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Why Isn't The Karen Bass Versus Rick Caruso LA Mayoral Race On My Ballot?

An illustration of Bass and Caruso sweetly smiling in front of a ballot box.
(Dan Carino)

The race for L.A. mayor is everywhere you look — on television, on the radio, on billboards, and on Angelenos' front lawns.

But it might not be on your ballot.

If you got your ballot for the November general election and you don’t see the L.A. mayor race on it, it's probably not an error. You probably live in L.A. County, but not in the City of L.A. — and the L.A. mayor only represents the city of L.A.

There are 88 cities in L.A. County, each with their own mayor. Plus, a lot of L.A. County is unincorporated, meaning it isn't a part of any city. If you live in unincorporated L.A. County, the county, led by the Board of Supervisors, serves as your local government and takes care of your local services.

We recommend putting your address in Voter’s Edge to look up your ballot. Be sure to put your whole address, not just your ZIP code. It will tell you what should be on your ballot. If the mayoral race doesn’t appear, it’s likely you don’t live in the City of L.A. If it does appear, and you suspect there is an issue with your ballot, contact the L.A. County Elections office.

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