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Here Are The Dumb Jokes About Native Americans From Adam Sandler's Latest Film

Actor Loren Anthony taking a selfie on set of 'Ridiculous 6' with Nick Nolte standing the background (Photo via Instagram)
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Some of the jokes from the script of Adam Sandler's latest film Ridiculous 6 have been leaked. The Netflix movie, a spoof on Hollywood Westerns, is under fire after a group of Native Americans—including the film's cultural advisor—walked off set, claiming that the movie was perpetuating the same old stereotypes of indigenous people that Hollywood has perpetuated for generations.

Defamer got its hands on a copy of the script. It dates back to December 7, 2012, so it's possible that changes have been made in the meantime. But it gives us some insight into what you might call the creative process behind the money-making machine that is Adam Sandler.

Yesterday, Indian Country Today Media reported that some of the characters were named "Beaver's Breath" and "No Bra." The script reveals that there is also a character named "Sits-On-Face." Let's start there. Here's an excerpt:

They hear a noise from the village. A SEXY WOMAN comes out of her teepee, the first one awake. She stretches, buck naked (important parts block — PG13), and waves at Tommy. SEXY WOMAN

Morning, Three Knives. I had a dream about you last night. TOMMY
That's nice, Sits-On-Face.

Wow, someone's got an admirer...

Sits-On-Face squats down behind the teepee and pees, while lighting up a peace pipe.
And here is some classic Sandlerian humor:
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(to Sits-on-Face)
Say honey: how about after this, we go someplace and I put my peepee in your teepee?

There are a lot of jokes about Native American names:

FLAMING WOLF Me never hear of him. I know a "Five Hairy Moles" and a "One Eyebrow" and my cousin "Four Pickles" but no "Three Knives". Sorry.

Here are some more dumb name jokes:

So why don't you give me the money you stoled, and we'll be on our way. SIT-ON-FACE
You go now!

Settle down now, Strawberry Tits.

My name not Strawberry Tits. I am Sits-On-Face.

Well then I'm Stiff-in-Pants!

Netflix has defended the film under the banner of satire: "The movie has ridiculous in the title for a reason: because it is ridiculous. It is a broad satire of Western movies and the stereotypes they popularized, featuring a diverse cast that is not only part of — but in on — the joke."
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There hasn't been any word from Sandler's camp, but an Associated Press reporter sent out a tweet of the actor, apparently with some of the Native American actors who did stay on set:

Allie Young told Newsweek she was interested in being an extra on the movie, because she had studied Hollywood depictions of Native Americans in movies. She was curious to see how things had changed, but her experience on Ridiculous 6 led her to believe that very little had. She told the magazine: "I take this very personally because my little brother committed suicide when he was 17 because of racism. In his suicide note, he said, 'It's hard to stay alive when you're brown and gifted.' I want to take a stand for native and indigenous youth. I want them to see their people portrayed as something better."