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No Minorities at the New Fox Hills Mall of the Future


Yesterday our friends at Curbed LA told everyone that the Fox Hills Mall was going to be renovated all Westfield-like, and because they rule, they had lots of nice pictures after the jump.

The very last image was the incredibly creepy food court of the future. In the artists' rendition not only wasn't there much food, but where are the types of people who actually frequent the Culver City landmark? Sure ain't those yuppies in the picture, that's for damn sure.

No we're certainly not the PC police, but if you want to sell a concept so as to get people excited about something, at least know a little something about the place you clearly want to whitewash in the remodel. Unless of course Omniplan knows something about the future that we don't know.

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Video of the Fox Hills Mall from back in the day and more after the jump.

Deep in the comments at the Curbed post is this little memory that we'd like to highlight.

Last year posted this video of a 1978 Kinney Shoes ad starring a singing and dancing Ken Berry.And of course Skee-Lo gave it some love in "Top of the Stairs"