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Take A Route 66 Road Trip That Starts In Santa Monica And Ends In This Graphic Novel

The journey begins, as many things do, near a dentist's office at the intersection of Olympic and Lincoln.

Wanna Know Disney's Top Secret Plans For The Next 2 Years? They're About To Tell You At D23 Expo

There's a new Marvel land, Disney+ streaming, something TOP SECRET, and so. much. more.

Why LA's The Bird And The Bee Covered Van Halen For An Entire Album

Their new album might make you want to JUMP.

'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Gives LA Dirt Cheap Gas, Food, Hotel Rooms, Makeovers And More

Get 1959 prices all over L.A., thanks to an Amazon-funded Emmys campaign.

LA Opera Investigating Harassment Allegations Against Legendary Singer Plácido Domingo

Nine women have accused Domingo of harassment, with dozens more saying they witnessed inappropriate behavior.

We Rode Universal's New Jurassic World Ride. Here's What's Gone And What's Great

Splashing ... finds a way. But is the new ride a clever girl or Gennaro in the bathroom stall?

LA Only Crushed Some Of My Dreams, So That Makes This A Success Story

The creative life seemed like something OTHER people get to live.

There's A Live Moon Landing Show At The Rose Bowl -- Go For Space Adventure, Stay For The Giant Dome

Experience a trip to the moon, via an immersive live show featuring 20 actors and 360 degrees of projection.

Good Burger Pop-Up Finally Opens For Your Nostalgic Tastebuds In West Hollywood

Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, may we take your pop-up reservation?

Now You Can Geek Out On 'The Big Bang Theory's' Actual Sets In Burbank

You can totally sit in Sheldon's spot. He's going to be so mad.

UCB Moved Its 55-Hour Improv Marathon To LA, Because All Its Performers Live Here Now

After 20 years, the Del Close Marathon has moved to L.A.

Alamo Drafthouse (Finally) Brings Its Fancy Moviegoing Experience To DTLA Next Month

Six years after we heard it was coming, it's... COMING. (For real this time.)

Mike Roe, Arts And Entertainment Editor

My job is to help you figure out what is worth your time and introduce you to other talented Angelenos who make it happen.

This DTLA Rom Com Fest Has '10 Things I Hate About You,' So We're There

This festival lets you get together with others who want to see stories of two apparently mismatched people who come to learn they're *actually* more alike than they thought.

A Good Burger Pop-Up Restaurant Is Coming To West Hollywood

Welcome to the Good Burger pop-up, home of the Good Burger/nostalgia, may we take your reservation?

LA Public Library's New Maker Space/Studio Lets You 3D Print, Shoot On A Green Screen, And Way More

The new Octavia Lab at the L.A. Central Library is 3,000 square feet designed to help you make your thing.

400 Live Shows Descend For The Hollywood Fringe Festival -- Here's How To Decide What To See

Here's why your artsy friends have been inviting you to more shows than usual.

Universal Studios Fire Destroyed The Original Recording Of Etta James's 'At Last' -- And 500,000 Other Songs

The original recording was destroyed in the 2008 fire. The music lives on.

How To Become A Comic Book Writer In LA: From A Legendary Superman Writer

Everything you need to know to become a comic book writer, from a guy who's written for Flash, Superman and just about everything else.

Why 16-Foot-Tall Plungers Are Taking Over LA's Malls

No, they're not promoting strong toilet health -- it's Amazon's press people, and they're out of control.

In Honor of Seinfeld Night At Dodger Stadium, We Took A Look Back At That Time 'Seinfeld' Made Fun Of LA

What's the deal with Seinfeld night? Get ready for a game about nothing.

Netflix's 'Rim of the World' Built Their Own JPL In A Pomona Gym

What do you do when JPL won't let you film there?

'Jurassic World: The Ride' Is Coming -- And It's Bringing The Movie's Stars

The ride formerly known as Jurassic Park is set to reopen sometime this summer.

How To Become An LA Internet Musician: Laser From 'The Doubleclicks' Explains

Ever wanted to be an L.A. musician who makes music that's popular on the Internet? Here's how.

5 LA Art Museums You Can Visit For Free (While You Wait For MOCA To Make The Switch)

MOCA's gonna be free (!), but a lot of other L.A. museums beat them to it.

All Of Next Season's TV Shows Set In Los Angeles

TV can take us to far-off, exotic locations -- or just Los Angeles.

Pomona Throws A Giant Parade For Its Hometown 'American Idol' Finalist Alejandro Aranda

The city expects around 10,000 fans to show up for the parade and free concert.

Disneyland Launches New (Super Complicated) Pass That Gets You Into The Parks On More Days

Don't worry, we've decoded the Disney pass system so you don't have to.

This Play Tells The Story Of The Violent Clearing Of Chavez Ravine Before Dodger Stadium

It's being performed at a largely Latino college in a largely Latino community.

Sing Street And A Gorilla: The Movies At This Hollywood Festival Are All Crowd Pleasers

Your chance to watch his favorite movies starts this Friday at the Egyptian Theatre.

LA Festival Season Is Upon Us With 2 Oceanside Music Fests This Weekend

Throwbacks and chill vibes are here in festival form.

How The Once Struggling Podcast 'Never Not Funny' Raised A Million Dollars For Charity

Host Jimmy Pardo has used Pardcast-A-Thon to make a lot of people laugh while raising a ton of money for charity.

This Lincoln Heights Warehouse Transforms Into A Free DJ'd Soccer League Thursday Nights

The Adidas-sponsored events pit teams against each other for free.

What 'Boyz N The Hood' Director John Singleton Meant To Black LA

"Boyz N The Hood" changed how the world saw South L.A.

Disney Just Opened A Mickey Mouse-Themed Pop-Up At Downtown Disney

Mickey is here, and he demands to be part of your pop-ups.

How To Reserve Star Wars Land Tickets At Disneyland

These ARE the reservations you're looking for.

UCB Puts Every Avengers: Endgame Character In An Improv Show, All On Stage At The Same Time

The comedy show that insists on cramming 77 people onto a tiny stage to make Marvel jokes.

Screenwriters Think Agents Are Illegally Ripping Them Off, So Now They're Suing

They're fighting over how agencies make money, and whether that keeps writers from making more money.

Parks & Recreation Turns 10 -- A Li'l Sebastian, 5,000 Candles In The Wind Oral History

We've still got a candle in our heart for Parks and Rec. Five thousand of them, in fact.

On Her Road To WrestleMania, Ronda Rousey Helps Fight Suicide In LA

It's been a battle Rousey's been fighting since her father killed himself when she was 8 years old.

Madame Butterfly Is Finally Being Done In The Actual Languages The Characters Speak -- And You Can See It In Little Tokyo

How in the world is this American naval officer communicating with this Japanese girl? Not Italian.

'I Like Scary Movies' Pop-Up Gives You Nightmares By Putting You Inside Horror Classics

Have you ever WANTED to be grabbed by Freddy Krueger? Here's your chance!

Kanye Will Hold His Own Easter Service At Coachella, Because Kanye

Kanye West's messiah complex is leveling up with a Coachella version of a Sunday Service.

This LA Scientist Went To Antarctica And Brought Back Dinosaurs

Antarctica's dinosaurs have made it to L.A.

The Votes Are In: Hollywood Writers Want More Restrictions On Their Agents

Here's what it all means, and what could come next.

Hollywood Writers Might Fire All Their Agents In A Week And A Half

They're voting on whether to do just that starting today.

What Apple's Big Streaming TV Announcement Could Mean For LA

Apple TV+ is coming, eventually, for some amount of money, we guess.

Bill & Ted 3 Has A Most Excellent Release Date -- Watch Their Message From The Hollywood Bowl

They're back to help us be excellent to each other -- 30 years later.

This LA Comic Book Writer Turned Jesus Into A '70s Kung Fu Master

Jesus is less the son of God, more a young man in a deep existential crisis.

A Fight Club-Style Art Battle Has Been Unleashed On LA

And your cheers get to be the judge.

Women Are On Display (In A Good Way) At This Video Installation In Chinatown

"Men need to look at women's talents and their work a lot more."

Come Watch Art Robots Shoot Lasers At Each Other In Downtown LA

"This is a mix of performance art, traditional installation art, and almost a light show. So it's really a great hang."

Janelle Monáe's Stylist Has A New Clothing Collection -- At Goodwill SoCal

Here's the closest you're going to get to looking as cool as Janelle Monáe.

Captain Marvel Takes LA Metro, But She's Not The First Movie Hero To Go For A Ride

We go deep into how Captain Marvel went '90s, and looked at some of Metro's memorable movie cameos over the years.

Cardi B's New Video Delivers East LA Tacos And Bruno Mars

Cardi B and Bruno Mars have a sexy takeover of an East L.A. taco shop.

'Beverly Hills, 90210' Legend Luke Perry Dies After A Massive Stroke

The actor, who was currently appearing on the show Riverdale, suffered a massive stroke.

A Strange Cat Person Will Now Join You On A Tour Of Walt Disney Concert Hall

Let Jena Malone, as a cat person, join you at Disney Hall.

'My Dinner With Andre' Is Now My Dinner With John Mulaney & Nick Kroll In Staged Reading

Oh, hello! It's John Mulaney and Nick Kroll bringing a classic to life on stage!

All Of The 2019 Oscars Winners

The full list is right here.

Here's What Jussie Smollett Told Us About Racial Reparations, Last Year

"Sometimes you've got to shame people into doing the right thing."

Download Oscars Bingo Cards And Play Along With LAist

Let the games begin, at your Oscars party and on the @LAist Twitter account.

Bob Baker Marionette Theater Moves To Highland Park

The marionettes are back in a new home.

Massive Domes Filled With Trippy 3D Visuals Take Over 35,000-Square-Feet In DTLA

Trippy digital art in giant domes -- welcome to the new planetarium.

Galentine's Day: An Oral History From Amy Poehler And The Parks & Rec Writers

It's time for a sacred annual gathering of ladies celebrating ladies.

The Saved By The Bell Pop-Up Is Closing -- And We're So Excited, We're So... Scared

Is Zack Morris trash? You can delve into his bedroom to investigate.

This Luke Cage Art Show Shows The Power Of Superheroic Black Skin Against Bullets

How do you convey the power of a black hero with indestructible skin? For Luke Cage's Netflix show, the answer is bullets. Black Kirby's exploring what that means.

Watch: Taraji P. Henson Goes Undercover In LA As A Lyft Driver

Can Taraji P. Henson go so deep undercover that everyone is fooled? (No. No she can't.)

Alien Boss Women Take Down Abusive Men In New Comic 'Female Furies' -- Read The First 5 Pages

These women are sick of being abused and taken for granted by (alien) men, and they're not taking it anymore (in outer space).

Hamilton's Coming Back To LA, And Broadway's Taking Over 2 Hollywood Theaters

Miss your shot to see "Hamilton"? You're getting another one.

Bringing Back The Little Pool Hidden In The Middle Of The Mojave Desert

Someone's trying to make a new Social Pool. But the original artist says the pool wasn't the actual artwork to begin with.

Black Panther Hits Theaters Again, For Free

Celebrate Black History Month -- and help the film's Academy Awards chances.

How The Government Shutdown Ruined A Japanese Pro Wrestling Show In DTLA

You can't get Japanese wrestlers to Los Angeles without the federal government issuing them visas.

UCB Makes Cutbacks To LA Theaters Amid Financial Struggles

Why UCB's facing cutbacks, and what it means for L.A. audiences and performers.

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