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Retake with John Horn
Another Side of Hollywood

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“Retake with John Horn”, a new podcast from LAist Studios, asks: do the stories that Hollywood tells about itself really reflect what's going on? Hosted by veteran entertainment reporter John Horn, Retake provides a critical, informed perspective at a time of tumultuous change in the entertainment business.

Each week, John challenges conventional show business wisdom, talking to insiders with a distinct point of view, tracking the industry’s attempts - or lack thereof - to become more inclusive, and keeping tabs on the forces that maintain the status quo. Each episode helps you navigate the countless hours of entertainment now available, he’ll also highlight innovative work that he thinks deserves your attention, anchored by in-depth interviews with filmmakers, TV writers and other creators.

Released July 29, 2022

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  • 22:07
    Succession’s Jeremy Strong on acting & “lightning strike moments”
    As the finale approaches, a deep dive with Succession actor Jeremy Strong on acting - his philosophy on the craft, impactful lessons, and how he doesn’t like to over-rehearse. Support Retake by donating now at
  • 30:37
    What’s it like to be at the WGA negotiating table? Plus, filmmaker Nicole Holofcener on “You Hurt My Feelings.”
    Chris Keyser, co-chair of the WGA’s negotiating committee, calls out the protests of pauperism from film and TV studios. And “You Hurt My Feelings” writer/director Nicole Holofcener talks about receiving criticism — good and bad — of your work, and going with your gut when deciding how to trim a film. Support Retake by donating now at
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  • 26:53
    Judd Apatow as Possible WGA Strike Looms: ‘It’s Moving in the Worst Possible Direction,’ plus Kyra Sedgwick
    Sedgwick on directing her new film, the challenges of getting financing, and the rewards of making a movie that serves a greater good. Apatow warns the bleak future of writers if things don’t change and doing work that makes him feel inspired. Support Retake by donating now at
  • 29:26
    Tom Hanks talks Covid, ‘Elvis,’ puzzles and public radio
    Tom Hanks talks about being a “covid canary in a coal mine”, why predicting a movie’s success can give you an ulcer, and how listening to radio as a kid helped him tell stories today. Support Retake by donating now at
  • 20:08
    The Oscars teachable moment, plus Willem Dafoe
    “Everything, Everywhere” won nearly everything, everywhere at the Oscars. Will it be a teachable moment for Hollywood? Plus, actor Willem Dafoe on his new film “Inside.” Support Retake by donating now at
  • 32:38
    Listen before filling out your Oscar ballot!
    New York Times awards season columnist Kyle Buchanan and I give you all our tips and predictions ahead of Sunday’s Academy Awards. Support Retake by donating now at
  • 29:10
    The composer of ‘Babylon’ and the subject of ‘Argentina, 1985’
    In this episode: With the Academy Awards just a little more than a week away - we’re again bringing you conversations with some leading Oscar nominees… Later in the show, you’ll hear from Luis Moreno Ocampo, a lawyer at the center of the true story behind ARGENTINA 1985, nominated for best international feature film.
  • 24:08
    2023 Oscar nominees Cate Blanchett, Todd Field and Laura Poitras
    In this episode: With the Academy Awards just two weeks away, another chance to hear conversations John's had with some leading Oscar nominees. Today we have the writer/director of "Tár," Todd Field, and its star Cate Blanchett. The film has six Oscar nominations, including best picture, best director and best actress. And also, filmmaker Laura Poitras, nominated for her documentary "All the Beauty and the Bloodshed."
  • 23:04
    Baz Luhrmann talks Elvis and the challenge of recreating old footage
    In this week's episode: John does an extended interview with Baz Luhrmann where they discuss his new movie Elvis and the challenge of recreating Presley's old footage.
  • 33:22
    Oscar-nominated docs on volcano scientists and a Russian anti-corruption activist
    In this week's episode: Just a few weeks before the Oscars, we’re taking a deep dive into the best documentary category. I talk to two of the nominees: Director Sara Dosa, who made FIRE OF LOVE, DOSA. Then, director Daniel Roher, who’s behind NAVALNY…
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