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LAist Interview: Daryl Palumbo of Head Automatica & GlassJAw

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Superman isn't when you drop a load on a chick's back when she is passed out and when she wakes up the bed covers are stuck to her back like a cape... (right Chrissy? -I promised I'd mention her name). Superman is Daryl Palumbo. Daryl Palumbo is 'teh fux0ring man. He's from STRONG ISLE, and created GlassJaw, a post-hardcore band that will make you rush to grab your subutex, and shove it under your tongue.
Well, apparently Superman can shape-shift as well. Daryl is also the frontman for Head Automatica, the powerpop/electronica band I have come to love. His collective of artist friends (El-P, Cage, Shia LaBoeuf, Aesop Rock, Yak Ballz, etc) AKA CardboardCity+Weathermen (CCWM) are transforming the music and art world.

I had asked CCweathermen member, and your friend El-P this question, but I will ask you the same to get it in your own words.
How would you describe the CCWM movement/collective?

Our collective is simply a group of like minded creative individuals who enjoy creating & performing together. Since we each have our own identities and became family, we decided to identify the whole with its own name.

How did Cardboard City come about and did you always think of it as a
collective that spanned various industries and art forms?

We were just artists that would build, hatch schemes and "dream aloud" together. You do that long enough with people you're close to, you start envisioning a bigger plan. The idea of having some already established artists/musicians networking with and through eachother was a motivating factor from the jump. Our "peer group" already did span many genres/mediums. We just organized it from there.

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What is the origin of the name?
It is a relatively commonly used term.

When you see a guy rocking chanel (CC logo), what pops up in your head first --ode to Daryl Palumbo/CC or Metro-sexual?
A guy? I'll tend to come to the conclusion that he probably has enough cheddar to afford tacky chanel sunglasses.

How did your friendship with Chris Palko (Cage Kennylz) come about and grow?
I had been a huge appreciator of Chris' music since I was young teen. Over the years his music changed my life in a large way. I was introduced to him about 6 years ago by a friend who knew the impact that Cage's music had made on me. We immediately starting plotting to create something bigger than the two of us the night we first spoke. Chris is one of the closest friends i have ever and will ever have.

Will there be another Chris homage or reference in future Head Auto
albums? As a fan of you both, I personally get a kick out of them.

There will always be [chris] palko references in everything I do.

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I imagine the Cage/WeatherMen connection has turned a lot of hardcore
hip-hop heads on to your music.

Yes, and vice versa obviously. When we do events or shows together, the crossover audience is the biggest indicator that what we are trying to do is reaching some people.

You're very multifaceted with you being in several bands all with unique sounds and styles of music --how do you pull off wearing so many different hats --and are you constantly pulled in different directions with concurrent projects?
Each project is so completely different that my identity in each band defines itself. I don't have to devise a new identity. I never quite feel "pulled".

Since you're boys with Shia LaBoeuf, will we see a Daryl cameo in the next
Indiana Jones?

Yes. I signed on to all 3 of the next E.T. movies. I'm also in the "Howard the Duck" remake starring myself, Ringo Starr and Andy Rooney (of CBS's "60 minutes" fame).

Will there ever be a cardboard city+weathermen tour? I would love to
see El-P, Cage, and Yourself all on the stage at once.

Yes. There will be. We have already done numerous tours, shows and parties together.