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Overheard In L.A.: Adam Levine On A Horse Edition

Can he move like Jagger on a horse? (Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)
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This week's edition of Overheard in L.A. features bits of overheard conversation about what sport Adam Levine would excel at, overpriced fruit smoothies, and the real-life problems that porn actors face.

Overheard Of The Week
"Adam Levine would make a good jockey. He's little and wears tight pants."
via @whittlz

Tropical Comes Extra In Your Smoothie
"Is the 'Peach Passion' really peachy or more like tropical?"
via @Elissits

Well I Guess This Is Growing Up
"I guess this year everyone I know decided to skip Coachella and have babies."
via @danielstation

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You Should Probably Ask A Rabbi
"I don't know if I can marry him he's like not totally Jewish but he's like totally a Jew you know?"
via @IlkaCortesMusic

That's A Red Flag
"Ya know, like, I didn't know I had this thing, where, like, I love animals dressed in clothes."
via @melodydisaster

I Can't Even Imagine What This Means
"I swear I'll never look at genitalia the same way again after seeing what he does with his penis."
Overheard in Los Feliz via L. Desmond

I've Always Wondered That Myself!
"Why can't they breed cows to make vegan beef?"
via @ZoochosisCOM

This Ball Is So Heavy, Like My Heart
"She's actually got a good attitude, but her body language is like...I dunno, Kendrick Perkins or something."
via @en_cohen

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"Google Glass is the Segway of the face."
via @itsrobdavis

There's A Lot Of Money There!
"There is a rich marketplace for lawn chairs."
In Beverly Hills via B. Williams

That's Dedication
"I ain't even gonna front, I watch ALL the Real Housewives."
via @nickkreiss

"Did you hear about Chase closing adult actors' accounts?"
"You should close yours before they do"
via @aarisafaari

They Have That Distinctive Smell
"I can like... spot a supporting actor from a mile away."
At The Grove via Tahnee F.

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That's What The Flash Function Is For!
"It's too dark in here to take selfies."
via @JamesRPTX

I Don't Think That's How It Works
"Bike riding is great exercise. It works your glutes and your shoulder glutes."
via @mttdbrd

It's Good To Keep Your Options Open
"I met this gangster last week and he's been texting me everyday but I just need to keep my options open."
At Dodger Stadium via Natalie K.

Hey, So Do I!
"Well I really prefer those fruitier Ethiopian blends, bro."
via @sneeekycheeky

Our Overheard in L.A. feature relies on you to send us the strange conversations you overhear in this city. Send them our way at (In the e-mail, put "overheard" in the subject and tell us who said it, where they said it and any amusing context.)

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