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LudoBites 4.0: From Menu to Mouth, a Meal of Mastery

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A few hours before I headed downtown to dinner at LudoBites 4.0, I shot a link to the menu over to a friend via instant message. "This is where I'm eating tonight," I explained, probably inserting one of those cornball smiley emoticons. I swear I heard her gasp over the interwebs, then the fury of her fingers as she typed me a strict order from a couple thousand miles away: "Promise me you will get the seared foie gras pina colada." I assured her I would. In fact, I had a sense that this mealtime mission would be all about the menu, as in the entire thing.

Frankly, when it comes to the pop-up magic of Chef Ludovic Lefebvre, this is the only sensible eating plan.

For the fourth installation of LudoBites, Lefebvre has popped up at Gram and Papa's, a sandwich shop by day, and on select nights until the end of May, a trendy eatery where the food will delight.