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Celebration of Food and Whine: LA Times' Event Leaves Some Hungry

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If I could go back in time and make a checklist for myself for what to bring to the Los Angeles Times Celebration of Food and Wine event held Sunday, I would have included: Sunscreen, giant hat, wallet full of cash, water bottle, and infinite patience. Why? Because for many of those who paid $55 in advance, or $65 at the door for general admission, the event was anything from a slight hassle to a total disaster. Those who forked over the $125 for VIP seemed to fare better. So what happened?

As the midday sun powered its rays over Paramount Studios, the first wave of attendees crowded the backlot to turn their eight drink tickets into cups of wine or other booze, and to form lines at the many food trucks and select other vendors who were offering eats to the overall crowd. The semantics of just what your GA ticket got proved to be misleading to many who thought that the truck tastes would be plentiful, rather than priced. That's right--you could stand in line to get a $3 taco you paid $55 to have access to that you could otherwise find on the street.

There were some places offering free food, though you'd have to have been tipped off by someone as to what lines to stand in. Some of the lines were so confusing that some weren't even sure what was at the end--a grilled cheese sandwich bite, hopefully? In the Food Network area, a few of the trucks competing on The Great Food Truck Race were on hand--the biggest line of all for the Nom Nom Truck. Couldn't find food? sure could get sauced.