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Fashion in Los Angeles is arguably one of the most dynamic aspects of our city. While what typically is considered "LA style" may be snuffed by our east coast and European counterparts, there is no question that fashion is one of LA's primary economies, consistently flourishing thanks to globalization, our ports, and obviously our innate coolness. The great thing about LA is that nobody cares how you dress. Anything can be fashion here. Doesn't it feel like you'll be ostracized if you happen to be wearing flip flops in any other city? Where else can you sport leather, chains, a miniskirt, and an iPhone, and not get at least a few looks? Los Angeles gives you the freedom to express yourself, which is what makes this city so rock n' roll that it hurts. That's why we love checking out the Fashion District downtown. We recently met up with Tod and Guiliana from Junker Designs, the most hardcore rock apparel this side of the Mississippi, to sit down and rummage through his leathery treasures. More pics and a brief interview after the jump. One of the pics is slightly NSFW (its just barely an ass shot, in case you work in a particularly repressed environment)


LAist: So how did you start off designing the stuff that you do?
Junker: You know I was always getting in trouble back in the day for drawing on my pants and everything, so always sorta knew I was gonna make clothes... Then later I was working at a screen printing place where American Apparel is. They were throwing all this cool shit out so I just started making stuff. I continued to mutilate clothes when I moved to LA in 2000, then started to experiment with aging processes and patternmaking. I made a vest at a friend’s house, Lenny Kravitz saw it, bought it, and that’s how it all started.

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LAist: So is that how you still get your material? Trolling around the dumpster scene?
Junker: Yeah, we started out stealing stuff out of dumpsters for supplies. Now I'll go to a garage sale or flea market and if I find something cool I'll totally stop and pick it up. We also have an artist that lets us rip up her paintings and use them in the clothes. I also pray that I'll find a motocross graveyard somewhere, that would be my heaven. If anyone wants to trade Moto X stuff tell them to come over.

LAist: So your stuff is basically only available in boutiques around LA. Where would you like to see your stuff sold?
Junker: We don't make super mass-market stuff, so we'd like to stay in the boutiques. I mean it'd be cool to be in the department stores and everything, but lots of times the stores will start dictating what they want. We're not into that at all.

LAist: And everything you do is handmade in LA, right?
Junker: We just wanna make it ourselves, make it right where we can see it. Our stuff's gotten expensive, but thats because we refuse to do anything do anything overseas, like send anything to fuckin China, you know? We're not into being greedy, we just wanna get paid for the work that we do.

LAist: Any fashion shows or press events coming up?
Junker: Oh yeah we'll definitely showcase during LA Fashion Week, also there's NAM coming up which is that musicians convention.

LAist: Speaking of musicians, you guys have a lot of celebrities and bands sporting the clothes for some photo sessions. Who have you had?
Junker: We've had Steven Tyler, Marilyn Manson, Motley Crue, Pink, Johnny Depp, Dimmu Borgir, Dave Navarro, Lacuna Coil, Alice Cooper, Buckcherry Weezer, a bunch of people.

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This Saturday there's a sale at the Junker headquarters downtown, at 1401 S. Santa Fe. Its cash only and starts at 11am. Check out their MySpace profile for more info.

All images used with permission from the Junker page.