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Tod Brilliant's Top 10 Websites To Help You Save The Planet

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Tod Brilliant is a self-made eco-celebrity and decided his top 10 list to share with LAist readers would be about the most critical websites that will help you learn to save our massively fucked planet.

Now in his words: Surely you’ve heard of me, seen my billboards, listened to my interviews. I’m grateful to LAist for giving me yet another venue to promote my mission. My apologies if I’m approaching overexposed status. My team assure me there is no such thing, but I’m not so certain. For those rare few who don’t know me already: Before there was Bono, before there was Summer Rayne Oakes, there was the original eco-conscious hipster celebrity--me. Okay, that's edging ever so slightly toward pure bullshit, but I needed an intro of some sort before I jump into the Top Ten Most Critical Websites That Will Help You Learn to Save Our Massively Fucked Planet.

Here we go:
1. Earth Policy Institute: Lester Brown's vitally important organization that helps spread accurate climate change information to all corners of the globe. Brown's book "Plan B 2.0" is the only book that lays out a clear path to the salvation of our planet. Gore's movie was okay, but nowhere did it invoke a comprehensive plan of action."Plan B 2.0" is this very plan of attack. Not only was this book on Bill Clinton's reading list, but Ted Turner purchased a copy for every living billionaire and head of state in an effort to wake them the hell up. Short on funds to buy the book? Brown has made it available free of charge on his website as a PDF file. If you read one book in 2007, make it this one. Trust me on this. If you don't find it to be absolutely vital, I will personally refund your purchase price. No joke.
Note: The EPI website is rather primitive, as they haven't the time/resources to boost it (anyone want to donate their effort to this? You'd be doing a WORLD of good, really, and you'd have the chance to get to know some of the world's greatest superheroes).

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2. SAVE DARFUR: Could well be number one, this site. It's all tied together, human rights and environmental disaster. Read Lester Brown's book, or anything by economist rockstar Jeffrey Sachs, and you'll understand in a jiffy. What is happening right now in Sudan and Chad is a true genocide. Oddly enough, you don't find Israel or the United States doing a damned thing about it - even after we all pledged "never again" after watching Hotel Rwanda, right? Well, never is now. And as you read this, a five year-old child is being tossed, alive, into a burning hut while his soon-to-be-raped and butchered mother is forced to watch. Nothing is worse than this, my friends. N O T H I N G.

3. Tod Brilliant: May as well get my self-promotion out of the way. Not only do I offer the most insightful (and sporadic, especially as I'm in a secret tropical location until after the New Year) bits on the frightfully fractured world of sustainable living/ecological awareness, but I've been known to call out the myriad hypocrites (Gore included) who hold back true progress. It's a great site, if only because my observations are so incredibly transparent and myopic. In truth, I'm merely holding onto the URL with random meanderings, as it is supposed to augment a documentary set for 2007 national release that details my rise via self-anointed celebrity status -- all as a ruse to elevate the above-mentioned Lester Brown - a man whose decades of dedication to the world's most important cause have gone largely unnoticed by the masses who appoint our pop-culture icons. There was a time when the great minds (Einstein, even Oppenheimer) were accorded respect and celebrity status. What the fuck happened? Why is it that the very people who can help save us from oblivion are relegated to the shadows while the Paris Hilton's of the world garner daily front page headlines? If my producer-partners ever get their asses into gear, we'll ask that question in a very public way.

4. Treehugger: Many of you have heard of Treehugger, I'm sure. For those who have not, don't be put off by the name that brings to mind patchouli-wearing Humboldt County types (Humboldt is in NorCal, where they grow all the weed/mind control for ingestion by the commoners). Treehugger is simply a fantastic source for news updates/tidbits on all aspects of the environmentally conscious world. Good people, wonderful vision, great site. Add it to your RSS feed. Each day you'll find at least one thing you pass on to your pals, provided you have any.

5. Dog Judo: This has nothing whatsoever to do with the environmental movement. It's just really damned funny. Only, it's not. But, then again, it is. You see, the timing of the the humor is just so (wait, it's a Brit site, so back up and read that as 'humour') odd. Weird timing ... you'll see. Even if you never practiced martial arts and don't appreciate the choke hold in 'Lock-In', you'll get at least one confused laugh out of this site. I promise. If you don't, you're probably a Cylon or something.

6. Sustainablog: Jeff McIntire-Strasburg is one of my favorite eco-bloggers. He writes for Gristmill, I believe (see below) but also has his fingers all over the green blogosphere. I love his style and his willingness to remain above the political fray. Politics are the DEATH of progress, as we all know.

7. Gristmill: Grist/Gristmill is pretty much a standard bearer for the eco-web scene. While I think their views have already calcified to an extent (especially writer Dave Roberts who is pretty much a lost cause for so very many reasons but that can wait until my Top Ten Reasons Why Dave Roberts Needs to Shut the Fuck Up article), the Grist writers, collectively, are very, very valuable for the sheer volume of information they share. (I was on the fence about adding Gristmill, but then I realized it was mostly because Roberts is such a dick about Ralph Nader, and that's no reason to bump an otherwise dynamite site.)

8. Entermodal: Entermodal - manufacturer of the world's finest luxury leather bags. Why did they make this list? Because of their commitment to sustainable leather. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? It's not. Without exaggeration, you won't find a company that goes to greater lengths to ensure that every step of their production and distribution is minimally impactful. If Entermodal can achieve success, it will help change an industry that is notoriously environmentally destructive. I have to give mad support to this courageous lone wolf. Their website isn't quite up, but you can read more about Entermodal here: ENTERMODAL: ULTRA-FASHION

9. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: This panel is where it all started. The IPCC data is what started people, governments, organizations thinking that they have to do something NOW - twenty years ago. Alas, nobody did anything, and now we're truly fucked, but if you want real data straight for the source, this is it. The IPCC's importance can be truly understood in Jeremey Leggett's amazing book, "The Carbon War: Global Warming & the End of an Era" (WARNING: Do not read this book if you swear loyalty to Al Gore as it clearly points out Gore's purposeful inaction on critical environmental legislation during his EIGHT YEARS as V.P. - not that I'm overly down on Gore - his new incarnation is doing a lot of good, and it's better late than never, I suppose.)

10. Windustry: One stop primer for all things wind energy. Just look it over. In two minutes, you'll have a basic grasp on wind energy. Worth two minutes, it is.

Oh, and I have to put in a plug for TriplePundit. It's a bit messed up that these whip-smart MBAs got passed over for videos of cartoon dogs attacking one another, but them's the breaks.