 'You're The Worst's' LA Bars And Restaurants

Come with us on our virtual pub crawl through the FXX show's real bars and (boozy) restaurants.

The 10 Best Mainstream Comic Books By LA Creators Right Now

Superheroes, crime noir, witches, female digital world superheroes -- L.A.'s got it all.

A Video Tribute To Bob Einstein Aka Super Dave Osborne Aka Marty Funkhouser

From Super Dave to Marty Funkhouser, 8 video clips of a comedy legend.

Street Artist Paints Graffiti Christmas Trees To Help LA's Homeless

He wants to raise awareness -- and money for holiday gift bags.

Crenshaw Boulevard Is Getting A 1.3-Mile Artistic Tribute To Black LA

These renderings show what the project that will line the Metro through Crenshaw will look like.

The Best Things To Do On New Year's Eve In LA No Matter Who You Are

From families to gamers, we found the event for you.

What Pee Cast Blast Learned From Podcast Festivals That Failed

The secret: Stop trying to appeal to everyone.

18 Times The Artists Who Made It Into The 2019 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Rocked LA

A look back through the L.A. history of this year's selections, in video form.

Why The SAG Awards Matter And The Golden Globes Don't

The SAG Awards are seen as a strong predictor the acting nominations and awards at the Oscars. The Golden Globes aren't.

The 'Love Actually' Soundtrack Is Now A Live LA Stage Show

The music of Love Actually takes the spotlight.

Where To See All Your Favorite Holiday Movies In LA This Year

There are oodles of holiday movie screenings around L.A. At least six of them are Die Hard.

The Best And Worst Of The 2019 Grammy Nominations, According To A Pop Music Obsessive

Here's what's on point, what's not, and what you should all go listen to.

Fa La Land Brings Holiday Pop-Up Joy To La La Land

We met Santa. We took pictures. Here is our story.

These Are The Golden Globes Nominees You Should Watch, Based On Reviews

It's the era of peak everything. We're here to help you prioritize.

29Rooms Art Pop-Up In DTLA: A Complete Guide To All The Rooms

Take a look at 29 rooms of art. (And branding.)

16 LA Holiday Concerts To Help You Celebrate The Season

From hipster scarves to R&B to smooth jazz, we got you.

Payless Pranked LA Fashion Influencers With $640 Shoes

Take a former Armani store, invite some influencers, and you've got a viral ad campaign.

New Beverly Reopens With Promises Of Film Over Digital, Plus Great And 'Pretty Mediocre' Movies

It's been closed for almost a year, but it's back with a full schedule starting Saturday.

The Surprisingly Funny 9/11 Musical 'Come From Away' Is Now In LA

The Tony-winning musical tells the true story of 38 planes diverted to Newfoundland -- and a town of 9,000 who welcomed 7,000 stranded strangers.

SpongeBob SquarePants Creator Dies At 57 From ALS

The creator of the absorbent, yellow, porous icon revealed his diagnosis last year.

Excelsior, Mural Fans! Stan Lee Gets A Spray-Painted South LA Tribute

The Spider-Man creator lives on through his characters, and now, in wall tribute form.

This Unofficial Eric Garcetti 'Urban Latino Beat' Song Means The 2020 Campaign Is Here

Some of Garcetti's supporters are REALLY excited. And they're putting that excitement in song.

LA's LGBT Seniors Are Learning Comedy From A 'Tragically Hetero' Teacher

They're breaking L.A.'s history -- and what may be the current status quo -- of young straight cisgender stand-up.

Christmas At Disneyland Explained In 15 Photos

It's the merriest place on Earth.

The Doo Dah Parade Queen's Beauty Routine Is All About Social Justice

She does work for the U.N. and is active in her community. Find out what a different kind of queen looks like.

What It Means For Green Lantern To Be A Heroic Cop (In Space) In 2018

Superstar writer Grant Morrison acknowledges that having a cop as a hero -- even one from outer space -- has a different meaning right now.

Street Artists Call Out Alleged #MeToo Perpetrators On LA Theater Marquees

They were put up in the dark of night, calling out everyone from Harvey Weinstein to Quentin Tarantino.

Free Rides And Free Housing For Fire Victims In SoCal

Whether due to altruism, good publicity, or something in between, several corporations have decided to offer a helping hand.

Marvel's Stan Lee, Master Of Comic Book Hype, Dies At 95

Spider-Man. The Hulk. The X-Men. Without Stan Lee, none of them exist.

Pizza Shop Owner Rescues Grandparents From Woolsey Fire -- By Boat

Jamie Woolner's grandparents had no power, no phone signal and "no idea of the danger they were in."

How You Can Help Those Affected By The Southern California Wildfires

From making a donation to volunteering, here's what you can do.

Griffith Park Brush Fire Burns In Area Fire Engines Can't Reach

The fire is continuing to burn, though forward progress has been stopped. The L.A. Zoo has evacuated some animals and will remain closed Friday.

These Images Show How Bad The SoCal Fires Are Today

These photos, video, and satellite imagery show how fires are impacting Southern California.

Wildfires Bedevil Ventura County Even As It Recovers From A Mass Shooting

The fires have led to more than 1,000 homes being evacuated and forced the closure of the 101 Freeway in both directions.

How You Can Help And How To Cope After The Thousand Oaks Mass Shooting

Here are some resources and advice for how to deal with your own feelings while also helping others.

Sleepyheads, Daylight Saving Time Ends This Weekend

Congratulations! All your hard work is being rewarded. Your last task: Adjusting your clock.

Dear LAist: Why Aren't There Any Sonic Drive-Ins In LA?

Sorry Rally's -- you're close, but you're no Sonic.

Why These 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Fans Bought A Billboard Next To Disneyland

Some fans are holding on as hard as Peter Quill held onto that Walkman -- they bought a billboard near Disneyland.

LA Film Festival Calls It Quits After 18 Years

Last month's L.A. Film Festival will be the last one.

Now You Can Visit The 'Stranger Things' Maze At Universal -- Without The Jump Scares

"Ooh! Stranger Things! And it's part of... Halloween Horror Nights? Uh oh."

You Can Only See These SoCal Christmas Concerts By Calling In This 2-Hour Window

Remember busy signals? Get ready to hear them a looooot.

Whitey Bulger Dies, Spent 15 Years Hiding From Feds In A Santa Monica Rent-Controlled Apartment

When captured, he had $800K and 30 guns hidden in the walls -- and paid $1,145 a month in rent. (In cash.)

These 2 Short Films Explore Gentrification And Crime In Los Angeles

They're finalists in NBC's short film festival.

30 Rock's Werewolf Bar Mitzvah: An Oral History

"Boys becoming men. Men becoming wolves."

Kevin Smith Loves Talking About Movies Way More Than Making Them

"Making movies for me has always been like punching underwater, or trying to communicate in Spain when I only took two years of Spanish in high school."

How A Universal Studios Tour Guide Got Internet Famous For Taking Down Theme Parks

Fake Theme Park lovingly takes down Disney, Universal, and all the rest -- and now it's a book.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Told Us Why He's Auctioning Off His Basketball Memorabilia

He doesn't just write for Veronica Mars -- he was also a legendary basketball player.

Something Good: Chaka Khan To Headline Rose Parade As Grand Marshal

The Queen of Funk is taking over Pasadena this New Year's Day.

This Electric Guitar Album Puts You Inside 6 LA-Area Landmarks That Are Long Gone

Alexander Elliott Miller wanted to take pieces of L.A.'s history and turn them into sound.

How To Enter Dear Evan Hansen's Cheap Ticket Lottery

Don't let the FOMO you got from missing Hamilton happen again.

Emo Nite Day Delivers Feels, Nostalgia With Dashboard Confessional, 3OH!3 & More

Have you ever listened really intently to someone playing acoustic emotional punk rock while letting your eyes well up? Then you might be the target audience for Emo Nite Day.

Free Pasadena VR Art Show Goes Way Beyond Games

VR video games aren't all the medium has to offer.

Lady Gaga's 'A Star Is Born' Character Travels All Over LA's Eastside

The dodginess of the movie's geography is its own work of art.

From South LA, To Beverly Hills, To The NFL, To The CW: This Is 'All American'

He was recruited from South Central to play football for Beverly Hills, and he eventually made it to the NFL. Now his story's a CW teen drama.

Wicked Lit Puts You Inside Gothic Horror At A Real Altadena Mausoleum

Wicked Lit's 2018 one-act plays are streamlining to give more guests a frightening theatrical experience.

Miss That Rocket In The Sky Over LA? Here's When The Next One's Coming

We've got photos & video of last night's sky object, and when you can see one again.

Bridesmaids' Director Is Helping Women Make Films About LA

Forty women were invited to submit concepts that would showcase Los Angeles's diversity, and it was narrowed down to these seven -- five solo directors and one team.

LA Isn't Getting The Free 'RBG' Screenings, So Check Out 'Notorious RBG' At The Skirball

Here's where you CAN learn more about the Supreme Court's Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Los Angeles.

Brett Kavanaugh's A Woman In Bootleg Theater's 'Who's Hysterical Now?'

Kavanaugh's a woman and his accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's a man in this gender-swapped production.

The Bob Baker Marionette Theater Is Closing -- But It's Coming Back Next Year

They're going mobile before moving to a new permanent location.

Wonder Woman's Latest Enemies: Nazis, The Patriarchy, And Pick-Up Artists

What happens when an all-female society meets toxic masculinity?

15 Of The Big Bang Theory's Real-Life Pasadena Locations

We've got maps, photos, and everything else you need to know about both the real and slightly fictionalized locations from the show.

An 8-Mile Street Party Is Closing Roads From DTLA To The Hollywood Bowl

Performers, street closures, maps! Here's everything you need to know about Celebrate L.A., happening this Sunday.

'Sexually Violent Predator' Bill Cosby Gets 3 To 10 Years In Prison

The man who built his career on a family-friendly image is being sent to prison for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman.

5 New TV Shows Starring Los Angeles

Yes, the fall TV season is still a thing. Check out five shows shining a light on pieces of L.A. life.

SNL's Newest Cast Member, Ego Nwodim, Cut Her Teeth In LA's Comedy Scene

She graduated from USC with a degree in biology but went into acting and comedy instead.

The Goonies Live: How They're Making This '80s Classic Less Problematic

Goonies never say die -- and now a new generation of gender-swapped, race-swapped actors are taking on that challenge for a live reading.

SoCal's Roadkill Danger Zones -- Where You're More Likely To Hit An Animal

We have a map of hotspots and a list of the most dangerous freeway sections in the area.

Today In Gaming The Red Carpet: The Getty Images Purse From The Emmys

How do you ensure that your red carpet walk gets covered? Get the photo service's name printed on your bag.

What It's Like Trying To Be America's Next Kids TV Host

Mike Rylander joined thousands of others in the open call to become the host of the rebooted "Blue's Clues" -- and he got a callback.

You Can Buy Robin Williams' Prized Possessions, Including His Golden Globes

From a Golden Globe to props from Williams' movies, it's all up for auction.

Comedy Twitter Takes Shots At The Guns And Drugs Found At Hollywood's Abandoned iO West Theater

iO West shut down earlier this year. Today: an early morning raid on the building that once housed it -- and a barrage of jokes from former students.

This Is Halloween... At Disneyland. Here's What It Looks Like Now At The Spookiest Place On Earth

It's time to face the deep, blood-curling horror of... oops, got that mixed up with what SoCal's other theme parks are doing. It's Halloween at Disneyland! Fun!

What 9/11 Was Like In Los Angeles

The tragedy was felt in Los Angeles as it was around the world, and like other major cities across the country, L.A.'s emergency services had to swing into action.

Katy Perry's Playing An LA Concert, But It's Only For Fans With A Certain Credit Card

Katy Perry's playing the Ace Hotel, but the only way into this sold-out teenage dream was with a Citi card.

We Tried Out 2 Halloween VR Experiences And Survived (After Some Screaming)

The Void combines virtual reality with actual physical objects to make you a Ghostbuster, a 19th century magician, and more.

Oscars Pulls Popular Movie Category, Decides To Just Keep Awarding Good Movies Instead

It's not a complete about-face, but they say the popular film category needs "further study."

Teen Racism Meets Supernatural Horror In LA Comic Book Writer's 'Border Town'

It's about racism near the border, starting at a new school, and supernatural Mexican horror.

PaleyFest Fall TV Previews Are Here To Help You Decide Which New Shows Are Worth Your Time

Get your fall TV shows, fresh out of the editing room -- sometimes before they're even fully completed.

Before Jurassic Park Roars Out Of Universal Studios, This Superfan Takes One Last Ride

After more than two decades, extinction has arrived. But life finds a way.

Fleet Week Brings Jack Ryan And The Beach Boys To The Port Of LA

The annual celebration of the military's Sea Services, aka the Navy, the Marines and the Coast Guard, returns to the Port Of L.A.

Angel City Roller Derby Heads To International Playoffs, And The Skaters Are Paying Their Own Way

Competitors are self-funded, but the challenge, inclusivity and community make it an attractive sport to women like team captain Tui Lyon.

LA Man Arrested For Allegedly Threatening To Shoot Boston Globe Journalists

Robert Chain was unhappy that the newspaper coordinated editorials responding to President Trump's attacks on journalists.

Dear LAist: Is The Alamo Drafthouse Ever Going To Open In LA?

Tick tock, tick tock. It's been four years. When they say it's gonna happen "soon," when exactly do they mean?

Why Jonas Never's Ventura Boulevard Mural Is Just A 'V' -- And Faces An Uncertain Fate

It all comes down to a fight over where Jonas will stand while painting the mural.

Dear LAist: Why's There That Half-Finished Target At Sunset And Western In Hollywood?

The husk of an unfinished Target has remained, frozen in time, for years.

Beat It, Thriller. The Eagles Now Have The Best-Selling Album Of All Time Because Of New Math

This is no monsters-dancing-in-the-street horror movie-esque interlude -- this is real life.

Natalie Morales Is Trying To Hold A Non-Political Anti-Gun Violence Variety Show

"This is not a partisan event. I don't care who you vote for -- I just want you to have a good time, and to register to vote." And she's using Ed Helms, Bradley Whitford, Jon Cryer and many more to get you to do it.

David Cross Still Loves Stand-Up, Hates LA Weather, And Learned A Lot From #TimesUp

He told us about his own experiences with the nightmares of L.A. life -- and how he took the criticism from that New York Times interview.

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