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UCB Puts Every Avengers: Endgame Character In An Improv Show, All On Stage At The Same Time

The Avengers (kind of). (Joe White, courtesy Joey Clift)
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Update: You can now watch video of the entire show, which ended up featuring a total of 90 different characters. The entire crazy thing is here:

Anticipation for next week's Avengers: Endgame is building. Fans are coming up with theories, spreading rumors, checking out alleged leaked footage. But first, all of its characters will appear on stage at the Upright Citizens Theatre on Franklin tonight.

OK, kind of. The show, "All 77 Characters From Avengers: Endgame Do A Monoscene," features 77 improvisers in costume with all of them on stage at once.

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The show, just like the movie, is a sequel to a similar show last year for Avengers: Infinity War. Organizer Joey Clift told LAist that it sprung out of a conversation Clift had backstage with a friend about the fact that there were going to be 76 different characters in that movie.

Great to see an improv team that gets along. (Courtesy Joey Clift)

Clift said that he suggested, "Hey, that'd be really funny if somebody did a UCB improv show where we got 76 people to dress like the Avengers and do improv at the same time."

Clift and friend Mark David Christenson laughed about the idea and joked about it with others, but the premise started to spread.

"Finally, the UCB artistic director and top brass heard about it, and both of us got emails saying, 'Hey, so are you guys going to do that 76 Avengers show?'" Clift said.

Kevin Feige (played by Mark David Christenson) and Walt Disney (played by Joey Clift) (Joe White, courtesy Joey Clift)

They decided to go for it. In just a couple weeks, they rounded up nearly a hundred improvisers to play Avengers characters.

The premise was that the characters were getting ready to fight Thanos, but that they also did improv -- and, of course, everyone would be on stage during the whole show.

"It's definitely not designed for there to be 76, 77 people on stage," Clift said. "It hit a point where people in the show were just sitting in the audience or just standing in the aisle-way, because they couldn't physically fit on the stage. There were people that were literally sitting on the set."

So why add one more character this year? To make room for the latest Avengers addition, Captain Marvel.

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The epic crowded stage, from Howard the Duck to... some of these, we don't even know. (Joe White, courtesy Joey Clift)

But don't expect the show to exaaaaactly match up with the movies -- while a lot of the characters are from the movies, a lot of them definitely aren't.

Last year's show included Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, former WWE champion John Cena, Wonder Woman, a Disneyland employee, a guy who keeps saying "Look everybody, it's Spider-Man," and other less canonical Marvel Cinematic Universe characters.

This year, they're kicking that up a notch with characters including Homer Simpson (recently acquired by Disney in their Fox purchase), Domino's Pizza mascot the Noid, and DC Comics movie director Zack Snyder.

"I feel like this show might just turn into Zack Snyder ranting about the Justice League for 20 minutes, while we quietly listen," Clift said.

Because why wouldn't Mickey Mouse do improv? (Joe White, courtesy Joey Clift)

They've also got some special surprises planned. Last year, they weren't afraid to have a few duplicates in the mix.

"I think we had four Captain Americas, three Thanoses," Clift said. "It sort of turned into a game of somebody shouting, 'I want to see all four Captain Americas interact!' And then we would just shove all four Captain Americas to the front of the stage, and they would just talk for 30 seconds."

Clift said that some of the highlights from last year's show came from trying to make sure all the performers were showcased. One way to include everyone was starting the show by introducing each character individually -- they all came out, posed, and said their catchphrase -- "Hulk smash" or "Get me pictures of Spider-Man."

That took up the first 25 minutes of the show.

Another shortcut to including everyone: chanting.

"Somebody asks a question, and then everybody just starts chanting 'Yes,' and then all of the sudden there's 70 people on stage chanting 'Yes!'"

Doctor Strange and Thanos share an intimate moment backstage before last year's show. (Joe White, courtesy Joey Clift)

It's easy for things to get wild with that many people involved.

"There was a point in the show where it was just so chaotic that an audience member started talking, and I think I just said, 'Also, everybody in the audience -- you're in the scene too, so if you want to chime in, go for it!'"

Despite the madness, Clift said that it somehow ended up being a pretty good improv show.

"You think that 77 people trying to do improv would be totally chaos, but really, it was a cohesive, coherent improv scene that told a complete story," Clift said.

LAWYER SHE-HULK SMASH! (Joe White, courtesy Joey Clift)

This year's show was originally announced as taking place inside the Soul Stone, but Clift said he was considering switching it to the Quantum Realm. If that means nothing to you, you probably haven't been reading Avengers: Endgame fan theories, and honestly, you're probably better off. All you need to know is they're going to try and make it fun.

"All 77 Characters From Avengers: Endgame Do A Monoscene" starts Friday night at midnight. You can find out more about the show and get your tickets here.

Below, read the names of every single person involved in this show.

Hosted by Walt Disney (Joey Clift) and Kevin Feige (Mark David Christenson)

Joan Ford
Vic Michaelis
Leroy Patterson
Lesley Tsina
Daniel Weiss
Ryan Hitchcock
Annabel Seymour
Joey Clift
Marian Yesufu
Samantha Jane
Eileen Mary O'Connell
Miles Roberts
Trevor Reece
Katelyn Hempstead
Eve Esquire
Eric Chad Ho
Gabe Fabricant
Rob Gentile
Royce Shockley
Katy Dolle
Casey Lawrence
Max Singer
Lawrence Marshalian
July Diaz
Bobby Ramos
Matt Harbert
Matt Mazany
Frankie Griffen
Mark David Christenson
Erik Wargo
Sara Clarke-Chan
Ezra Parter
Robert Vestal
Sheldon Price
Patrick Fisackerly
Tyler Davidson
Leigh Lahav
J. Elijah Cho
Satya Vanii
Coop Foster
Mike Hughes
Seth Finkelstein
Adam Winney
Rachael Doverspike
Tim McGorry
Sonny Dominguez
Jessica Rogers
Emily Champlin
Benny Wayne Sully
Barton A. Lewis
Ryan Cohen
Jesse Arlen Klein
Raina Deerwater
Elizabeth Mcirvin
Robin Lynn
Scott Anderson
Erin Smith
Alex Blomme
Eric Laney
Benjamin Crutcher
Maggie Clancy
Zach Olsen
Ben Kaplan
Ali Kinkade
Jeanne Lau
Jennifer Dezell
Ian Zandi
Brian Rubinow
Catherine Durickas
Blake Wilding
Matt Manser
Elisa N. Ellis
Charlie Fay
Winston Carter
Alexa Wise
Keith Saltojanes
Joseph Porter
Travis Reaves
Sean Smith
Joseph Sette
Nick Gligor
Lauren Scharf
Jules Forde
Brian Palatucci
Danny Amaral
Nicholas Coluzzi
Kait Thompson

And now, in this story's post-credits, Nick Fury. (Joe White, courtesy Joey Clift)