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Yeah No, I'm Not OK
Yeah No, I'm Not OK
Yeah No, I'm Not OK
Yeah No, I’m Not Ok, a new podcast by Diane Guerreo in collaboration with LAist Studios, is here to open up the conversation about mental health. Every week we will explore issues that youth face all over the world (addiction, depression, anxiety, suicide, radical self love, and much much more) through conversations with friends, colleagues, activists, artists and health care professionals, all people who have gone through something life-changing and are now healing from it.

About the Show

Growing up, I was taught to say that I was “ok” when I really wasn’t. Mental health just wasn’t something that anyone in my family or community talked about or even had access to. Yet pretty much everyone was affected by it.

Today, young people of color are disproportionately affected by mental health issues and are not getting the resources they need, and I want to change that.

And this is why this podcast exists.

We want to start a mental health revolution. A movement that can start by talking about how we feel. One where we’re not ashamed of our own human experience.

What will feel like simple conversations among friends will really become a complex narrative of what is happening right now, especially to young people of color. With a real and emotional sound and few easy answers, Yeah No, I’m Not Ok will hopefully become a critical show in a critical time, a place for you to bring your complicated feelings and spend time with people who are rooting for you.

– Diane Guerrero

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Yeah No, I’m Not OK Newsletter

Keep up with Diane Guerrero, mental health resources and listener stories. Sent weekly.
  • Yeah No - E09 - Jermaine Fowler
    Jermaine Fowler Is A Fun Dad
    Jermaine Fowler (“Judas and the Black Messiah,” “Coming 2 America”) talks about how his curiosity is his superpower.
  • Yeah No - E08 - Byron Bowers
    Byron Bowers on Freedom through Acceptance & Bad Acid
    The actor and comedian on developing his uniquely dark style of comedy and how standup has helped him develop a healthy outlook on life.
  • Yeah No - E07 - Janaya Khan
    Janaya “Future” Khan On What Comes Up In The Ring
    The Black Lives Matter International Ambassador on the power of trusting that you are doing the thing that's right over doing the thing that’s popular.
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  • Yeah No - E06 - Residente
    Residente on How He Quiets the Noise
    René Pérez Joglar AKA Residente tells Diane how he stays centered and creative during even the hardest of times.
  • Demi Lovato
    Demi is revisiting her nearly fatal overdose in a new documentary, Dancing With The Devil, telling the story on her own terms. She tells us what gets her up in the morning and explains the importance of self-care and how it might also help you.
  • Eric Andre
    Diane and Eric talk about therapy, meditation and making sure that you put your mental health first.
  • Dascha Polanco
    Dascha and Diane talk about what it meant to come up together as actors and Latinx artists. They also discuss their personal experiences with body image and what it means to continuously choose to embrace what is uniquely yours.
  • Yeah No hero
    Karla shot to fame when she wrote an essay about being an undocumented student at Harvard. But instead of book deals, she looked for more meaning in writing and exploring her identity. Along the way, she learned more about herself and tells Diane how the correct diagnoses, therapy, strict personal boundaries, and self-acceptance have all changed her life for the better.
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  • Yeah No hero
    Who is Diane Guerrero and why is she talking about mental health? In this episode, we learn more about Diane’s personal experience and her commitment to making mental health a priority in communities nationwide, especially communities of color. Then for the very first time, Diane sits down with her big brother Eddie to have an honest conversation about their family history of addiction, anxiety, and depression.