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Eating in Hollywood: Libertine

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I know, I know, KevCheng is a food blogger, what's with the DJ spinning up there? Now, I've never been a huge "Let's go hear a DJ spin" kind of guy, so when I was invited by a friend to go to a "lounge" and listen to "House Music," I just wasn't very motivated; especially when I learned it's on Sunset where it's usually $15 just to park. $15!? That's one night at Korean Barbecue! And not just that, since my impressions of a night at some DJ place is a hot and dark room packed with sweaty drunk people that I have to shove through just to take some pictures. NO, THANK YOU, I said. Find yourself another chump, please.

So of course, my friend had to entice me some other way, "They serve really good food," she said, batting her eyes at me. Bloody hell, I should stop telling people about my one and only weakness...

Actual food pictures and review after the jump.

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Well, to my pleasant surprise, house music is a whole lot of fun, the place is not packed nor were the people sweaty, and the food was exceptionally good. And all that stuff I hate about going to hip bars -- loud, rude patrons with attitude and bartenders who are way too cool to even look at me -- does not exist here. What gives? Did I miss out on years of fun I could've had in Hollywood? Let's not answer that, forget it. In any case, I'm a foodie, let's talk about the food.


I thought I'd start with something healthy since we'll be drinking later, the seared ahi tuna is thick and beautiful and the salad beneath is exceptionally good, made up of mung bean sprouts, cabbage, and mixed greens. The textures of the sesame crust plays very well with the tuna. It come with a wasabi dipping sauce, but I hardly used it, preferring just the natural taste of the tuna. Totally decent at $18 considering how well it's made and that it's almost a meal in itself.


We wander into more bar food territory here and had an Artichoke and spinach dip. Again the presentation is gourmet beautiful with the beautifully baked crust on top and the three colored chips. The baked crust was definitely my favorite part and the rich creamy taste of the dip was very pleasing -- perfect with a drink on the side. $9.

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After a couple of drinks and maaaaybe some shaking of the 'ol moneymaker, I needed extra deviant calories from a greasy source. This is where the sliders come in. Bacon, cheese, mini beef patty on mini buns. This really hits the spot when you're hungry and drunk. $9. Oh, and here's some advice from experience to y'all aspiring foodiegraphers out there, yes, it's very hard to take good pictures when you're drunk, so order the food and take pictures of it before you drink.

The parade of flat screen TVs on the wall play anime most of the time, the music is eclectic as well and it's fun to just sit, chill, and listen. I also hear they spin with live drums on Saturday nights. Amazingly, the people are friendly and I didn't have to chase down a bartender. This is my new happy place.

By the way, that's Tanaka Tomoyuki, aka Fantastic Plastic Machine spinning on top there, just amazing amazing AMAZING stuff.

8210 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90068

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