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A collage of images taken by parents participating in our series 'Parenting, Unfiltered'
(Chava Sanchez
Parenting, Unfiltered
Parenting, Unfiltered
What Raising Kids In SoCal Really Looks Like

In the fall of 2019, we gave point-and-shoot film cameras to 12 Southern California parents of young children and invited them to document their lives. Since then, A LOT of things have changed: a pandemic, economic downturn and a national reckoning with the country’s history of racism and police violence, to name a few.

Yet, isn’t parenting so often about guiding kids through life’s big changes? Just as there was no one parenting experience before the pandemic, there is no single parenting experience during it, either. Throughout it all, these 12 parents continued taking photos with their phones and sharing with us how their lives were changing.

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Meet The Parents
Join this group of families, from South Los Angeles to the San Fernando Valley and San Bernardino, as they show us what parenting really looks like, through their eyes.
  • Park Mesa Heights • Ages 33 (Ali) & 23 (Kaur) • Elder caregiver (Ali) & FedEx delivery driver (Kaur) • Live with Raheem (4) and Kalima (3)
  • South L.A. • Age 27 • Data entry specialist at Fyllo, former administrative specialist at Crystal Stairs
  • Koreatown • Age 42 • Full-time parent • Lives with Joseph (20), Jocelyn (18), Ryan (12), Anthony (7), Khloe (3); Grandson: Princeton (1)
  • San Fernando Valley • Age 33 • Senior office technician for disability support services for LAUSD West Valley Occupational Center • Lives with Menard (husband), Francis (3), Mercia and Pedro (Menard’s parents)
  • San Bernardino • Age 26 • Former Uber/Lyft driver • Lives with Edgar (husband), Ariel (3) and Delilah (2)
  • Anaheim • Age 40 • Birth equity consultant and community health advocate • Lives with Carlvin, Jr. (husband), Carlvin III (8), Nalani (5) and Carlvin, Sr. (father-in-law); Blended family also includes Chantel (26) and Jaylen (21)
  • South L.A. • Age 38 • Full-time parent and certified personal trainer • Lives with Cesario (husband), Hunter (1), Patricia (mother) and Chris (brother)
  • Pico-Union • Age 35 • Full-time parent • Lives with Faustino (husband), Naín (10), Abimelec (8) and Melquisedec (1)
  • San Fernando Valley • Age 53 • Freelance graphic designer • Lives with Jason (husband), Jackson (7) and Noah (5)
  • Hawthorne • Mother, social worker and blogger living with lupus • Lives with Taj (8), Shelora (6), Ronn and Rome (3-year-old twins)
  • Hawthorne • Age 42 • Freelance photographer • Lives with Leilani (19), Josh (15), Aliyah (13) and Hali'a (1)
  • Koreatown • Age 45 • Restaurant sales • Lives with Hyunjung Kim (wife), Evelyn (9) and Amy (5)