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A Totally Bananas Idea? Planting Tropical Fruit Trees To Help Fight California Wildfires

They're beautiful, grow delicious fruit, and are so moist that they could potentially work to protect against fires. Could large scale banana plantings be the solution to some of our fire woes?

Smog Is Contributing To Pine Tree Deaths -- And That's A Set Up For Huge Fires

While California's most majestic forests may seem far from the the toxic smog in cities, it turns out that all the junk we pump into the air can travel a long way and make our trees sick.

You're Fertilizing Invasive Grasses With Your Car, Making Wildfires Worse

Pollution coming from cars, trucks, manufacturing, and agriculture, is feeding invasive grasses that are making our wildfires worse.

LA's Fire Conditions Are 'Particularly Dangerous' Right Now. How Firefighters Are Getting Ready

With big, unstoppable wind driven wildfires still a possibility, L.A.'s firefighters need any edge they can get.

Red Flag Warnings? How To Prepare

If you live in an area that is prone to wildfires you should have your go bag ready as soon as strong, dry winds show up.

Some Federal Scientists, Miserable Under Trump, Cautiously Optimistic About A Biden Future 

Federal scientists who say the Trump administration's anti-science stance made it hard for them to to do their job are cautiously optimistic about what a Biden presidency might bring.

'It Was A Moonscape': One Man Reflects On Losing Everything In The Lake Fire

"Part of me was saying, the firemen are there. They're in the yard. There's probably six or eight of them. They're going to save it. And then the other part of me saying, you know, you may not ever see these things again."

Red Flag Warnings Issued. Why You Should Be Ready To Evacuate

If you live in an area that's prone to wildfires you should have your go bag ready as soon as strong, dry winds show up.

What We'll Lose If The Mt. Wilson Observatory Burns

We'd lose historic scientific equipment that helped us discover the universe, cement SoCal as an astronomy hub, and connect the public to the wonders beyond our own world.

Under Orange Skies And Falling Ash, Backpackers Waited For Rescue From Creek Fire

With roads blocked and thick smoke billowing in, the backpackers prepared to make their way to the middle of the lake if the world around them went up in flames.

For Those Without AC, This Weekend's Heat Wave Could Be Deadly

Those without air conditioning have to figure out how to survive possible record-setting temperatures this weekend.

'The Burnout Is Here': Firefighters Struggle As COVID Takes A Toll

A Cal Fire Battalion Chief in Riverside talks about how, like the rest of us, his firefighters are struggling with unrelenting disasters.

LA Is Still Trying To Get 90,000 Trees Planted By Next Year

Trees can beautify neighborhoods, improve air quality and help control heat. But can the city plant enough to meet its own Green New Deal goal?

California's National Parks Could Be Getting Millions In Much Needed Help

As part of the Great American Outdoors Act, our parks could receive some much needed upgrades over the next five years, and even more land could become public.

Look Up! You Might See A Gorgeous Comet Over SoCal This Week

Nothing like looking up at a 4.6 billion-year-old disintegrating ball of ice and dust to help put life on Earth in perspective.

Estimated 40 Homes Burn As Brushfire Tears Through Small SoCal Town

Niland, a small, low income community near the Salton Sea, was devastated overnight as strong winds pushed a brushfire directly into neighborhoods.

Information Slow To Trickle In After 7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Oaxaca, Mexico

Memories of the deadly 2017 earthquake came flooding back as Oaxaca, Mexico was hit by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake, killing at least one.

Hot, Sweaty, Close Together - Fighting Wildfires In The Time of Covid

Sizeable outbreaks could impact wildfire response.

Brushfires Pop Up Across LA As Unusually Strong, Dry Winds Pummel Region

The Santa Ana winds driving the fires are uncommon for this time of year.

California's Early Earthquake Warning System Worked Wednesday Night (For Some)

It seems that not everyone got the heads up shaking was coming.

Number Of Farmer John Coronavirus Cases Continues To Grow

The number of reported cases reported has grown by dozens over the past few weeks. Workers claim they've been getting

Disaster Prep Gets A Boost In Newsom's Revised Budget

Wildfire prep gets a lot of cash while a climate change program takes a hit in the revised budget.

Is it Really Time For Wildfires Already?

A stretch of hot and dry weather left us vulnerable.

Santa Barbara Sea Urchins, Prized By High-End Restaurants, Are Being Sold To Home Cooks

Only thing is you've got to crack them open and scoop out the gonads on your own.

This Undocumented Farmworker Is Worried About How She'll Feed Her Kids If Coronavirus Takes Her Job Away

"It's not just me, it's thousands of people," said Maria, choking up. "I feel a sense of despair, I feel worried.

Hot Weather Means Unhealthy Air, Even With Shutdown

Just last month we were celebrating our clean air, now it's looking a bit polluted.

LA Has The Worst Air In The Nation Again

We live in paradise but we put up with some awfully dangerous air quality.

Forecast: Coastal Flooding Is Going To Get A Lot Worse For California

A new study finds extremes we now see once every 50 years -- including terrible flooding in coastal areas -- could become commonplace in the next few decades.

24 Million Pounds Of Strawberries Each Week Might Get Thrown In The Trash

Strawberry season is about to peak in California. So is coronavirus.

What If A Big Earthquake Hit California Right Now?

Surprisingly, there might be some positives to having everyone quarantined and our country on high alert.

Where Are All The Beans? What The Run On This Staple Teaches Us About The Supply Chain

One bean supplier reassures us calm is coming and then 'walking into the supermarket will not look like you're in Venezuela or Cuba.'

The Case For Not Panic Buying A Gun

This is a really stressful time, but society's not going to collapse. Having a gun in the home can hurt more than help.

Your No-Panic Guide: The Supply Chain Is Fine. So When Will Everything Be Back In Stock?

We asked experts to help us understand the supply chain and let you know what to expect to see on the shelves of your local stores.

Your No-Panic Guide: Sanitizer, Toilet Paper, Medicine -- When Will Everything Be Back In Stock?

Panic buying has all but wiped some of the biggest stores clean.

Here's Your Quick, To The Point, Coronavirus Prep List

A lot of it's stuff that you probably already have in your home.

How To Get California To Give You Money To Retrofit Your Home For Earthquakes

If you live in California and your home was built before 1980, you may be able to get a free $3,000 towards making it more earthquake safe.

A Growing Threat For Military Bases In California And Beyond: Wildfires Driven By Climate Change

With dangerous weapons, ammunition and chemical storage at risk, California's intensifying wildfires are worrying military leaders.

Your Toasty Winter Fireplace Is Polluting The Air

Thousands of mini wildfires can help turn L.A.'s stagnant winter air into a health hazard.

California Salmon Can Fight (Some) Climate Change Threat By Eating More

Even a couple of degrees in water temperature can make a world of difference.

LA Got Some Rain, But We Could Be In For A Dry Winter

All that rain that just fell? It might not be enough to stave off fire weather for too long.

2nd Victim Of The Saugus High School Shooting Is Identified

The teenager was known for his humor, his involvement with ROTC, and his love of SpongeBob SquarePants.

LA's Air Is Awful Again, But This Time We Can't Blame Wildfires

It's a little bit of weather and a lot of bit of us.

California Finally Has An App That Can Tell You When The Earthquakes Are Coming

It should work no matter where you are in the state. Does that make L.A.'s app redundant?

Mass Blackouts Threaten To Be The New Norm To Prevent Wildfires. Is There A Better Way?

Shutting off power to millions of people to avert wildfires every time it's windy is not a sustainable solution to averting wildfires. There are alternatives, but they're not easy or cheap.

The Devil Winds Are Back -- And So Is The Fire Danger

Plants in our hills have dried out, the weather is heating up and the Santa Ana winds are fanning fire fears.

Climate Change Is Decimating Mojave Desert Birds

Birds in California's Mojave Desert are finding it increasingly hard to quench their thirst.

Polluters, Permafrost, Renewable Fuel, The Ozone Layer And More: We Answer Your Climate Questions

More than 140 of you asked questions during climate week, and we've been working to getting them answered. Here's a roundup of Q&As about what's happening to Earth.

Climate Change Is Going To Do A Major Number On How We Get Around LA

It's going to be like the worst video game ever. Except real. Can you dodge melting asphalt, mudslides and the ocean?

Is LA's Marine Layer Going To Burn Off Someday And Never Ever Come Back?

If it did it would be a "global calamity," one climate researcher told us.

If It's A Windy Day When A Big Quake Hits, Parts Of LA Could Burn To The Ocean

Crumbling buildings are a real danger, but the fires that follow an earthquake can be even more destructive.

Yes, We Got A Lot Of Rain This Year, But The Fire Danger Is Still Very Real

We promise this article isn't as dry as L.A.'s vegetation

Yes, This Summer Has Been Less Hellish Than Last Year (But Don't Get Too Comfortable)

Southern California did get toasty this week, and another heat wave is on tap -- but it could be so much worse.

Last Week's Earthquakes May Have Exposed A New Fault Line

The 7.1-magnitude Ridgecrest quake is a good reminder that we've still got a lot to learn.

Climate Change Is Ruining Your Trips To The Mountains

More dead trees in California means more wildfires, decreased air quality, more runoff, a loss of habitat for insects and animals and more CO2 in the atmosphere.

5 SoCal Beaches Where You Might Get Hit With A Wave Of Poop Water

Sometimes beach water is full of poop. Or, more specifically, fecal-related bacteria primarily found in the intestines of mammals.

Jacob Margolis, Science Reporter

I help Southern Californians understand the science shaping our imperfect paradise and get them prepared for what's next.

These LA Scientists Are Very Focused On Salt Right Now. Space Salt

The potential presence of salt on Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, could point to the possibility of life.

One Of California's Most Beautiful Bodies Of Water Is Filled With Plastic

Researchers found tiny microplastics in the guts of every sea creature they sampled.

SoCal Just Got Hit With Over 430 Earthquakes, But Don't Panic

The Inland Empire got some serious shakes.

Yes, Marsquakes Exist. But How Do They Compare To SoCal's Earthquakes?

It took nearly two months before the InSight team registered a marsquake. Compare that to Southern California, which experiences an earthquake roughly every three minutes.

All That Rain Is Growing New Fuel For Future Wildfires

The not-so-silver lining of all that rain: We may be primed to burn.

I Unpacked The Horrors Of Gefilte Fish Just In Time For Passover

A long-suffering Jew unpacks the horrors of the jarred fish dish he has choked down for decades.

LA Firefighters Are Training For 96 Hours To Save You In The Next Big Earthquake

Here's what a "simulated earthquake environment" looks like in action.

CA's Rainy Season Is Over. Here's How Much Our Cup Overfloweth

Today marks the unofficial end of the rainy season. We now have a pretty good idea of how our water situation will look for the rest of the year.

How To Prepare For An Earthquake If You Have A Disability

"We strongly encourage people to plan as though no help is coming to get you."

SoCal Has Officially Sloshed Its Way Out Of Drought Conditions

Thank the atmospheric rivers. After several dry years, the steady rain we've been getting has been enough to make a serious difference in our water picture.

Why Lightning And Thunder Caught LA By Surprise

One meteorologist called it 'kind of like a Goldilocks thing,' a meeting of cold and warm fronts that created a great light show.

How To Get Ready For The Next Big Earthquake. You Asked, We Answered

History tells us another big earthquake could hit Southern California at any time. Here are some of the questions you asked us about what you need to do to get ready.

How A Tweet About The Mars Rover Dying Blew Up On The Internet And Made People Cry

"My battery is low and it's getting dark" is now the subject of memes, YouTube videos and T-shirts.

A Makeshift Malibu Thanksgiving For Woolsey Fire Survivors

"It's times like this where it sort of restores my faith in humanity."

Fire Clouds Are As Terrifying As They Sound

Rare pyrocumulus clouds have been churning high above the Idyllwild hellscape, bringing with them strong winds, the threat of lightning and turbulence that can make it difficult for aircraft to help firefighters on the ground.

Cal Fire: We're Already At 400 More Fires Than At This Time Last Year

Southern Californians recently lived through the largest fire in state history -- and it seems we're on track for another difficult fire year.