This Map Tracks Where Emergency Homeless Shelters Have Been Proposed, Approved And Opened In LA

In April, Mayor Eric Garcetti and the City Council declared an emergency shelter crisis in Los Angeles. The mayor signed an executive directive to implement his "A Bridge Home" initiative, with a goal of creating 1,500 new shelter beds for the homeless residents most in need. The plan allocates $20 million from the city budget, split evenly among the 15 council districts, "to construct emergency bridge housing city-wide."

"The urgency of the homelessness crisis demands that we take every possible step to help people pack up tents and move indoors as quickly as possible," the mayor said at the time.

As city leaders navigate the selection of sites while also addressing community concerns, you may be wondering if there are any shelters being planned or built where you live or work.

That's why LAist is keeping track of where these bridge housing shelters are being proposed, studied and, eventually, built. Explore our map below to learn more. Sites that have been proposed and are under review are in orange and open shelters are in blue (if you're having trouble viewing the map in this article, you can see it here).

This is a developing project. Check back for updates.

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