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Vegoose Music Festival, Las Vegas, 10/27-10/28, Pt. 2

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By now you've probably heard that this year's Vegoose was a smashing success. Pretty much everything about the show was great; plenty of booze, food, facilities, and the availability of televised sports (for the adamant college football/NFL/World Series fans willing to miss their favorite bands to catch the score.) The crowd seemed highly content throughout the whole show, save for a few rumbles between Red Sox and Rockies fans. Lucky for us, LAist got about 5 minutes to talk to Troy from Queens of the Stone Age, so check out the interview and a few vids after the jump.

Having witnessed the preceding 4 interviews with Troy, I figured he didn't want to repeat himself for the 5th time about "what its like to play in a band with Josh Homme" so we kept it pretty casual.

LAist: Thanks for sitting down with us, how do you like Vegoose so far?
Troy: Festival's cool, you know, its great hangin' out with all the groups, and hey its Vegas...

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LAist:Totally. So we've read in some of your interviews that, you know, you say the first album is about getting your name out there, the second is establishing a sound, the third is about getting quirky, and the fourth is about getting back to the basics. So what's your 5th all about?
Troy: Oh well you know, we're still sort of experimenting with our sound a bit. We've definitely progressed since the first one, and its been great, the amount of success we've had by the time Era {Vulgaris] came out.


LAist: Of course, and your single "3's & 7's" seems to be doing great, probably one of the hottest videos of the year...
Troy: Oh yeah, definitely. That was sorta mostly Josh [Homme's] big thing, doing the video. We all pitched our ideas and in the end it turned out great.

LAist: Definitely. So going back a little bit, your time in Failure, do you attribute any of that time to your success today?
Troy:I look back on that experience with great fondness because i learned so much, and that was like you know, that was like the first real tour I did, in a van, with a bunch of guys that were all struggling together, and had all kinds of great things lined up and it totally got yanked away. So it was kind of bittersweet, you know, to play all that great music and have nobody listen to it.

LAist: We're huge fans of Failure!
Troy: And thats the thing, I run into people all over the place that are rabid fans, and that makes me feel good, that it got out there so much. So i attribute a lot of who i am from that experience.

LAist: Very cool. It definitely shows. So when you guys get to go back to LA, where can we find you?
Troy: Well you know, LA is home for us, so when were home its basically, you know, I'm going to be in my bed, in my pajamas.

LAist: I don't blame you! So when you guys choose artists or other musicians to collaborate with you, how do you go about doing that?
Troy: Its just kind of how you develop friendships with anyone, sort of have a connection some how, or you have a vibe or certain philosophy that you share, you can be totally different poeople but the combination of characters makes something unque and its cool to figure out what that is in the setting of the studio. So we have good luck with a lot of them.

LAist: Definitely. Now this is a bit more obscure, but we know you guys covered "Christian Brothers" by Elliott Smith, another big LA artist. What made you guys decide to choose that one?
Troy: Well I mean I don't think anyone can really say they don't like Elliot Smith, and if they do, I don't want to hang out with them. That was just such a great, beautiful melody, and every time i hear him sing it, its just haunting. We hope we didn't do it any disservice, we just tried to stay true to the song as much as we could and put a little of our flavor on it. And you know, thats really all it was, it was between that or Needle in the Hay.

LAist: Seriously, that was basically one of my favorite bands covering one of my favorite artists...
Troy: Right, and you know, that was basically the first chance we got to record with the new guys in the band which was really great, we got Mikey "Shooz"...

Upon realizing that I went to high school with their new bassist, Troy directed me toward where all the bands were hanging out. As I thanked Troy and we said our goodbyes, a security guard swiftly confiscated my camera before I entered the artist hangout area. For a brief 10 minutes, I was in the same room as other Queens of the Stone Age members, Blonde Redhead, M.I.A., and a few guys from Thievery Corporation. Despite the fact that another security guard promptly kicked me out once he saw that I didnt have the appropriate wrist band to hang out there, I was in pure heaven for a brief 10 minutes.

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I'd have to say that overall, Saturday's lineup was a lot better than Sunday's, although Rage Against the Machine was a definite treat. The real bands to check out this year were Gogol Bordello and STS9. While some may consider them relatively unknown, they drew huge crowds and rocked the place. With all that being said, check out some videos of the festival, because anything I say couldn't really describe the experience. Enjoy!

Daft Punk, Saturday Night, performing Human After all:

Gogol Bordello (Not at Vegoose, but damn they are fun to watch)

Someone cut a few pics from the festival with Muse's set:

Mastadon Performs:

Rage Against the Machine performing the end of War Within a Breath:

Banner image courtesy of Zach.Wise via flickr, Image of Troy courtesy of out_of_rhythm via flickr, videos courtesy of MigiMack and PalmSpringCA via YouTube.