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Your Guide To The Climate Emergency
We're in a climate emergency caused by human actions meant to fuel society, such as burning coal, oil and gas. Year-round wildfires, rising sea levels, scorching heat — we’re already experiencing the impacts. How much worse it gets remains to be seen, but there's hope — and a lot we can do.
Scientists say big changes this decade can help us avoid the worst impacts of climate change. That’s why we want to equip you with information you can use.

Read this overview, and then use the guide to understand more about the climate crisis, including what's being done to address and adapt to it — and how you can take part.
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Global Context

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Climate Emergency Questions
Fires. Mudslides. Heat waves. What questions do you need answered as you prepare for the effects of the climate emergency?

Take Action

The action needed has to come from every level — from government, from industry, and from individuals like you.

Read on to learn what efforts are under way; how changes in policy and technology affect you, your community and your pocket; and what you can do personally to get involved.
Things You Can Do At Home
Renewable Energy
More Climate and Environment Coverage
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