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The Lost Enterprise...

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The sci-fi world is abuzz with the recent news that J.J. Abrams (mastermind behind Lost, Alias and Felicity) got the go-ahead to helm the aging Enterprise for the next -- 11th -- installment of the Star Trek series. While rumors surfaced that the plot will focus on the Starfleet days of the young James T. Kirk and a Mr. Spock, Abrams himself was a little fuzzy on the details:

"Although Abrams refused to reveal specifics about his new plot, it MIGHT not necessarily revolve around Kirk and Spock but would take place during their era saying that it might not focus on those characters, but be based in that era."
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LAist uncovered these other possible StarTrek treatments that were rejected for one reason or another:

• The cast from Star Trek: The Next GenerationPicard, Riker, Data, Geordi, et al – reunites one more time for a seemingly routine trip home, after an intense battle with the Borg. The crew all look forward to a little R&R back on planet Earth, but the Enterprise encounters engine failure and crash lands on a desolate planet. The larger (top) disc of the ship lands on one side of the island planet, while the bottom half crashes elsewhere. With electromagnetic waves blocking communications frequencies, the crew can’t call for help, so they hunker down in their new home. They encounter strange creatures -- and Jeff Probst -- while stranded.

• Again, the cast of TNG reunites, but focus is on the ship's counselor Deanna Troi, an extra-sensory empath. Before she married good-guy William Riker, she had a thing for Klingon bad boy -- and looker -- Worf. The film focuses on their little-known love triangle and the steps leading to Deanna's choice. To help in her journey of discovery, she sends video transmission messages to a friend in Betazed.

Well, Mr. Abrams, welcome aboard the Enterprise. You have the bridge. Now hopefully you can pull off something closer to First Contact than Nemesis.