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LAist Interview: Noah Bean from 'Damages'

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This is Noah Bean, he plays David Conner on the cable-drama juggernaut known as 'Damages' on FX, Tuesday nights at 10:00pm. LAist had a chance to ask Noah a few questions about the show and his other interests, as well as the coveted opportunity to work with Glenn Close.

Noah's character David is slated to die in the series, a fact that is presented to us in the weekly flash-forward at the beginning of every episode. There's poor David, his skull smashed, we assume, by a chintzy Statue of Libery bust, lying all bloody and dead in the bathtub.

Here's what Noah had to say:

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LAist: Is your character David Conner going to have any scenes with [Glenn Close's] Patty Hewes? And that is my first question. And secondly, I’m not sure if this is common knowledge, but I don’t know but how many episodes do you have left to shoot for the season?

Noah Bean: They got us for 13 episodes, which is a full season on FX. And we’re about half way through shooting right now. We’re in the seventh episode shooting lines. And yes, without giving too much away, David, my character, does start to get some run-ins with Patty Hewes. Thankfully for myself, the actor, it’s like a dream come true. It’s fantastic.

LAist: Is working with Close as good as they say it is?

Noah Bean: I wouldn’t know completely, but yes, it’s pretty darn good. She is really amazing. We shot this scene a couple of weeks ago and I went in with all this stuff kind of planned out and had all these ideas about the scene and kind of going to do this thing where I really want to stare her down. And I’ll tell you man, we got into this scene and they yelled action and Glenn just—she saw what I was doing, I think and she then went so over the top with me and stared me down, that I couldn’t even look at her. She went inside my soul; it was really fascinating and terrifying at the time.

But yes, she’s really, really great. And she just puts her all into it and that it is very infectious for I think everybody on set, cast and crew. Because we’re doing some long days and some hard work and difficult scenes, but she really is not satisfied, unless she’s really giving it all she has and that everything has to be truthful and real and believable and complicated. It’s really great. And then to be on set with her, I think it just raises the caliber for everybody.

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[the interview with Noah Bean of 'Damages' continues after the jump...]