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This California Republican Broke Ranks When Congress Voted To Impeach Trump A 2nd Time

Rep. David Valadao from the Central Valley was just sworn in on Tuesday. On Wednesday, he joined nine other House Republicans who voted for impeachment.

With 25th Amendment Vote, California Republicans Grapple With Last Days Of The Trump Administration

Members of Southern California's GOP Congressional delegation joined nearly all of their Republican colleagues Tuesday night in voting against a House resolution urging Vice President Mike Pence and members of the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove President Trump from office.

Former LA Councilman Tom LaBonge, 'Mr. Los Angeles,' Has Died At 67

Former L.A. City Councilman Tom LaBonge was known for his love of Los Angeles.

Politics Year-In-Review: Protests Sparked Bold Promises From City Leaders. Will They Deliver?

This year, Los Angeles politics has been caught in the crosscurrent of calls to reimagine public safety and the devastation COVID-19 has wrought on the city's budget.

Garcetti Issues Rare Veto, Rejecting City Council's Plan For Spending Money Cut From LAPD Budget

"Far too many of the proposed expenditures do not meet the demands of the moment or the call of history," Garcetti said in a letter.

LA's Alex Padilla Appointed US Senator. First Latino To Represent California In Senate

Growing up in Pacoima as the son of Mexican immigrants, Padilla was a political wunderkind in Los Angeles, vaulting to prominence as a 26-year-old member of the city council.

Four Lessons From The Southern California House Seats Republicans Reclaimed In 2020

Fundraising, turnout, independent voters and candidate recruitment all played a role in these highly contested California congressional races.

Biden Picks A Cuban-American LA Attorney To Reverse Trump's Hard-Line Immigration Policies

The President-elect says he will nominate Alejandro Mayorkas for DHS Secretary.

Los Angeles Assembly Members Defend Maui Trip During COVID Pandemic

Legislator Wendy Carrillo (D-Los Angeles), a member of the Assembly Health Committee, explains and defends her travel, as does Blanca Rubio (D-Baldwin Park).

Black And Latino Leaders Push Newsom To Pick A Woman Of Color To Succeed Kamala Harris In Senate

Democratic groups are lobbying to maintain or expand their representation in a Senate dominated by white men.

How Nithya Raman And Other Progressive Campaigns Beat The LA Establishment -- And What's Next

Progressive political power is growing in traditionally center-left L.A.

Wildfires, COVID and AB5: The Issues Lighting Up the 25th District Congressional Race

Republican Congressman Mike Garcia won the seat in May. Now he's facing a rematch challenge from Democratic Assembly member Christy Smith.

California Republicans Say Unauthorized Ballot Drop Boxes Are Legal And Vow To Continue Operating Them

The state GOP says from now on, the ballot drop boxes will be indoors and attended by staff or volunteers. The Secretary of State said earlier this week they aren't legal.

DEBATE RECAP: Holly Mitchell And Herb Wesson Clash On Police Reform And Housing Policy

The candidates for the L.A. County Board of Supervisors District 2 seat battled over the future of law enforcement accountability and how to build more affordable housing in South L.A.

Fake Ballot Drop Boxes Have Popped Up In Southern California. They're Not Legal. (UPDATED)

A spokesman for the state's Republican party defended drop boxes at churches. The Secretary of State says they're against the law.

Voter Game Plan: What Should I Do With Someone Else's Ballot? Or An Extra Ballot?

Some voters are mistakenly receiving ballots for old roommates, or got multiple ballots in the mail. Here's what to do.

Poll Watchers Are Allowed In California. Here Are The Do's And Don'ts

Election observers are getting more attention this year because the Trump campaign says it is recruiting "an army" of volunteers to monitor voting.

Key Takeaways In LA DA Debate: Challenger George Gascón And Incumbent Jackie Lacey Make Their Cases

The candidates to lead the largest prosecutor's office in the U.S. squared off Thursday night. Here's what they said on the issues.

Another Step In LA's Vow To Reduce How Often Armed Officers Respond To Non-Violent 911 Calls

The plan was first introduced early in the summer, when the Council was scrambling to respond to a groundswell of protests over police killings and systemic racism in law enforcement.

LA County Nears Goal Of Recruiting 17K Election Workers, And Young People Are Stepping Up

Despite some technical roadblocks, there's been a surge of younger people stepping up to run polling sites during the pandemic.

WATCH: LAist's 5 Keys For Your Voter Game Plan

You don't have to wait until Nov. 3 to cast your ballot. California's "Election Month" is upon us.

Q&A: What To Know About Voting By Mail In Southern California

Now is the time to check your voter registration status.

What Local Postal Workers Say About The Trump Administration's Postal Service Cutbacks

The Postmaster General is backing off policy changes Democrats say would hinder voting by mail in the November election.

1986's 'Top Gun' Led To A Military Recruiting Boom. Will The Upcoming Sequel Do The Same?

The Pentagon hopes the sequel -- "Top Gun: Maverick" -- will inspire a new generation of servicemembers, and it supported the film's production with that in mind.

L.A. County Voters Will Decide Whether To Divert Over $110 Million From Sheriff's Department To Community Investment Programs

If voters give the green-light, this could mean reallocating $360-$496 million from other budget priorities, including a $110 million cut to the Sheriff's budget.

The LAPD Is Doubling Down On A Community Policing Program. Why Some Activists Are Opposed

The Community Safety Partnership program is becoming a formal bureau. Activists who want to defund law enforcement say the LAPD can't police its way out of these problems.

City Council Votes To Slash LAPD Budget By $150 Million

Reductions to the LAPD budget will mostly come from cutting police overtime and scaling back officer hiring.

LA County Supervisors Approve Downsized Budget: No Department Is Spared From Cuts And Layoffs

L.A. County's progress in expanding alternatives to incarceration appears to be on hold while COVID squeezes public finances. Cuts to county departments across the board are planned.

County CEO's New Budget Would Eliminate Thousands Of Jobs And Drastically Cut Sheriff's Department

L.A. County's revised spending proposal released Thursday slices 8% from all department budgets and includes 655 potential layoffs. The plan includes cuts to the Sheriff's Department.

At City Hall, Organizers Behind The 'People's Budget' Present Plan To Defund LAPD

Melina Abdullah told council members, "this is a moment where the world has cracked open, and you all have the opportunity to really be courageous."

'Defund The Police'? What To Expect From Today's City Council Budget Committee Meeting

Protesters helped force city leaders to target up to $150 million in LAPD spending for cuts.

Black Lives Matter Employed Non-Violent Resistance At The Mayor's House. LAPD Backed Off

Protesters called for "Care Not Cops" and justice for black people killed by police.

LA Councilman Mike Bonin: 'We Need To Pay Attention To The Violence Of Systemic Racism'

He tells us: 'Almost all of the people who were out on the streets yesterday -- and I know many of them were there peacefully and peaceably -- did absolutely nothing wrong.'

George Floyd's Death Is One Of Many Reasons Activists Are Pushing For A 'People's Budget' In LA

A coalition of community groups and activists is pushing to cut funding for LAPD in favor of spending on social workers, housing, public transportation, health care and other services.

A 'Criminal Organization' At City Hall: Former Top Aide To Jose Huizar Agrees To Plead Guilty

The FBI says George Esparza helped facilitate a pay-to-play scheme where city officials would trade political help for cash and trips.

'Horrific': LA City Council Gets An Earful About Mayor Garcetti's Pared-Down Proposed Budget

Mayor Garcetti's proposed budget for the coming year includes millions in cuts to city programs and partial furloughs for employees. Critics of the budget proposal say the city needs "#CareNotCops."

Timeline: Follow The FBI's Sweeping LA City Hall Corruption Investigation Through The Years

The full scope of the FBI investigation into pay-to-play schemes at City Hall is still a mystery, but here's what we know.

Democrat Christy Smith Concedes, Republican Mike Garcia Captures Historic Win For GOP In Katie Hill's Former District

A GOP candidate has flipped a Democratic House seat in California for the first time since 1998.

CA-25 Special Election: Republican Mike Garcia Ahead In Race To Replace Katie Hill In Congress

Interest is high. Turnout could match or surpass the primary election in March.

CA-25 Special Election: Democrats Fear Losing The Congressional Seat Katie Hill Flipped In The High Desert

The race has been rated a "tossup." Republicans are accusing Democrats of last-minute political shenanigans.

Santa Monica Is Shrinking City Government Because Of 'Devastating' Effects Of Coronavirus

A massive, long-term budget shortfall is forcing city leaders to shrink staff and cut services like library hours.

Democrats Say Black Voters Are Being Disenfranchised In The Special Election To Replace Katie Hill In Congress

L.A. County has no vote centers planned for Lancaster, a diverse L.A. suburb with a high proportion of African American voters.

Married To An Immigrant Without A Social Security Number? A Civil Rights Group Is Fighting For Your Stimulus Check

California couples are among those being denied pandemic relief. Civil rights group MALDEF has filed a federal lawsuit to overturn the policy.

Supervisors Worry Budget Cuts Will Hurt LA County's 'Post-Pandemic World'

CEO Sachi Hamai says her budget recommendation for L.A. County will be drastically revised because of coronavirus. County leaders are hoping for a helping hand from the feds.

California Cities Warn Of 'Great Depression' From Looming $7 Billion Budget Chasm

Without a major fiscal shot in the arm from the federal government, nine in 10 California cities report they be forced to lay off or furlough staff, decrease services or both.

CA-25 Special Election: Who Will Represent This District During The Coronavirus Pandemic And Recovery?

We talked to candidates Christy Smith and Mike Garcia about their plans for California's 25th district, the coronavirus crisis, and how to (safely) get back to normal life.

LA Mayor's Budget Proposal To Include Furloughs and 'Pain' For Many City Departments

Garcetti promises to "draw a red line" around community safety, clean streets, housing and meals programs for children and seniors.

Coronavirus Is Pushing LA County And City Budgets Off A Fiscal Cliff

Mayor Garcetti says "there's no question" his upcoming budget will include cuts. L.A. County is also facing "significant losses" that will impact county programs.

Cities May Face Dire Budget Choices If They're Ignored In Federal Bailout, Leaders Say

Leaders of small and mid-sized cities, including in Southern California, say they are being overlooked in federal bailouts because they can't apply directly for aid.

How Political Campaigns Are Happening In The Age of Coronavirus

Campaigning has gone virtual as social distancing reigns. Meanwhile, engage in attack politics at your own risk, say campaign operatives.

The Presidential Election In November May Be Held At Your Mailbox Thanks To COVID-19

Might the coronavirus crisis have us all voting by mail more in the future? Maybe. But expanding mail-in voting isn't without its challenges -- even in California.

Timeline: Follow The FBI's Sweeping LA City Hall Corruption Investigation Through The Years

The full scope of the FBI investigation into pay-to-play schemes at city hall is still a mystery, but here's what we know.

The Scramble To Fix Los Angeles Voting Before November (And What Went Wrong)

"Voters who waited patiently for hours deserve our praise for their commitment to democracy. Voters deserve better," said Secretary of State Alex Padilla.

California Counts Votes In Its Own Good Time. Here's Why Declaring Winners May Take A Minute

Taking our sweet time is a feature, not a bug, of our election system.

After Katie Hill's Resignation, Republicans Want A Rebound In This North LA County District

The GOP smells opportunity in California's 25th district, which was once solidly conservative. But local Democrats are confident they'll keep the seat.

2020 Primary: A Few Technical Stumbles As LA County Opens Doors To New Voting Centers

The day got off to a rocky start, but a new era of in-person voting has officially begun in L.A. County.

Is LA County Heading For A Confusing March 3 Primary? Voters Face This Gauntlet Of Changes

Where and how L.A. votes is changing. Are you paying attention? Who is?

State OKs LA County's New Voting Machines -- With A Whole Lot Of Caveats

The Secretary of State has certified the new system, but says L.A. County must have a 'Plan B' for March 3 primary voters that includes the option of hand-marking a paper ballot.

Beverly Hills Sues Over 'Severe Ballot Design Flaw' In LA County Voting Machines

The city says voters will accidentally skip candidates listed after the first digital "page."

LA's New Voting System Is Still Uncertified. Why Election Security Experts Are Worried

The March 3 primary is weeks away, but the state has yet to certify the new machines. Election experts have spotted security flaws, and potential lawsuits are already looming.

Beverly Hills Might Sue Over LA County's New Voting Machine Design

One councilman running for reelection says the user interface is "unfair" and could affect the outcome of important races.

How To Vote In California: What To Do Ahead Of The March 3 Primary Election

If you're a No Party Preference voter, pay extra attention to this guide if you want to weigh in on the next president.

Nury Martinez Will Make 'Herstory' As LA's First Latina City Council President. Here Are Her Priorities

She's had a meteoric rise to one of the most powerful jobs in Los Angeles.

Presidential Hopefuls Met Up With California Democrats This Weekend In Long Beach. Our Key Takeaways

Democrats met in Long Beach this weekend, where presidential hopefuls wooed Latino voters and we all got a glimpse of political showdowns to come in 2020.

What Are All The Democrats Doing In Long Beach This Weekend? (A Political Convention Explainer)

Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris and more are in town for California Democrats' Fall Nominating Convention. They're holding rallies and appearing at a Univision forum. "It's essentially like a music festival for Democrats," said one campaign manager.

After Prop 187 Came The Fall Of California's Once-Mighty GOP, And The Rise Of Latino Political Power

"If it wasn't for 187, I would never have thought about running for political office," said former State Senate Leader and current city council candidate Kevin de León.

With A 'Broken Heart,' Katie Hill Announces She Is Resigning From Congress Amid Ethics Investigation

Hill said she took the step because she believed "it is the best thing for my constituents, my community, and our country."

LA's Only National Cemetery For Vets Is Finally Taking New Applications After More Than 40 Years

Veterans and their spouses may now apply for cremation niches in an expanded columbarium at the VA campus in West L.A.

Attention Angelenos: The Way You Vote Is Changing

Goodbye, neighborhood polling places. Hello, high-tech voting machines. Check it all out Saturday and Sunday during L.A. County's "Mock Election."

The Trump Administration Is Canceling California's GI Bill Approval Power, But The State Is Fighting Back

The Trump Administration's salvo is the latest in a long-running war over how for-profit schools are governed in California. Advocates worry this move will hurt veterans and help predatory for-profit colleges stay in business. Welcome to yet another showdown in a long list of grievances between the Trump Administration and the state.

Worse Than We Thought: 18 Camp Pendleton Marines And One Sailor Are In Custody For Alleged Drug Crimes And Human Smuggling

NCIS arrested 19 Southern California-based members of the military on Thursday. Their names came up during an investigation into two Marine lance corporals pulled over by Border Patrol earlier this month.

What Do You Do When You're Awarded The Highest Honor In The Military? Go To Disneyland, Of Course

"When I came to L.A... I thought I was going to have to fight off protesters and whatnot," said Army Staff Sgt. David Bellavia. "None of that's true. I'm just surrounded by kindness and love and people that are appreciative. And everyone is so respectful and so kind."

Libby Denkmann, Veterans Reporter

I bring you the stories of military veterans live in Southern California -- from those who excel after discharge to those who falter.

LA's Memorial Coliseum Will Keep Its Name Under A New Deal Between USC And United Airlines

The compromise deal: get ready to call it, "United Airlines Field at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum"

Veteran Homelessness Has Barely Budged In LA. Here's Why That's A Win

Between 2018-19, there were just 12 fewer veterans living on the streets, in cars or in temporary shelters in Los Angeles. The numbers were a relief compared to double-digit increases for the total homeless population in the county.

The VA Is Making It Rain Baby Showers

Women are a fast-growing segment of veterans, but the Department of Veterans Affairs has historically done a poor job of serving female patients and making sure they feel welcome at VA facilities. Can this new strategy work?

As USC's Year Ends, Biq Questions Remain About What Name The Football Stadium Will Have This Fall

The answer is still unclear. USC says it's willing to listen to veterans and modify the name change to 'United Airlines Memorial Stadium.' That is, if United Airlines agrees. The airline has said it is prepared to pull out of the $69M naming deal.

Twilight Brigade Comforts Dying Veterans. Now They're Fighting Eviction From VA's West LA Campus

The VA is working to comply with an Inspector General report issued in September. But the Twilight Brigade says it's providing important services to vets, and should be allowed to stay.

A Fallen Vietnam Vet From Montebello Finally Returns Home -- After 52 Years

Raul Antonio Guerra's friends fought for decades to bring his remains home. They had to wait for forensic testing to advance before it could happen.

United Airlines Says If USC Doesn't Rename Memorial Coliseum, They Are Willing To Drop Out Of $69M Deal

Los Angeles veterans want USC to shift gears and halt a $69 million deal to rename the stadium, a memorial to veterans, in August. The dispute now moves to closed-door mediation.

Flight Simulator For Pilots Who Fight SoCal Wildfires Might Be Delayed -- To Pay For Trump's Border Wall

Right now, pilots have to travel to the East Coast to train on the C-130J. An $8 million simulator located at the Channel Islands Air National Guard Station would change that. But the funding is now in doubt.

Those Were Apache And Blackhawk Helicopters Flying Over Los Angeles Tuesday. Here's Why

The Army choppers were on a training flight from Fort Irwin to San Diego.

These SoCal Students Are Missing Millions in Federal Loans As Their Colleges Face Bankruptcy

At least $13 million in financial aid is missing. Students can't pay rent or buy groceries.

The West LA VA Is Trying To Evict A Jewish Veterans Group

Jewish War Veterans Post 118 says there are major inconsistencies with who is getting kicked off the Veterans Affairs campus.

A Hollywood Rabbi Who's Served Christmas Meals To The Homeless Is Retiring After 30 Years

"[W]e wanted to do this for our Christian friends on a day that's holy for them, when they are in church or with families."

SoCal Democrats Are Licking Their Chops To Take Over The House. Here's What They're Planning

Many Southern California Democrats are poised to play critical roles in investigating President Trump and influencing policy that will impact California. With the House Majority, "we can stand up to stupid stuff," said Rep. Ted Lieu.

Veterans Find Healing In The Great Outdoors Of Big Bear

Long after military veterans leave the armed forces, wounds from their years of service can linger. Higher Ground campers are dealing with service-related conditions like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, traumatic brain injury (TBI), physical disability, or military sexual trauma through recreation in the great outdoors.

Judge Denies Bail For White Supremacy Extremists: 'Nothing Short Of Horribly Violent'

Three members of an allegedly violent white supremacist group based in Southern California have been arrested since Sunday. A fourth man later turned himself into authorities.

A Councilman Who's 'Tough On Crime' Was Convicted Of A Felony For Striking His Girlfriend In The Face

Eric Negrete has been tough on crime as a Victorville City Councilman. He even opposed leniency for non-violent offenders. But we've discovered Negrete himself asked a judge for leniency -- after he was convicted of a violent felony.

'Illegal Leases' On VA's West L.A. Campus Called Out By Watchdog -- Including Brentwood School, Red Cross And A City Park

The Dept. of Veterans Affairs Inspector General says 11 leases are illegal and over a dozen more aren't accounted for. The VA is also falling behind on its goal to build 1,200 units of housing for homeless veterans.

The US Doesn't Know How Many Mexican-Americans Served In Vietnam. A New Play Is Trying To Make Sure They're Not Forgotten

"Ring Of Red: A Barrio Story" -- which runs through Sept. 30 at the Bootleg Theater -- incorporates more than 50 oral histories.

The Next Site For Mayor Garcetti's Temporary Bridge Shelters? The VA Campus In Brentwood

The project should house up to 100 homeless veterans and open in 2019. So far it's not getting the same NIMBY pushback as other shelter sites.

Everything You Need To Know About The Massive, Decaying West LA VA Campus -- And The Plan To Fix It

It's big. It's green. It's hiding in plain sight next to the 405 freeway.

The USO Finds Its Future In The LAX Theme Building

The current USO building was designed to assist 12,000 active duty military members and their families. In 2017, it welcomed over 100,000.

First Chickenpox, Now Scabies At The Federal Prison In Victorville Holding Immigrant Detainees

As of Friday afternoon, detainees are also still not allowed to call family members or a lawyer.

Exclusive: Chickenpox Just Showed Up At The Federal Prison In Victorville Holding Immigrant Detainees

Guards say there's not enough medical staff for the 1,000 ICE detainees who were transferred there this month.