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The Fuxedos Interviews Renfield and Vice Versa

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The attendees of Safari Sam's tonight will leave the Sunset Blvd club in the wee hours and they might have a few things to say about the evening, but "boring" wont be a word you will hear.

With a lineup that begins with Renfield, followed by Quazar and the Bamboozled, and then The Fuxedos, the closing band Uncertain is going to have some strange and unusual acts to follow.

One of our favorite magazines, Interview, was created by the strange and unusual Andy Warhol. And one of the things that we like best about Interview is when they get two artists or musicians together to interview each other.

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Today we were lucky enough to have Marz Richards of Renfield and Danny Shorago of The Fuxedos.

Join us, wont you, after the jump, where we listen in on a chat the boys had this week where they discuss surfing, Menehunes, conventional weapons, and the LA music scene, among other pressing topics...


Danny of the Fuxedos: a jf;kjad;fs;afa, yes?

Marz of Renfield: LA LA LA LALALALA I sing the song of the happy wanderer!
Marz of Renfield: I am an unholy bother to all who dare approach!

Danny of the Fuxedos: Splendid. Let's introduce ourselves, shall we? I'm Danny, lead Fuxedo.

Marz of Renfield: Hiya, I'm Marz, lead Renfield.

Danny of the Fuxedos: Bitchin. So the deal is, dear readers...Marz and I are interviewing each other, celebrity to celebrity, in the style of--what is it?--Details magazine? Interview magazine? I dunno. But the catch is--we're doing this a la Instant Messenger.

Marz of Renfield: So that just took Danny two sandwiches and a mixed beverage to type.
Marz of Renfield: How's your longhand?

Danny of the Fuxedos: My long hand is about 42 inches long, actually. My left, however, is only 3 cm long.
Danny of the Fuxedos: Is there a snappy IM shorthand we're supposed to use? I'm an IM virgin.

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Marz of Renfield: I'm a lefty so I had to learn to write in block caps when taking notes. Cursive just smeared all over the place.
Marz of Renfield: Nah, just gabble on.

Danny of the Fuxedos: ....And I'm an actual virgin, too. That whole groupie thing is a myth. How 'bout with you, Mars? Renfield groupies?

Marz of Renfield: For years I never met anybody at our shows, but then there was a good period where I met a lot of people and dated a few, then I married one!

Danny of the Fuxedos: You married a Renfield groupie?

Marz of Renfield: I married my old viola player's roommate. For Renfield, that counts as a groupie. We have to do everything the hard way. That's why almost nothing we play is in 4/4.

Danny of the Fuxedos: I should mention now that Renfield and The Fuxedos will be playing at Safari Sam's in LA this Wed. night, August 8. It's all ages, so the groupie action should span the years. I'm hoping to score with a toddler this time.

Marz of Renfield: I'll be keeping Dateline NBC from setting up a fako kitchen countertop in the middle of the dance floor.
Marz of Renfield: Danny, what are you going to be wearing at the show?

Danny of the Fuxedos: I'll be wearing my customary mutant lounge attire. How 'bout you? Oh, and fuck 4/4, while we're at it. I prefer 7/4. And fucking in 15/4.

Marz of Renfield: I fuck in five.

Danny of the Fuxedos: Yeah, that's how Dave Brubeck likes it, too.
Danny of the Fuxedos: I'm writing a new tune in 101/64. It's pretty nifty.

Marz of Renfield: Oddly enough, I'm trying to incorporate a little C64 8-bit goodness in some new music, but that 8-bit stuff is hard to monkey with properly if you are not a gearhead, and I'm not.

Danny of the Fuxedos: Hacked Gameboys, that kind o' thing?

Marz of Renfield: Yeah!
Marz of Renfield: You play video games?

Danny of the Fuxedos: I'm not much of a video gamer, but I've done some recording work (voiceover and singing) for games.

Marz of Renfield: I'm nutsy for games. I'm playing City of Heroes on the PC and Dead Rising (again) and Pac-Man Championship Edition on the 360.
Marz of Renfield: Pac-Man C.E. is my new Upanishads.

Danny of the Fuxedos: Instead of 1st person shooter-type games, I prefer just going up in a clock tower with a real rifle. Kickin' it old school and shit.

Marz of Renfield: GTA IV looks gorgeous, too bad it got delayed until April 08.

Danny of the Fuxedos: Whatchu' talkin' 'bout, Willis?

Marz of Renfield: Grand Theft Auto. The next-gen release was going to come out in Oct and then it got pushed back to April, big poopy for the games market and Take-Two in particular. Puts them on the chopping block for the presidential contest.


Danny of the Fuxedos: What's the most lascivious and/or depraved thing a player can do in GTA?

Marz of Renfield: Here's what I would tape and then intercut with real news footage and put on the TV's at the bar during our shows in places that had TV's:
Marz of Renfield: You get the sniper rifle and go to the top of the parking garage.
Marz of Renfield: Shoot one fellow. Let a crowd gather.
Marz of Renfield: Get a parked car and put it at the edge of the building roof.
Marz of Renfield: Shoot it a little bit to set it on fire.

Danny of the Fuxedos: And then?

Marz of Renfield: Then push it over the roof, flaming death from above, exploding before it hits the ground, an airburst that kills the crowd.
Marz of Renfield: You couldn't get them all with a grenade.
Marz of Renfield: Or a Molotov cocktail.

Danny of the Fuxedos: And a nuclear bomb would be overkill.

Marz of Renfield: All conventional weapons.
Marz of Renfield: If a car is a conventional weapon.

Danny of the Fuxedos: What's the most lascivious and/or depraved thing you've done at a Renfield show?

Marz of Renfield: I used to eat crowds.

Danny of the Fuxedos: Fattening!

Marz of Renfield: Our set used to be confrontational and purposely terrifying.

Danny of the Fuxedos: 'Til you found Jesus?

Marz of Renfield: Until I found kung fu.
Marz of Renfield: I much prefer drunken monkey style.
Marz of Renfield: What do you do to stay you?

Danny of the Fuxedos: I find that worrying about my impending death is aerobic.
Danny of the Fuxedos: Do you Kung Fu-icize your fans? If so, have you ever kicked out anyone's eyeball?

Marz of Renfield: Nah, we've never had a fight at a show.
Marz of Renfield: Although, at the LAST SHOW this dude ripped off the bar for a whole bottle and got thrown out screaming

Danny of the Fuxedos: He would've made a good sniper target.

Marz of Renfield: I want drinks and dancing, I don't own a real gun.

Danny of the Fuxedos: PM I should mention now that 1) Quazar and the Bamboozled and 2) Uncertain will also be playing the show at Safari Sam's this Wed. 5214 W. Sunset Blvd. (bet. Western & Normandie), LA 90027, Copy/paste niftiness!


Marz of Renfield: Quazar used to be in Miss Spiritual Tramp of Date I Can't Remember!

Danny of the Fuxedos: Is that the full name of his useta' band?

Marz of Renfield: No, I really can't remember the whole band name. It was like...1943?
Marz of Renfield: I'm gonna get hosed for not knowing that.

Danny of the Fuxedos: What happend to my old font, gamer?

Marz of Renfield: What did you do?

Danny of the Fuxedos: It was that copy/paste bullshit. I hate computers.


Marz of Renfield: HAHAHAHAHA
Marz of Renfield: I love computers.

Danny of the Fuxedos: Speaking of computers..I was just in Hawaii, and it turns out that all the sea turtles have gone extinct. They've been replaced by robotic cyber-turtles. Also by “Little People” in waterproof turtle costumes.

Marz of Renfield: I love Hawaiian myths and legends and ghost stories.

Danny of the Fuxedos: Ever heard about the Menehunes?
Danny of the Fuxedos: Little Hawaiian leprechaun-type guys. Worked for shrimp.

Marz of Renfield: Yeah!
Marz of Renfield: I'm writing a little thing that plays on that myth.

Danny of the Fuxedos: A song little-thing?

Marz of Renfield: Hawaii is one of the last places in the US where there is a ton of wild magic.

Danny of the Fuxedos: Not to mention wild pigs.

Marz of Renfield: What island were you on?

Danny of the Fuxedos: Oahu, but mostly the North Shore.

Marz of Renfield: Do you surf?

Danny of the Fuxedos: I'm more of a body boarder.
Danny of the Fuxedos: How bout you?

Marz of Renfield: Body boarder, yes. Not a surfer. I ski but it's expensive and conditions have been so-so the past year.

Danny of the Fuxedos: Speaking of surfing...what are you hoping to accomplish at the show tomorrow night? What do you want your audience to come away with?

Marz of Renfield: I want to present the most thrilling forty minutes possible. I want to bend brains and reshape souls. I want people to leave and speak of Renfield to their pals in hushed reverental tones.

Danny of the Fuxedos: Marz, do you have the same kind of Messianic delusions about rock & roll that I have? David Koresh cult leader/rock star fusion?

Marz of Renfield: I believe that we become metahuman when we step upon the stage. We are granted access that only a few get and you can do some amazing stuff with simple theatrics , a great set and a good amount of help from the people behind the boards.

Marz of Renfield: It's why people think you are taller on stage. Shit's different.

Danny of the Fuxedos: Meta-human? Groovy! I like the sound of that. I think that's my next band name. We'll be like the Justice League, but more Nietzschean.

Marz of Renfield: Do you read comics?

Danny of the Fuxedos: I'm seven millimeters tall, but people tend to think I'm the size of a redwood after a Fuxedos set. I read a lil' bit o' comics, but not a lot. I tend to admire 'em more from afar. I've read a few good graphic novels, though. Dark Knight Returns for a college lit. class, and Watchmen a long time ago. How 'bout you?

Marz of Renfield: I read A LOT of comics.
Marz of Renfield: We are in a golden age for creativity right now.


Danny of the Fuxedos: I'm guessing they influence your songwriting/shtick?

Marz of Renfield: Yeah. From the beginning Renfield has always had comic book songs in the set.
Marz of Renfield: Our first album opens with ETERNAL which is about immortal villain Vandal Savage.

Danny of the Fuxedos: I've always wanted to create a superhero who has the power to see through squid.
Danny of the Fuxedos: Vandal Savage?

Marz of Renfield: Vandal was a caveman who got accelerated in evolution by a meteor.

Danny of the Fuxedos: Character of your own design?

Marz of Renfield: No, DC Comics bad guy for JSA/JLA

Danny of the Fuxedos: What happened to Mr. Savage, evolutionarily speaking?

Marz of Renfield: Savage is alive and trying to take over the world, wearing a black suit and a heavy beard. Looks a bit like Brolin.

Danny of the Fuxedos: Evil Super Genius? But stil caveman-esque?

Marz of Renfield: Pretty much. You can goad him into trouble by making him ape-out a bit.

Danny of the Fuxedos: Speaking of freakishly advanced cavemen types--what's your take on the "LA Rock Music Scene."

Marz of Renfield: One minute break, Dan. I have to answer the phone.

Danny of the Fuxedos: Cool. I need to make a souffle. Lemme' know when you're back...

Marz of Renfield: Back.

Danny of the Fuxedos: Mine's got hair on it.

Marz of Renfield: To answer your question about music in Los Angeles, I think there is a ton of good work and great shows taking place but it is very fractured as a community.

Marz of Renfield: I think that there are people who are actively trying to change that and I'm lucky to get to work with some of them when we play Sam's.

Danny of the Fuxedos: Indeed. Lotsa people coming to shows merely to see one band, then leaving promptly thereafter, for example. I blame crystal meth. And the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Marz of Renfield: Well, sometimes there's just no damn reason to stay. I love hearing new, great stuff, but deadly theater has no place and you don't want me farting up the joint.

Danny of the Fuxedos: This should be a helluva show. Four interesting, unusual, creative bands who all seem to get into the visual/theatrical aspect of the show, as well as the musical.

Marz of Renfield: Yeah, I'm coming to the venue in costume and make-up because I live nearby but also THERE WILL BE NO ROOM BACKSTAGE.

Danny of the Fuxedos: Good point. We should mention that you guys hit the stage nice 'n early at 9 pm. So get there nice 'n promptly, folks. And stick around!

Marz of Renfield: Yeah, we really do like to have things go off as advertised so (barring unforeseen calamity) the show actually starts AT NINE.

Marz of Renfield: STAY AWHILE.
Marz of Renfield: STAY FOREVER!

Danny of the Fuxedos: Indeed. Quazar hits at 10, The Fuxedos at 11, and Uncertain at 12 am. Each band offering our own lil' slice o' weirdness.

Danny of the Fuxedos: Alrighty, gotta split. Anything to add, Marz?

Marz of Renfield: What more could be said? See you at the show, brother Dan!

Danny of the Fuxedos: Fuxshitup, Marz!