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God's Pottery, Acoustic Christian Duo

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One of the last places you might expect to see an acoustic Christian duo is NBC's Last Comic Standing, but Gideon Lamb and Jeremiah Smallchild aren't your ordinary religious crooners. As God's Pottery, the pair has transcended genre barriers and appeared on two Comedy Central Records releases, including their own EP Live at Comix, earned rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and tour the country performing their delightful blend of good natured humor and toe-tapping fun. They'll be appearing at Spaceland on Saturday August 9th, joined by special guest Jessie Klein (VH1's Best Week Ever, Comedy Central).

You were recently on the popular comedy reality show Last Comic Standing. Did you pick up and quips or zingers?
Oh yes! We heard lots of good stuff from all the comedians, and we even wrote a few of our own to try to keep up! Gideon wrote a great joke about a snake that lives in the desert, and his name is Sand-y! Get it? We’re still working on the rest of the joke but we think that’s a pretty good start—we’ve tried to finish it but we keep laughing!
We also wrote a riddle: What tastes like beer and doesn’t solve any of your problems? (Answer: beer.)

If a show were to be made based on your own reality- your lives- what would it be like?
We’ve really gotten to like doing comedy along with our teachings, so it would probably be a perfect marriage of religion and humor. We feel that comedy and religion can sit comfortably side by side provided Comedy understands that Religion is more important. It’s like a can of diet cherry soda sitting on the shelf next to the “champagne of beverages,” Fresca.

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One popular form of comedy program is the prank show. What are your thoughts on pranks and have you ever been their victims, or played any of your own?
We've actually had an idea for a prank show of our own called Christ'd! It's like Punk'd, except we'd go around doing nice things to people and then catch their surprised reactions on tape! It would be like
"Hey, my gas tank is full! Somebody filled up my gas tank!"
"Yeah?! Well you just got Christ'd! We caught the whole thing on tape!"
"Hey, the car ahead of me paid my turnpike toll!"
"Yeah?! Well you just got Christ'd! We caught the whole thing on tape!"
We think good-natured pranks would be a great way for people to find Jesus. And it wouldn't always be about cars, it could be like you went into someone's house and arranged their files for them. The show's pretty much ready to go, we just need to borrow a camera/vcr from someone.

That would certainly bolter people's faith in humanity. In general, what do you see as being the biggest test believers face today?
For Teens, we hear the biggest test is still the SAT, but there are other, bigger, tests. For example, how could God have created the champion thoroughbred Barbaro and then taken her from us? A nation wept.

How about in your own experience?
Barbaro. And Gideon has never really recovered from the cancellation of Cop Rock.

I find it interesting how often and easily people question a religious belief, but not a scientific one; or how easily people question religious values and not secular ones. What are you thoughts?
There has been some tension between the religious and secular worlds, but we're not here to add to the problem. We think we can coexist with the Scientists, as long as they respect us as much as we respect their challenging, whimsical ideas. (And hopefully they'll keep their robots in check.)

Seems like a double standard to me.
Another double standard is that it's ok for a dog to work for the police, but not cats. What's up with that? Cats are great at finding things, like a lost piece of tuna. So why shouldn't they be given their chance on the police force like dogs? Cats deserve equal rights! (We are BIG cat fans.)

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You've been embraced by the comedy community, but what is your standing in the religious community?
We've also been embraced by the religious community, literally in some cases. People really dig our message of good times and clean living! Except, of course, the Buddhists.

You're growing popularity has certainly helped spread the word of Christ. How else do you plan to share his message?
Calendars, sports sponsorships, etc. Also, we haven't ruled out advertising on space ships because that's effective here and in space. We're pretty forward thinking.

What's next for you two?
We've got a lot of ideas, and are looking forward to some new projects: a book, tv, maybe even a movie/film/play. But the most important thing to us right now is to keep traveling around making friends, just smiling and strumming!

Spaceland Saturday 08.09.08: GOD'S POTTERY / JESSI KLEIN / NEU TICKLES / KYLE KINANE 9:30 PM $12