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Wieners of the Gods: Honor Student At Skooby's

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Pink's, shminks. No, honestly. Who wants to stand in that line on a hot summer afternoon just to get a middling dog covered in shitty chili on top of an untreated white flour bun? Not me, dudes and dudettes: but I sure will walk far (twenty minutes tops, depending on footwear and levels of drunkenness) for a Skooby's Hot Dog. I want my bun infused with garlic, my dog compact with flavor and deep-fried for good measure, my chili chunky and properly spiced. I want punk rock music and the Hollywood Boulevard traffic wending by as I lay into a relishy mustardy cheesedog. I want weird deep-fried chippy-things mixed in with my french fries. I want it all.

I'm that kind of crazy -- and so is Honor Student, that devilishly handsome and perplexingly gooey comedy collective who have brought you such nonsensical and fearless gems as Bananas and that one with the guy who dresses up like Michael Jackson and sings about cunnilingus. Fun! Matt Villines and Osmany Rodriguez direct, edit, and co-write each of the internet video shorts, which are broadcast over at Superdeluxe, a comedy video sharing site. David Neher is their primary manspiration; he writes most of the stories and plays the recurring role of Donovan, a well-intentioned but naive young whippersnapper just trying to get his boner on in a crazy, mixed-up world filled with homosexual innuendo, evil Girl Scouts, and violent porn stars. David, Matt, and Oz agreed to accompany LAist to their favorite Hollywood hot dog stand, in order to sample and critique the meaty wonders of Skooby's.

Skooby's gets tops marks right away for its music, and its freshly made lemonade is also a major plus. They offer veggie dogs, which aren't boiled: nope, deep-fried (in the same dedicated peanut oil they use for the fries.) The fries are hand-chopped and twice-cooked. The garlic aioli dipping sauce is spiked with roasted red pepper. The rolls are toasted. The chili is made with Guinness beer. Best of all, you don't have to wait in line to order - I mean, come on, Pink's, what are you, a soup kitchen? Communists? At Skooby's, we placed our order right away and got down to the serious business of making dick jokes.

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LAist: So what have we all got here guys? I think I'm going to have to go with the garlic dog.
HS: David is a vegetarian, so he'll be having the soy wiener. Oz is getting the bacon cheddar dog and Matt is getting the chili cheddar dog.
Matt: I used to eat the garlic dog all the time, until one day I realized that I smelled like the worst, foulest, thing ever. I was like "what's that smell? oh, it's me!"
LAist: It's pretty good, though - although, yes, my mouth kind of feels like a garlic bomb exploded inside. This garlic aioli is great.
David: It's like the spit of the gods! As if Zeus jacked off in a cup!
LAist: So Skooby's dogs are the wieners of the gods?
HS: Yes!


LAist: Well, how's the bacon wrapped? Oz? Oz?
Oz: [Staring dead-eyed off into the distance] Uhhhh...Skooby's coma...can't speak....
David: It's not really bacon-wrapped, actually, the dog seems to be dancing in bacon. Look at those bacon chunks! It's like you're eating the foreskins of Hermes the war god!
LAist: Did they just run out of napkins?
Matt: You should write about that. It'll be the only negative about the place: THEY RAN OUT OF NAPKINS!!!
[At this point, a transient woman in a wheelchair alerts us to the restocked napkin holder]
Matt: Oh but they just restocked them! THEY RESTOCKED THEIR NAPKINS VERY QUICKLY!!!
David: This veggie dog is very small.
LAist: Would you say you have a tiny wiener?
David: Yes, I will be hungry for more wiener very soon. That's what you can tell the LAist readers, if you're ordering the veggie dog, get two. One wiener just won't fill you up! I have to drink this Dr. Pepper now. Oh, and also, the veggie dogs are more expensive.
Oz: But the regular dogs plus fries equals a huge meal for a good price. I have to take a nap now.


LAist: So, what videos would you recommend to someone who has never seen Honor Student's work before? Which ones encapsulate the essence of YOU?
HS: Boobs. [Author's note: yes, sometimes they do all speak in unison.]
LAist: Great! What else?
HS: Crustacea, which is in the Chasing Donovan series. Ulysses S. Grant: Part Two.
LAist: Can you describe the writing process?
David:'s like...Zeus comes down...and ejaculates into my ear. It's like divine intervention. One lucky Zeus-sperm impregnates the fertile egg of my brain, and then I have to nurture the fetus.
Oz: It's like 3 Men and a Baby.
LAist: Oh great! Then who's Steve Guttenberg?
HS: Matt has a pretty great mustache, so he's Tom Selleck. Dave is Ted Danson. Oz gets to be Guttenberg!


LAist: What are your inspirations? Any recommendations for funny shit LAist readers should be checking out?
David: Zeus.
Matt: I haven't seen any of Zeus's work, actually. We love Wes Anderson, Mr. Show, Kids in the Hall, The State, Arrested Development, Scrubs....
Oz: Better Off Dead, Larry David. Some more obscure stuff: Darkplace, a really great British horror parody. Go buy it and thank me later. And Snuffbox, a BBC comedy series.
LAist: How did you guys all get involved with each other?
Matt: Oz and I met at film school. Dave and I are both from Oklahoma, and he helps us get a lot of our actors from the improv stuff he does.
LAist: Oklahoma?
Matt: Yeah! There are a lot of cool Oklahomans out here, like the guy who does music for us, Mark Maxwell, who also played keytar for us in Ulysses, and will be featured a lot more in upcoming stuff. He is totally awesome.
David: My first creative endeavor with him was a rap song called "Pump the Rump."
LAist: I'll have to look for that on the internet. What about you, Oz?
Oz: I'm still looking for cool Dominicans.


LAist: So you guys don't seem to shy away from anything - you've got your 9-11 humor, terrorist humor, cunnilingus humor, shit jokes, gay jokes -- is there anything you wouldn't write about?
HS: No, as long as we write about it in the right long as people get our intentions.
David: I am pretty gay most of the time.
Matt: I think once you've watched our oeuvre, you understand how homoerotic Dave is.
David: I love my girlfriend!
Matt: Superdeluxe doesn't censor us, but some of our stuff takes a while to go through standards and practices. We have a skit coming up that features a really realistic nutsack.
LAist: Oh, great! Where'd you get your nutsack?
HS: Our nutsack was custom made for us by Chris Mills, a great make-up artist who's done a lot of work for us. It's only slightly larger than your average pair of balls. Very squeezable.
Oz: I left it in my laundry basket a while back and my dad found it. He didn't ask.
LAist: I'll definitely look forward to that one. Okay, last question: who's best at Guitar Hero?
HS: Matt.
Matt: But I refuse to buy Rocks the Eighties because I don't want to spend fifty bucks on only thirty songs.
David: Yeah, I don't play much Guitar Hero, because when I do it gets really intense and I focus on it for hours at a time and then my girlfriend is all like "But Dave, it's Christmas!"
LAist: So Guitar Hero ruined Christmas?
David: Guitar Hero ruined Christmas.

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You can check out the latest installments of Chasing Donovan over at, and go make friends with Honor Student at Myspace. They're always looking for hot chicks who want to be blown up on film.

Skooby's Hot Dogs
6654 Hollywood Blvd.
(323) HOT-DOGS
Cash only.

All photos by Zach Behrens for LAist.