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Wildlife Crossing Update: A Look At Plans For The Massive Bridge To Span 101 Freeway

The 101 Wildlife Crossing will be the world's largest and most urban.

Sheriff's Department Says Shooting Victim Possessed An Illegal Gun. Family Disputes That Claim

Andres Guardado was working as a security guard for a Gardena auto body shop when deputies drove up Thursday night.

Violence Erupts Throughout Downtown LA Friday Night; 500 Arrested

Police worked early Saturday morning to disperse crowds in downtown Los Angeles as multiple businesses were looted following demonstrations against police brutality spurred by the in-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis earlier in the week.

Homeless LA Residents Are Ordered To Be Moved From Under Freeways

The landmark order comes from Judge David O. Carter, who asked for any removal to be "humane".

'Inexcusable And Deplorable:' Vanessa Bryant On Reports First Responders Shared Graphic Photos Of Crash

The statement from her attorney says Kobe's widow is devastated by allegations deputies firefighters publicly shared crash site photos.

Major Fire In Downtown LA Injures 3; Firefighters Take About An Hour To Knock It Down

Witnesses reported an explosion shortly before noon. It took 140 firefighters about an hour to get the fire under control.

Daredevil 'Mad Mike' Hughes Killed In Crash Of Self-Made Rocket In Mojave Desert

The daredevil was killed Saturday when the self-made rocket he was riding in crashed after launching in the desert south of Barstow.

SoCal Health Officials Release Dozens Of Public Places Latest Measles Patients Went While Contagious

A baby too young to be vaccinated and a Long Beach man who was vaccinated -- but still contracted the highly-contagious disease -- are the latest cases in Southern California. Another non-resident also traveled through L.A. while infected in recent days.

Emma Thompson Explains Why She Called Out Hollywood Harassment In An Open Letter

The English actress/writer/comedian on standing up to Hollywood abusers and protecting women on her own film sets.

LA County Is Studying The Woolsey Fire To Prepare For The Next Big Emergency

Is it time to bring back the air raid siren for evacuation zones? Los Angeles County plans to explore its options.

On Second Thought, That Koreatown Emergency Homeless Shelter Might Get Built -- Somewhere Else

City Council President Herb Wesson, who represents Koreatown, told us what went wrong the first time around and how the city was able to reach an agreement with the community.

Who Needs Shark Week? Cal State Long Beach's Shark Lab Open House Returns This Weekend

Visitors can get an up-close look at all kinds of sharks the lab studies, as well as the equipment researchers use and the people who swim with sharks for a living -- or a grade.

Most Failed Transit Projects Don't Have An Exhibit, But The 710 Freeway Extension Does

"710, Beyond Present" captures the phantom imprint of a road that never was and how it shaped the communities it would have changed -- or even destroyed.

Remembering Mario: LA's Famous Goose Who Was Actually A Gander

Mario and his human companion Ehrler captured our hearts in 2011 when they formed a unique friendship at the Echo Park Lake. Back then, he went by Maria.

Pasadena's Screaming Parrots Are Super Annoying But May Save Their Species From Extinction

Our accidental satellite population of red-crowned parrots are thriving in the SGV but dying off in their native habitat.

Building New Housing In LA Is A Cluster. Exhibit A: The Westside

The high rents in L.A. are crazy-making. Is upzoning near transit the path to actual affordable housing? And what is upzoning, anyway?

These West Hollywood Trolleys Offer Free Rides And Sunset Strip Nostalgia

The city is trying to ease its notorious road congestion. But to maintain the touristic flare of fun and flash, this transit option was given a makeover.

What Happened To Anthony Avalos? The Head Of LA's Child Welfare Agency Talks About The 'Heartbreaking' Case

Bobby Cagle spoke with KPCC's Take Two about the lessons learned from the Gabriel Fernandez case and what DCFS is doing to determine why intervention did not occur for Anthony Avalos.

A Frank History Of The Dodger Dog: A Ballpark Classic By LA, For LA

The ballpark staple is a culinary canvas for all the flavors Los Angeles has to offer.