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A multicolored abstract illustration of a pregnant person running, with their hands on their belly. Objects are floating around like a book, bottle, calendar, and stethoscope as they run down a path with trees in the background.
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Pregnant. Now What?
Pregnancy is a wild journey, with so many unknowns. Your body’s changing in all kinds of ways, and you’re feeling all the feels. There are so many questions, such as: how do I even get this baby out of my body, anyway? Where do I start with family leave? And how will I be able to take care of a tiny new human?

If you’re nodding “yes” to any of these things, you’re in the right place. We know we can’t cover it all and everyone’s experience is different. But we can help you find the right answer for you through real talk, tips, and local resources.
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What questions do you have about early childhood education and development? What do you want to know about kids ages 0-5 and those who care for them in Southern California?
Decades of research indicates early childhood education significantly boosts children’s readiness to learn. Mariana Dale wants families, caregivers and educators to have the information they need to help children 0-5 grow and thrive by identifying what’s working and what’s not in California’s early childhood system.


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