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LAist Interview: Stephanie Petruso (Tempe12 Model + Miss Howard TV October)

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You may remember Stephanie as Miss Howard TV for the month of October on HowardTV, (Howard's on-demand uncensored channel on cable television), but really it feels like she's the 13th girl in 12 months that Stern-sidekick Artie Lange has fawned over. However with Stephanie, there was that special "paisan" connection. If you go to ASU, you've probably facebook stalked her. If you have HowardTV, you're well ahead of the game. She is also Miss August in the Pac-10 release of the Tempe12 swimsuit calendar. Mah'ron.

LAist: Where did you grow up?
Stephanie Petruso: I was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona.

So you are August in the Pac 10 Tempe12 calendar, representing ASU.
How is ASU? I heard it's a haven for beautiful women.

ASU is a good school so far, this is only my first semester big change from junior college, but I love it. As far as a "hot haven" for women goes... I wouldn't know I don't check the ladies out.

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How did you get into the Tempe12 Calendar?
I knew one of the interns, him and I had a talk about it one night, and then a couple days later he called me into the office to meet David the owner, and the rest is history.

Were you a fan of Howard Stern before you were a Miss Howard TV girl?
I was, I used to watch his show on the E! Channel when they played it and also when broadcast radio played him as well in the mornings I would listen. The man is absolutely hilarious.

Who was the coolest guy on the Stern staff you met?
Howard of course!

Who gave you the douche-chills?
Umm, well nobody really gave me the douche chills, but Artie [Lange] did seem to really take a liking to me, which was sorta weird but flattering of course!

Did Artie's assistant Teddy mack on you?
No, not at all.

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Did you give Artie your number?
Haha, I wasn't lucky enough to have Artie ask for my number.

When chicks say they like funny guys, isn't it true that a hot guy being mildly funny = really funny vs. an ugly guy being really funny = mildly hot?
Wow, haha, that's a good question... in my opinion guys that are funny make themselves more attractive only because there is more to them than just looks...sorry for all you hot guys out there, your looks will only get you so far in life before some chick realizes how big of a tool you really are, so I suggest getting a personality.

Do you smoke? (uhh answer -both versions of that question, lol)
Yes, I have smoked cigs, but not anymore and as far as recreational use goes... haven't tried it and not interested. I value my lungs.

When was the last time you bummed a cigarette off someone?
A long long time ago.

What is your typical Friday night like?
Well, since I am unfortunately still under age, my Friday nights are usually the same... go out to dinner with my friends or maybe on a date :-) and then to a party.

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When was the last time you had a flat tire?
Knock on wood that hasn't happened yet! But I do have AAA, so I don't ever have to change one!

How far do you go on a first date?
Oh geeze lil personal... your gettin' a kiss from me on the first date only and that's if your table manners were good.

If you gave a guy a peck on the first date, does that mean you really liked him?
If I agree to going on a date with you, that means I like you. I don't just date anyone!

Shaved? waxed?
Shave what? Wax what? Yes, I shave my legs... And I do like the brazillians for sure!

What's your favorite Italian food?
Well, considering I am Italian, my favorite thing is my mother's homemade spaghetti sauce with her homemade meatballs...mmmmyummy

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Do you watch the Sopranos?
Never have, but I'm sure it is a lot like my family.

Do you have more guy friends or female friends?
Guy friends, I have my close girlfriends that I love so much, but other than that I don't get along with a lot of girls... too petty for me.

I hate when you ask someone, "if you were stuck on a deserted island, what three things would you take with you?" And they say: a) a cell phone b) flares c) a lot of food. Wtf?
What 3 things would you bring, knowing there was NO WAY off the island?

Clever, haha.
1. An endless supply of my moms food (if possible)
2. A sexy bathing suit
3. And a very long book since i am sure i would have alot of free time for reading

When was the last time you were in LA?
I haven't been to LA in 2 years... I am way overdue to go back for sure.

Talk more about being a Howard TV girl --was Doug Goodstein good to you?
Doug was fabulous! Very nice man. But so was everyone else that worked there, amazing people.

Do you realize how big the fanbase for Howard is, and how hardcore his fans are?
I did know, but only to a certain extent. When I got home from New York, I had atleast 5 pages of unread messages from fans that listened the day I was on. It was crazy.

Basically if Howard sneezes on you, you're worthy of a message board thread on the Stern Fan Network (SFN).
YAY! I guess I am worthy, haha.

Who on the Stern staff were you most attracted to?
Hmmm haha, I don't think anybody, but Rich and Covino over at Maxim were pretty cute!

Are you a natural blonde?
No, but I am a blonde at heart.

Paris or Lindsay?
I'm a Lindsay fan more.

Do you have a type (of guy that you're into)?
No not really, if I like you then you're my type. But for some reason I am picky, but I can't figure out why.

So, what prep do you take before a Tempe12 photo shoot?
Drink an energy drink, make sure I got good sleep the night before, and listen to some good music that'll get me energetic.

What are you majoring in at ASU?
I hope to attend Walter Cronkite for broadcast journalism.

Would you ever do Playboy?
Good question. Would Hugh put me in the magazine?


What kind of music are you into?
I like everything except for Country. Listening to Country is like nails on a chalkboard.

Would you rather date a rockstar that has a happening career for the next 5 years, or a comedian that has a happening career for the next 10 years?
A comedian... As long as it was Dane Cook.
Shabooty: I said a comedian that'd be happening for the next TEN years *cough* *cough*.

What's your favorite movie?
Billy Madison.

You have any siblings?
One older sister named Nicole.

Are they as hot as you?
My sister is beautiful, thank god our parents have good genes.

What's next after ASU?
Good question, I don't really know yet. Hopefully I'll make the big move to Cali.

Is it true, that if you throw a rock at ASU you'll hit a hot chick?
Ya know, I haven't heard this one, but I'll let you know if I ever get hit with a rock.

I think Tempe12 needs to expand into the ACC, (my fav conference of the NCAA), what do you think?
I'm sure someday it will be... just hang in there! He's expanding to tons of other schools next year so its only a matter of time.

Have you ever dabbled in girls (err, are you into chicks?)
No, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I am not into my own kind.

Are you single?
Sometimes I feel like I am in a relationship with myself, but yes unfortunately no wonderful prince charmings in my life.

To date George Clooney would you be willing to ride on a motorcycle knowing you'll get in an accident and break your foot?
YES! I could handle a broken foot for him, plus thats why they have painkillers right.

Are you more book smart or street smart? You can be honest.
Street smarts for sure! But my excuse for not being book smart is I totally have ADD and can't focus on anything... I can't even focus on this interview, haha.

Ever had a 3some?
Nope! I am an angel.

What TV shows do you watch religiously?
The Girls Next Door, Keeping up with the Kardashians, basically anything on E!. The fuel channel is pretty sick. I like watching extreme sports. It is my goal to go to the Winter X Games in Colorado and get Shaun White to teach me to snowboard!

Do you feel bad if you date a guy, and you're out of his league, and when you break up, he'll prolly spend the rest of his life trying to land a chick as hot as ya?
That hasn't happened to me yet, lol, but I would hope that if it does, that the guy wouldn't do that, cuz that's pretty pathetic and you'll never meet the right girl if you focus on looks.

Good point.
Any other comments? or plugs? & For the Stern super-fans, if you have any behind the scenes nuggets, please let us know!!!

I'm going to lay low for awhile... focus on school. I don't have any behind the scenes only the radio show and the Miss Howard TV commercial for October. Doug might have some outtakes of me screwing up on my lines and I'd love to see those, I'm sure they are pretty funny!
Thanks again! Take care.
Xoxo Steph

Thanks Stephanie!

Photo by David Rams via Tempe12