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LA County Is Ripping Trees Out Of A Popular Hiking Area To Reduce The Flood Threat To Homes And The 110

The Devil's Gate Dam reservoir is choking on sediment, and heavy rains could cause the dam to malfunction and overflow, putting homes and a freeway at risk of flooding.

SoCal Edison Is Spending Millions To Make Sure Its Power Poles Are Safe From Birthday Balloons

The upgrades are expensive: Covered power lines, fiberglass utility poles and tiny weather stations. The expected payoff? Reducing how often power lines start fires.

This Is Why Fire Officials Don't Want You To Stay And Defend Your Home

Not that many years ago, state and local fire officials considered adopting a policy to train residents to stay and defend their homes from fire. A disaster on the other side of the world killed the idea.

Southern California Edison Not Accepting Full Blame For Thomas Fire

Edison admits its power equipment was involved in the Thomas Fire. But it says it won't take full blame because CalFire is barring the company from examining power equipment confiscated in the post-fire investigation.

Measure W: A Needless Tax On Rain, Or LA's Best Solution To Drought?

The typical homeowner would pay $83 in a new tax levied on land that sheds water, raising up to $300 million a year to fund projects to catch, clean and store stormwater to use later.

The Great Gas Leak Hangover: Why LA Still Must Conserve Energy 3 Years After The Aliso Canyon Blowout

The gas leak near Porter Ranch, the nation's largest, was nearly three years ago. But that leak, continuing outages and limits on SoCal Gas pipelines keep gas scarce and electricity unreliable.

Prop 6: Cheaper Gas Or Better Roads? LA's $5 Billion Question

Road repairs and transit construction worth $5 billion per year are in jeopardy if Prop 6 repeals the gas tax.

President Trump Is Texting You Oct. 3 Whether You Want Him To Or Not

The "Presidential Alert" should hit mid-morning Pacific time.

Beyond A Drug And Gun Bust, Ouster Of Squatters From Hollywood Building Is A Snapshot On High Rents

The raid was conducted by a task force that was formed to target commercial and industrial spaces illegally converted to dwellings. It was inspired by the fatal 2016 Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland.

Attn SoCal Edison Customers: Your Bill May Be About To Go Up To Prevent Wildfires

The 'new normal' for California fire season has SoCal Edison officials looking at ways to harden the power grid in an effort to prevent as many fires as possible.

You Might Be Missing Out On Important Emergency Alerts About Where You Live

L.A.'s fire, police and emergency management departments all have their own way of notifying us in a disaster. That is, if you've signed up for alerts.

Concerned About Noise, Lawmakers Push Back On New Flight Paths From Burbank Airport

Proposed changes will send planes south over the Santa Monica Mountains along two new flight paths that could affect Studio City and Sherman Oaks.

This Deal Just Saved L.A. From Losing Some Of Its Gas Supply

Three natural gas pipelines cross Morongo land in Riverside County. SoCal Gas had just a few days left to make a deal -- and avoid increasing the likelihood of sudden summer power outages.

Everything You NEVER Wanted To Know About Pee In The Public Pool

That acrid chemical odor and your stinging eyes are not from the chlorine. Yes, there's likely pee (or worse) in your public pool. Here's how you can help improve the water quality.

A Caltech Scientist Is Training Drones To Herd Birds Away From Airplanes

A Caltech professor created an algorithm that could direct a drone to herd a flock of birds away from airspace and runways. Since 2004, planes at LAX alone have been struck more than 500 times by birds and other animals.

SoCal Gas To Pay $119M To LA City And County For Aliso Canyon Gas Leak. Tally So Far: $1B (And Counting)

The settlement includes $45.4 million for "local environmental benefit projects," which would include a long-term health study.

'How Crowded Does Santa Monica Beach Get.' Las Vegas Mass Shooter Researched Southern California Targets

The gunman who killed 58 people and wounded hundreds more at a country music concert in Las Vegas had researched Southern California targets, according to the most comprehensive report yet on his actions.

Cranston Fire Threatens Mountain Towns As Thousands Of Evacuees Await Fate Of Homes

The mountain community of Idyllwild had been spared a devastating fire for more than a century. Now residents of this small town high in the San Jacinto Mountains await word of whether they've escaped again or face devastating losses.

Everything LA County Voters Need To Know About The Stormwater Tax Now On Their November Ballot

L.A. County voters are being asked to approve a new tax on impermeable land (aka surfaces that don't absorb water). That's money that would go to fund new projects to catch stormwater, clean it and percolate it underground. The goal in this drought-plagued region is to increase the region's future water supply.

It's Summer, But LA Is Thinking About How To Catch Rain

Most of the region's rain is lost to the Pacific Ocean.

Giant, Unpermitted Bins Of Hazardous Sludge Earn The Torrance Refinery A $150K Fine

PBF Energy, owner of the Torrance Refinery, was fined $150,000 this month for storing hazardous waste without proper permits. The refinery is already under pressure from neighbors, environmentalists and air quality regulators to limit its use of a toxic chemical that could harm thousands of people if released.

The Reason There Could Be ICE Agents In Your Neighborhood

As California's state sanctuary law takes hold, immigration agents are showing up in communities rather than at jails to arrest those subject to deportation.

Why The Aliso Canyon Gas Blowout Is Still In The News: Firefighters Sue Alleging Health Problems

The California Public Utilities Commission has recommended giving SoCal Gas permission to store to 34 billion cubic feet at the troubled Aliso Canyon facility. Officials say the capacity is needed to ward off outages as summer temperatures climb.