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Here's What Happens When You Report A Sexual Assault In Los Angeles

Few women know their options -- or their rights -- following a sexual assault.

CA's New Vaccine Law Will Tighten Rules Around Medical Exemptions

Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law legislation that gives the state the power to reject certain medical exemptions for vaccines if it determines they're not valid.

Planned Parenthood Isn't The Only Group in LA Forgoing Title X Money

In LA County, 23 Planned Parenthood Clinics will stop taking Title X funding. Another 18 other clinics are also rejected funding over the new so-called gag rule.

What's It Like To Breathe LA's Bad Air (And What Can You Do About It)?

It turns out the air quality has actually been better this year than last, but for people like me, with asthma and any other lung or heart disease, it can be brutal. Here's how you can cope.

Anaheim Seniors Have A New Ally: An App That Helps Track Their Well-Being

Meals on Wheels is getting promising results with a new app that provides real-time alerts about clients' health and safety.

One Way To Keep LA Seniors Safe From Abuse: An Active Social Life

"Cultivating social relationships is probably the most effective - and the most inexpensive, by the way - intervention."

People Are Ripping Off LA Seniors At Alarming Rates -- And It's Making Them Sick

Scams are on the rise, and they can increase the risk of hospitalization or even death.

Michelle Faust Raghavan, Health Care Reporter

I connect aging adults and caregivers with information, experts and policymakers to help them understand risks and bridge the gaps in care.

Se Han Reportado Más Casos de Abuso Contra Los Ancianos Que Nunca Antes En El Condado de Los Ángeles

Tristemente, cada mes el condado de Los Ángeles recibe miles de casos de maltrato y negligencia de los adultos mayores.

LA County Is Reporting More Elder Abuse Than Ever Before

Sadly, the case of elder abuse against the iconic superhero creator is just one of the several thousand opened in California each month.

Yes, You Can Have A Vaginal Birth After A C-Section

You might have heard an old saying, "Once a cesarean, always a cesarean." But that's not always true.

Another Traveler With Measles Entered LA Through LAX

The individual was in LAX's Terminal 7 for two-and-a-half hours, and the next day was at an Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Santa Monica for five hours.

It's 2019, Let's Just Say Out Loud That Breastfeeding Is Hard

We asked for your breastfeeding stories and more than 100 of you responded. Here's what we learned.

Gov. Newsom's Goal Is Single-Payer Health Care -- But Don't Hold Your Breath

He wants to expand Medi-Cal and premium subsidies. He's also asking Trump to clear the way for California to move to a single-payer health care system. That seems extremely unlikely.

Dear LADYist: AAAH I Have A Fibroid -- Wait, What Is That?

If you have a uterus, chances are high you could wind up with a fibroid. Or two. Or a dozen.

In The Heart Of Orange County, Democrats Are Picking A Fight Over Health Care

Republican incumbent Mimi Walters voted to repeal Obamacare. Democrat Katie Porter is making sure voters don't forget it.

Hey, Have You Heard Of Condoms?

Of course you have. But we know that a lot of you don't use them.

What To Expect When You See The Gynecologist For The First Time

It's okay to feel a little nervous. It's actually totally normal.

Women Tell Us Their Labor Stories Just In Time For... Labor Day

We asked you for your stories, and, oh baby, did you deliver!

What's The Big Deal About Short-Term Health Plans?

Here's why the Trump administration likes these plans, and why California lawmakers want to ban them.

No Surprise: Wildfire Smoke Is Bad For You. Here's What To Do

The Cranston Fire in Riverside County has pushed more than 3,000 people out of their homes. But it's not just the fire that's dangerous. The smoke that spreads to surrounding areas can also be harmful.

How To Talk To Your Kids When A Violent Event Hits Close To Home

When do you start a conversation with your kids when you're still working through your own feelings?

Brace Yourself. Covered California Rates Are Out

In Los Angeles, individual health insurance rates will go up between 8.6 and 10 percent on average.

What We Know About The People Who Have Used California's Assisted Suicide Law

Based on the newest public data, 768 terminally ill people got a lethal prescription — and 485 took it — in the two years since the law went into effect.