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Part II: Ten Steamy Days With A 19 Year Old Swede

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Lest you think I am a filthy, piggish, exploiter of young ladies, let me hit the ground running by telling you the following: I actually find myself deeply missing "Pernilla" (see Part I).

Making a list of her endearing qualities, here is what I wrote this morning in my seduction journal: fun, giving, sexual, affectionate, smart as hell, adventurous, loving, kind, adventurous, curious, independent thinker, curious, open to all sorts of new learning, supportive, stylish, gorgeous, socially adept, fantastic in bed, wonderful kisser, fantastic sense of touch, funny as hell, loves my cats, flexible in attitude, easy going, strong willed, knows how and when to take the lead, engaging, has gorgeous speaking voice/accent, zero emotional baggage/emotionally open, healthy emotionally, mentally and physically.

Fans, foes and those who are neutral, I have seldom met any woman with such and so many endearing qualities here in La-La land. And waking up to a flawless young body, without a sag or a wrinkle, mine to touch, taste, savor and pleasure...ahhh! All you bitter, washed-up, hagged-out, baggage-laden, siliconized, therapy-addicted, LA drama queens can kiss my kosher kishkas.

Now listen, Pernilla was a bit reticent about coming out here. After all, she had only had a short time with me, knew no one in the USA, had never been here, and all of her friends, without exception, plus her parents and step-parents told her NOT to come out.

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Sure, she was excited at the adventure of it, and the danger of it. But she faced an extreme amount of social pressure not to come. And she had some of her own fears as well.

Do you think I spent a lot of time trying to further convince her or talk her into coming out, once we had the tickets bought and we had both agreed and decided?

If so, you have little or no understanding of what seduction is about in general or what seduction/attraction with very young women is really all about.

You see, a huge part of mutually winning and mutually enjoying this game (that is to say, having an outcome where both you AND the young lady are very grateful for the experience) is to make sure that you select and screen for young women who are independently minded.

That is, while they may strongly take into account what their friends and family say, ultimately they are determined to make up their own minds and take responsibility for their own decisions and adventures.

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They must be independently minded and have a strong sense of adventure, even to the point where they actually enjoy going against the normal grain.

I'll never forget yet another California Pizza Kitchen waitress about 20 years my junior with whom I had a brief affair. (Thank God for CPK. Their corporate motto is "ROCK: Respect, Opportunity, Communication, Kindness. I personally think it stands for Ross' Orgasms Created Kindly.)

All of her co-workers warned her about me. "He'll get your pants down in minutes." "He's a hypnotist; he'll get you into bed in an hour." "He'll try to control you sexually."

She laughed it all off and told me that it actually made her more eagerly to get with me. She said that she told them, "I'm a big girl and can take care of myself. Let's see what he's got".

Can you get with young women who are not so independently minded and adventurous and curious? Sure, with a lot of work or a lot of alcohol (which I refuse to do, absolutely--I want my women sober for many reasons.)

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But remember the outcome--it has to be enjoyable for both of you and something you can both look back on with joy and gratitude.

Bottom line: as with all women, selection of the right play partner is crucial. With young women, it is utterly crucial.

Coming up in Part III; Welcome to Los Angeles: Jag Vill Ha Din Fitta!

Peace and piece,

RJ 93/93

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P.S. Since so many of you got your frilly pink panties in a wad over Part I, claiming I was duping or exploiting Pernilla, let me repeat that she came to my seminar in London. She knew exactly what I did for a living, and was enjoying learning that weekend. Not only that, but she had already read about me in the Swedish version of "The Game', the bestselling book by Neil Strauss that documents his adventures in the underground world of pick-up artists. The book features me as one of the main characters. So she was fully informed about who I was and chose to keep moving forward in an informed way, each step of the way.

video by Unik87 via YouTube