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This Is Now The Most Negative LAUSD Race Ever. Let's Fact-Check Some Of The Ads.

The biggest target: Scott Schmerelson, an incumbent school board member aiming to keep his West Valley seat.

LAUSD's COVID-19 Testing Sites Have Turned Away Symptomatic People -- But That Could Change Next Week

LAUSD testing sites have been turning away anyone with possible COVID-19 symptoms -- but the district says that policy will change soon.

A Field Guide To 2020's Super-Expensive, Bitterly Fought LAUSD School Board Elections

New election date, same story -- charters versus unions, big money, and high stakes for 580,000 kids.

LA School Board Election 2020 Candidate Q&A: Patricia Castellanos

Castellanos is running to represent South L.A. and San Pedro in LAUSD Board District 7.

LA School Board Election 2020 Candidate Q&A: Tanya Ortiz Franklin

Ortiz Franklin is running to represent South L.A. and San Pedro in LAUSD Board District 7.

LA School Board Election 2020 Candidate Q&A: Marilyn Koziatek

Koziatek is challenging the incumbent in LAUSD Board District 3, representing the West San Fernando Valley.

LA School Board Election 2020 Candidate Q&A: Scott Schmerelson

Schmerelson is running to keep his seat representing the West SF Valley in LAUSD Board District 3.

How LAUSD's Superintendent Has Used Special Pandemic Emergency Powers To Make Fast-Track Deals

Austin Beutner is the only superintendent in L.A. County with the power to enter no-bid contracts without a board vote.

Why One Teacher Gave All 'A's' During Last Spring's Lockdowns -- And Why Another School Decided Not To Change A Thing

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed flaws at the core of how most teachers grade, one expert says.

LAUSD Has Started Testing Its Staff For COVID-19 -- And Students Will Start Getting Invites Soon

By the end of the week, all LAUSD employees should have received an invite. Within a few weeks, all LAUSD students will have their first screening.

During COVID-19, The State Promised Not To Cut Funding For Shrinking Schools. But What About Growing Schools?

A group of charter schools is suing the state, saying lawmakers' "hold-harmless" K-12 budget penalizes growing schools.

What One LAUSD Teacher Learned About Why 'Daily, Live' Lessons Matter

This school year, new rules aim to ensure more consistent, real-time interactions between teachers and students.

Everything We Know About LAUSD's Program To Test Students And Staff For Coronavirus

When will my student get tested? How often will my teacher be tested? What about charter schools?

Huge Changes To California's Charter School Law Just Took Effect. Already, LAUSD Charters Are Worried

LAUSD has more power to say 'no' to charters under the law. Still, charter school advocates say the district is overstepping.

Once Again, The State Has Dinged LAUSD Over Its $1 Billion Plan For Helping High-Need Students

The state says LAUSD wasn't clear on how it planned to spend $1 billion in funds targeted to low-income students, English-language learners and foster kids.

After Deal With Teachers Union, LAUSD Students Can Expect (Some) Live Lessons Every Day

The deal aims to put LAUSD in compliance with California's new distance learning law.

Why So Many LAUSD Charter Schools Ended Up With Coronavirus Relief Loans For Small Businesses

LAUSD charter schools have received at least $73.6 million in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans.

As Coronavirus Surges, LAUSD Will Not Reopen Campuses For Start Of Next School Year

Classes will resume in "distance learning" mode -- and it's still not clear when campuses might reopen.

How Strict Should Schools Be About Masks? In Orange County, The Question's Part Of The Reopening Debate

The OC Board of Education says requiring students to don masks or socially distance would be "unacceptable."

LAUSD Cuts School Police -- A Major Victory For Activists -- But Mostly Maintains Status Quo In Its Budget For Now

Student activists have ramping up their criticisms for years. Black Lives Matter and the teachers union helped put them over the top.

Ten Teens, Ten Stories: Balancing Jobs, High School And The Pandemic

They have lessons to teach us about what kids need out of school during a crisis.

The COVID-19 Recession Risks Facing Working High School Students: Stress, Disengagement -- And Dropping Out?

Some worry these students could be dropout risks, particularly if they're "the only people in the family bringing in income."

Could LAUSD Disband Its School Police Department?

Leaders of the district's teachers union have endorsed the idea -- but would the LAUSD board enact it?

Coronavirus Could Cause A 'Learning Loss' Crisis. Here's How Bad It Could Get -- And What To Do About It

We need to brace ourselves for the possibility that the coronavirus pandemic will knock thousands of California children measurably behind in school, perhaps for years.

How Will 'Hybrid Schedules' Work If K-12 Schools Reopen This Fall? LAUSD Is Thinking About It

If campuses do reopen, students will likely spend only a few days in a classroom each week and learning from home the rest of the time.

Charter Schools Are Still Getting Public Funding. So Why Are They Applying For PPP Loans?

[UPDATED] At least four L.A. charter schools -- publicly-funded, but operated by nonprofits, not school districts -- have received PPP funds.

LAUSD Warns Budget Cuts Plus Coronavirus Might Make Reopening Campuses Hard

"We cannot...risk the health and safety of our students and staff by returning to the classroom prematurely," a top official warned.

The Big Winners From LAUSD's Emergency Coronavirus Spending: Tech Companies

Apple got $37.7 million from LAUSD for iPads, one of dozens of deals done to respond to the crisis.

LAUSD Leader: Budget Cuts 'Just As Real A Threat' To K-12 Students As The Coronavirus

'Cuts to funding at schools will forever impact the lives of children,' Supt. Austin Beutner said.

Newsom's Proposed School Budget Cuts Could've Been Worse, But They're Still In 'Great Recession' Territory

The governor's proposal would cut education funding by roughly 10%. At the outset of the Great Recession, education saw roughly 13% drops in funding.

In LAUSD, 'Just About Every' Student Now Has A Laptop To Use During The Pandemic

Superintendent Austin Beutner is declaring victory after ensuring 96% of elementary students are "connected."

LAUSD Will Offer Summer School To All, 'No Decisions' Yet When Campuses Will Reopen

LAUSD's leader talked plans for an expanded summer school program -- but said it's too early to say when in-person instruction will resume.

Coronavirus Is Causing A 'Learning Loss' Crisis -- So California May Cut Short Summer Break

Gov. Gavin Newsom is considering asking schools to begin a new academic year as early as late July -- though no decisions have been made yet.

No Right Answers: How Schools Are Grading Students During The Coronavirus

LAUSD won't give out 'F's' this semester. Other districts are relaxing grading policies, too.

Despite Free Internet Offers, Some Low-Income Parents Struggle To Get Kids Online For School

A report questions whether internet deals aimed at needy households live up to their advertising.

LAUSD Needs More Money For Coronavirus Response. Does The State Have Any To Give?

LAUSD's pandemic response will blow a $200 million hole in the school district's $9.2 billion budget, officials announced Monday.

Coronavirus Exposed A 'Digital Divide' In LA Schools. See Where That Gap Is Widest

Perhaps 250,000 L.A. families with school-aged kids lack access to both broadband internet and a computer.

Four Big Questions About Teaching Kids With Special Needs In The Age Of Coronavirus

Campuses have been closed for a month, yet some of these questions still don't have answers.

A 'Sobering Reality' For Special Needs Kids In An Era Of Distance Learning

School officials have promised to adapt special education services for remote delivery. But parents are still waiting for follow-through.

A 'Great Big Digital Divide' Is Hampering LA Schools Efforts To Teach Remotely

Teachers are working around the clock to produce online coursework. But device shortages and poor internet access have meant some students can't access the lessons.

LAUSD Will Pay Its Substitute Teachers During Shutdown

L.A. Unified substitutes will receive a daily wage during the shutdown based on how many days they've worked since August.

LAUSD Is Switching To 'Distance Learning.' What Will That Look Like?

The two-week schools shutdown will be a test of LA Unified's capacity to instruct hundreds of thousands of students from a distance.

Newsom Bars Large Events To Slow COVID-19 Spread

All gatherings of 250 or more people "should be canceled or postponed," state public health officials recommend.

LAUSD Board Races: What The Results Tell Us So Far

Despite being badly outspent by charter school advocates, teachers union-backed L.A. Unified School Board candidates appear to have held their own.

Those Nasty LAUSD School Board Campaign Ads: What's Fact? What's Opinion?

The ads are part of the most expensive -- and maybe the most negative -- L.A. school board primary ever.

Kobe Bryant Murals Are All Over Los Angeles. Meet One Of The Artists

Art Gozukuchikyan, aka "Artoon," spray-painted his memorial within 24 hours of Bryant's death.

They Sued Because California Didn't Have A Plan To Teach Kids To Read. Now They're Settling.

The settlement in the 'Ella T.' case will create a $50 million grant program for schools with low reading scores.

Long Beach Unified Places Teacher On Leave Amid Allegations She Used 'N-Word' In Class

The allegations come from a group of mostly anonymous students, who published a list of complaints against her in an online post.

This Might End Up Being The Most Expensive LAUSD School Board Primary Ever

2017 currently holds the record. But if the current pace continues, 2020's LAUSD race could be even more expensive.

Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills Won't Have Running Water Until Thursday (At The Earliest)

The Valley medical center has been without running water since the waterline broke Saturday night.

LAUSD Has A New (And Complicated) Way To Score Schools. We Explain

See our breakdown of the new 'growth model,' which claims to offer a new perspective on how well schools are doing.

2020 Elections: Who's Running For LA City Council And LAUSD School Board In The March Primary?

More than a dozen candidates hope to run for the L.A. Unified School Board. More than three dozen hope to run for the L.A. City Council.

LAUSD's Own 'Green New Deal' Calls For Ditching Non-Renewable Energy By 2040

School board members are due to vote on the plan on Tuesday, Dec. 3.

LAUSD Tried To Make A New Middle School For WeHo. They Made A Mess Instead

District officials are hoping to lure some West Hollywood parents to keep their kids in LAUSD after elementary school.

LAUSD Will Explore Letting Noncitizens Vote In School Board Elections

It could be years before noncitizens can actually cast ballots. The district first wants to find a way to safeguard registrants' info from federal authorities.

LAUSD Tried To Create A Simpler Way To Compare Schools. Instead, They Created A Controversy

California is one of only five states that doesn't give every school a single, bottom-line rating. Some say that's progressive. Some say that's confusing.

An LAUSD Student Asked Us About The 'Gross,' Yellowish Water At Her School. We Investigated

Why was the water at Clifford Elementary coming out a little bit yellow?

Saddleridge Fire: Some LAUSD Students Returned To Smoky, Ash-Filled Classrooms This Week. Teachers Are Asking Why.

The Saddleridge Fire left a mess on LAUSD school campuses that were in or near evacuation zones. District crews were still cleaning on the second day after classes resumed.

SoCal Schools Just Got Their State Test Results Back. Here's How To Find Out How Your School Did

Overall, there were modest, across-the-board improvements. But progress has been slow -- and some groups of students continue to lag their peers.

LAUSD Says It's Fixed Its Plan To Help Vulnerable Kids. Advocates Say The New 'LCAP' Is Actually Worse

Many LAUSD school board members seemed unhappy with the new plan. But in the end, most voted to approve it.

LAUSD Abruptly Cracks Down On Charter Schools That Took District Classrooms, Then Didn't Use Them All

The district says some charters that "co-locate" with district schools have likely forced their "hosts" to give up classrooms dedicated for art, music, science or computer classes.

Explaining The LCAP, The Document At The Heart Of A $1 Billion LAUSD Fight

LAUSD's been hit with a(nother) formal complaint about how they've spent $1B in LCAP money.

Your Guide To The Biggest Changes To California Charter School Laws Since 1992

It just got easier to block some charter schools from opening. It also just got harder to shut some charter schools down.

Sunday's Brush Fire On Glendale, Eagle Rock Border Is Still Causing Traffic Troubles

As of Monday morning, the blaze had burned about 30 acres and was 50% contained.

How A Parent Revolt Sparked A Turnaround At This LAUSD School

How did 20th Street Elementary go from "parent trigger" target to one of LAUSD's most-improved?

LAUSD Graduation Rates Hit 'All-Time High'

LAUSD estimates that 78.1% of last year's high school seniors earned diplomas on-time, though state education officials haven't confirmed that number just yet.

SoCal's Latino Kids Are Going To School With Fewer And Fewer White Kids

Racial segregation is "intensifying" for these children, both in Southern California and nationwide. But economic integration is increasing as Latino families flock to the 'burbs.

I Tried To Save My Teacher's Job. I Learned About School Politics Instead

I thought my chances going in were slim. I was right.

Should Non-Citizen Parents Be Allowed To Vote In LAUSD School Board Elections?

An L.A. school board member wants to explore the idea.

LAUSD Board Picks A New President. Who Is Richard Vladovic?

Vladovic has been the board's swing vote on several key decisions in the last 18 months.

Kyle Stokes, Education Reporter

I report on how parents decide what makes a "good" school for their child -- and how their choices affect us all.

LA Schools Randomly Searched Students For Weapons For 26 Years. Here's Why That Practice Will End

Activists say LAUSD's random searches have unfairly made targets out of black and Latino students -- without making schools safer.

LAUSD's Plan To Avoid Financial Meltdown For The Next Three Years

Officials warn that LAUSD's long-term financial health is becoming more precarious, but some skeptics have stopped taking that warning seriously.

LAUSD Says It Can Make Do Without Measure EE -- But The Budget Projections Aren't Great

The rejection of the proposed parcel tax will not drive LAUSD into insolvency yet...but ask them again in 3 years.

Measure EE Is Dead: Voters Reject Parcel Tax To Fund LAUSD

The outcome is a huge setback for LAUSD officials, United Teachers Los Angeles, and Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Measure EE: Everything You Need To Know About The Proposed Tax Hike For LA Schools

Measure EE would create a new funding stream for L.A. schools. Here's what you need to know before heading to the polls to vote.

What Is A Charter School, Exactly? A Field Guide

What's all the fuss, anyway? Charter schools, explained.

LAUSD Superintendent's Big Plan To Improve Schools Pins Its Hope On Principals

Beutner's plan is almost as notable for what it does not include.

Don't Blame Voter Apathy For Low Turnout In School Board Elections. Here's Who's Really At Fault

"Despite millions spent" on last week's LAUSD election, turnout was terrible.

She's Back: Jackie Goldberg Reclaims Seat On LAUSD Board

Goldberg's overwhelming victory is a stunning reversal of political fortunes for charter school advocates.

Why LAUSD's Measure EE to Fund Schools Is On Shaky Legal Ground

A last-minute change to the ballot language could jeopardize the district's plans to create a new source of funding to pay for the settlement that ended the teachers strike.

This South L.A. Charter School Closed a Month Early -- And Won't Reopen

Summit Preparatory Charter School's early closure wasn't exactly sudden -- but it is rare.

Your Field Guide To The LAUSD Election Happening On Tuesday

Big money, charters-versus-unions, and race-driven redistricting -- welcome to another LAUSD grudge match.

LAUSD Is Asking Voters For More Funding. Outside Experts Say They Could Be Saving Millions

By 2022, a consulting team found the school district could be saving at least $236 million a year.

Meet The LAUSD Teen Fighting To Lower The Voting Age To 16 In School Board Elections

The L.A. Unified School Board will explore opening its elections up to 16- and 17-year-olds.

LAUSD Board Special Election Candidate Q&A: Heather Repenning

"If we act as if we're a failing school district, that is what we will be."

LAUSD Board Special Election Candidate Q&A: Jackie Goldberg

"[The public] want something to happen. I think being on the school board is the place to do it from."

We Investigated The Investigator Of All Wrongdoing In LAUSD. Here's What They Think About That

'Who watches the watchdogs?' A school board member reacts to the KPCC/LAist scoop.

No Recount In The Closest LAUSD Election In 24 Years

Here's why Garciela Ortiz is stepping down.

LAUSD's Powerful Watchdog Office Has Been Closing Far Fewer Investigations. Why?

More from a KPCC/LAist investigation into LAUSD's Office of the Inspector General.

Lewd Photos, Harassment And Retaliation Allegations: Inside The Meltdown At LAUSD's Powerful Watchdog Agency

A KPCC/LAist investigation into LAUSD's Office of the Inspector General.

It's Official: Heather Repenning Will Face Jackie Goldberg in LAUSD Runoff Election

The winner will replace ex-board member Ref Rodriguez who was forced to resign amid a campaign finance scandal.

Michelle King, The First Black Woman To Lead LAUSD, Dies at 57

She rose from LAUSD student all the way to the district's highest office. King had announced in Jan. 2018 that she had cancer.

LAUSD Calls For Charter Moratorium After Teachers Strike

The move is a nod to a demand striking teachers made to LAUSD leaders: do something about charter schools.

LAUSD Teacher Contract Talks Almost Fell Apart At The Last Minute. Here's What Saved Them

Early Tuesday morning, the teachers union almost walked out of the talks. Four hours later, they had a deal.

How Mayor Eric Garcetti And A 'Leap Of Faith' Helped End LA's Teachers Strike

The mayor says he will consider supporting a revenue-generating parcel tax.

LAUSD Teachers Strike Is Over. Here's What's In The Deal

All 33,000-plus UTLA members are expected to return to school tomorrow.

Deal Or No Deal, LA Teachers Strike Will Continue Tuesday

Why? Well, even if the teachers union and L.A. Unified reach an agreement, union members would still have to vote on it.

LAUSD Principals Ask District To Close Schools During Strike. District Says 'No'

As if trouble from one union wasn't enough, LAUSD now faces a second group of angry workers.

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