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John Horn

John Horn

Host, Retake (he/him)

I have covered the movie business for most of my professional life, and if that sounds like non-stop fun you’ve never watched “Battlefield Earth” or been yelled at by Scott Rudin.

I’m a third-generation journalist who studied dramatic arts in college (UC Berkeley) and have worked in this newsroom since 2014. I was previously a film reporter at the Los Angeles Times before I ditched print for public media, specifically radio, where I’m still very much a work in progress. I've also worked at a couple of great magazines, Newsweek and Premiere, which both fell apart soon after I left (coincidence?).

I’m less drawn to celebrities than I am to great artists and storytellers, and am not afraid of taking it to the big studios — past stories include Sony’s inventing the fake movie critic Dave Manning, and Disney hiring a convicted pedophile to direct the movie “Powder.”

I felt like I was doing my job when a studio executive once told my wife: “We both fear and respect John.”

On that note, in the interest of full disclosure, she is an in-house attorney for Netflix.

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John Horn, entertainment reporter and host of our weekly podcast Retake, explores whether the stories that Hollywood tells about itself really reflect what's going on?

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