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Housing and Homelessness
Your guide to renting in this complicated — and expensive — place.

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About the event

Beginning in March of 2020, renters in the L.A. area negatively impacted by COVID-19 were able to postpone their monthly payments. As of March 31, this is no longer the case.

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The backstory

Many renters are still struggling with the effects of the pandemic — one recent U.S. Census Bureau survey found that about 246,000 households in the L.A. metro area are behind on rent. Housing advocates have warned that the change in policy is likely to produce a wave of evictions and increase the number of people experiencing homelessness.

Why it matters

In recent months, city and county renter rules have changed quickly. Finding help online can be daunting. Our reporters and panel of experts are here to help and will answer your specific questions.

The event will provide general information, not legal advice. For that, we recommend you contact an attorney.


How to attend

  • Free registration is available here
  • To submit questions in advance, use this form. 
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