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The Huffington Post

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After much discussion and publicity for Arianna Huffington's foray into celebrity group blogging, The Huffington Post launched this morning. It'll be interesting to see how timely the blog stays. Initial posts by the well known names cover well treaded topics like gay marriage and the death of Hunter S. Thompson. We will always appreciate any opportunity Harry Shearer has to take a closer look at the oddities and inaccuracies of news media and Laurie and Larry David talking hybrids and environment should prove interesting but As far as their day one content? Exclusives are great; Mike Nichols rambling a bit about a metaphor? Not so much.

There isn't a list of authors on the page but from what we've seen so far, the cache of contributors is, well, very white. The blog would be a significant leap forward if it finds more diverse perspectives and provides more than soft opinion. Russell Simmons isn't quite enough we don't think.