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Weekend Movie Guide: New Ang!

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Critics are split on Taking Woodstock, but anything from the amazing Ang Lee is worth seeing. He'll never get the credit of other major directors, but check out his filmography and find me someone else who's taken so many successful chances. Audiences will probably avoid The Baader Meinhof Complex (LAist review here) because it makes them uncomfortable (e.g. subtitles, anti-Americanism). What I said about Ang Lee above -- apply the same words to Jeff Bridges. You say DeNiro, Hoffman, Pacino, I say Bridges! I'm not thrilled with the inclusion of Timberlake in The Open Road, but that's not enough to keep me away. World's Greatest Dad marks Robin Williams' return to challenging, difficult material. It will be too dark for many, but I liked it.

Made for probably a song, Orgies and the Meaning of Life (LAist review here) is a super low-budget film full of earnest, young actors willing to get earthy, naked and honest for the sake of the film. This is a high, high compliment. This Beautiful City is another low-budget flick that relies on its actors more than its budget. Sex and death -- what else do you need? Plus, it's Canadian (bonus!) Jesus, so now 3D is the new way studios exploit the neglected horror market? Depressing. Avoid The Final Destination. And for that matter, avoid Halloween II. Didn't need a re-make of the original. Definitely don't need a sequel to a re-make. I'd rather watch Andy Griffith make out with Doris Roberts in Play the Game. Seriously. Even if it blows (it probably does blow).

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