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The Chillest Halloween Playlist That Absolutely Will Not Scare You

(Photo by alamodestuff/Flickr Creative Commons)
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For those about to trick or treat, may your bags be filled with Reese's. For those about to stay at home with a White Russian and a delivery cheesesteak, you are seen, too.

We made a playlist for the Halloween homebodies.

It's a haunty-jaunty, spooky-kooky, moody-broody selection of Halloween-adjacent music handpicked to help pass the awkward pauses between strangers demanding candy.

This playlist won't make you cool, but it will keep you chill. Plus, it's 90 percent cornball- (and gluten-) free. And it won't scare the bejesus out of you if you're home alone.

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Do you watch Stranger Things in the daytime? This playlist is for you. Is your violence threshold just below 1970s Starsky & Hutch? Get listening. Was the last horror film you watched on VHS? Music to our ears.

Besides, everyone knows the true stuff of nightmares is that the next generation of Angelenos will be judging your worth entirely on the awesomeness of your candy tonight.

And, while your're waiting for the bell to ring, go ahead and brush up before next week's midterm election to avoid the terror of not voting.

Boo. (A gentle boo.)

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