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In the world of podcasts, anyone can tell their story. From major media institutions to mom and pop shops starting from scratch. Let Nick Quah guide you through this ever-changing world, as he speaks with the producers, hosts, and executives that are shaping the culture of podcasting.

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EPISODE 4Making Music for Podcasts
Composers Ramtin Arablouei of NPR and Gimlet’s Haley Shaw join Nick to talk about scoring podcasts, their favorite podcast music, and how they got where they are in this relatively new field. And to go over the week’s big news stories, Nick calls up Caroline Crampton, Hot Pod’s UK writer. Anthems / Stitcher for sale? / Serial / The Daily / Run To Your Mama / Snap Judgement / S-Town / Drop Electric / Ted Radio Hour / Throughline / Mogul / The Ballad of Billy Balls / The Habitat / 10 Things That Scare Me / Moonface Servant of Pod sponsors include: Raycon - get 15-percent off your order at Cal Tech’s new podcast The Lonely Idea 
EPISODE 3Avery Trufelman: Articles Of Interest
Avery Trufelman’s Articles of Interest is a show that explores fundamental ideas about fashion: What is its significance? Why do we give it value? How does it materially impact the world? In this episode, Nick talks with Avery about her work, which combines storytelling with a strong and evolving worldview. He also pulls apart the latest news with Ashley Carman, senior reporter for The Verge.  This Is Not A Drake Podcast Boom/Bust: The Rise and Fall of HQ Trivia New Sounds Lucinda Williams - Fruits of My Labor Servant of Pod sponsors include: Raycon - get 15-percent off your order at Cal Tech’s new podcast The Lonely Idea   
EPISODE 2John Moe: The Hilarious World of Depression
The Hilarious World of Depression, hosted by public radio veteran John Moe, was built around a kind of provocation: is depression funny? It takes the question to some of the most talented comedians, musicians, and performers in the world, going lengths to illustrate the universality of depression. Tragically, the show was cancelled earlier this week, but we’re airing this conversation because we believe in its mission and how it tried to de-stigmatize discussions around mental health. In this episode, Nick talks with Moe about his work, the origins of the show, and how the subject of mental health has now become central to his life.   Servant of Pod sponsors include: Raycon - get 15-percent off your order at Cal Tech’s new podcast The Lonely Idea 
EPISODE 1Where We Are Now
Welcome to Servant of Pod. To kick things off, Nick tries to build a (very) brief picture of where the podcast world is right now with the help of Team Coco’s Adam Sachs and Earios co-founder Priyanka Mattoo. He also gets advice on how to be a decent podcast host from a great podcast host: Death Sex and Money’s Anna Sale.   Servant of Pod sponsors include: Raycon - get 15-percent off your order at Cal Tech’s new podcast The Lonely Idea 
Welcome to Servant of Pod
Introducing a new podcast from LAist Studios hosted by Nick Quah, your guide through the ever-changing culture of podcasting.
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Meet The Team
Nick QuahNick Quah is the host of "Servant of Pod," LAist Studios' weekly podcast that explores the culture and business of podcasting. He also publishes and edits Hot Pod, the preeminent podcast industry newsletter, which also appears as a regular weekly column on Harvard University's Nieman Lab. In addition, he produces and hosts the Hot Pod Summit, a twice-a-year conference that brings together key decision-makers, operators, and creators for a day-long discussion of trends, problems, and opportunities in the podcast industry. Based on a combination of luck, opportunity, and curiosity, Nick has carved out a strong niche covering and analyzing the podcast ecosystem — how it continues to grow, how it has changed and evolved, and how it relates to the wider media universe. He is also a contributing writer for New York Magazine's Vulture, where he reviews podcasts, interviews podcast creators, and writes occasional columns about the business. Prior to creating Hot Pod in 2014, Nick has worked at Business Insider, BuzzFeed, and Panoply Media. Born in Malaysia, Nick now lives in Boise, Idaho. When not thinking about podcasts, media, and the internet, he thinks about television, movies, sports, books, politics, Asia, and, of course, food.
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