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With Day Cares Shut And School Online, LA's Working Moms Are Carrying The Child Care Load

A message for working moms: "This is not their fault. The stress and the overwhelm they feel is not on them to resolve. They're already trying their best."

Santa Monica-Malibu School District Lays Off Dozens After Sharp Drop In Early Education Enrollment 

After the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District switched to distance learning, enrollment in early childhood programs plummeted, exposing the careful balance of private and public funding required to maintain its early learning programs.

One Teacher, Four Wheels, Hundreds Of Books: A Look At South LA's Bookmobile

What started as an effort to deliver books to Claudia Cataldo's students in South L.A. has evolved into a community distribution for people of all ages.

A Child Care Center Followed The COVID Safety Guidelines. It Still Had An Outbreak

There are relatively few cases of the coronavirus linked to L.A. child care centers, but the data is inconsistent and there's been at least one outbreak at a center here that says it followed safety guidelines.

California Child Care Providers Unionize: 'It's Time To Demand What We Deserve'

Of the 9,340 ballots returned to Child Care Providers United, 97% favored representation by the union.

For California Child Care Workers, Inequality Is Baked Into The System

California child care providers could be on the verge of getting help in their fight for higher wages. This week, balloting is wrapping up in a month-long vote to unionize child care workers.

'We Do Need This Change': Child Care Union Election Underway

After more than a decade of fighting for the right to bargain for better pay, California child care providers will vote on unionizing. 

'It Was A Relief': DACA Students Find Hope In Supreme Court Ruling

DACA could still be challenged. But for now, college students can focus on their studies.

Most 'Pop-Up' Child Care Centers Were Already Watching Kids Before The Pandemic 

Los Angeles child care centers braced for a wave of new kids -- instead, many reported low enrollment. 

Even Young Children Notice What's Happening In The World Right Now. Here's What You Can Do To Help Them Understand

What L.A. parents are doing to start conversations about race and help their kids dream of a better future.

Giving Birth In A Pandemic Can Be Isolating. It Doesn't Have To Be

Delivery rooms are becoming less crowded. Here's how one family found support for birth in the midst of the pandemic.

Coronavirus Parenthood: The Stress Level Is High, Glitter Glue Is Everywhere

A Diary of LA in the time of coronavirus from a single mom in Hawthorne.

If LA's Kids Keep Skipping Routine Vaccinations, We Might Have More Than A COVID-19 Outbreak To Worry About

In April, health care providers gave just 39% the number of immunizations to L.A. kids compared to the previous year.

Your Baby Might Hate Tummy Time But They Need It

Tummy time for babies can strengthen muscles and help them learn to crawl. Here are some tips to make that more pleasant for everyone.

Masks, Smaller Classes And No Hugs: What Child Care Looks Like Right Now

Gov. Gavin Newsom says available child care will be key to reopening California, but child care providers are still grappling with new safety guidelines.

More Than Half Of LA Child Care Centers Closed. Who Is Watching The Kids Of Essential Workers?

And even if you find child care, there's still the question of how to pay for it.

Call The Doctor If Your Kid Feels Sick, But Go In For Vaccinations

One visit doctors say parents shouldn't reschedule? Vaccinations.

Everyone Should Wear A Face Mask, Except Kids Under 2 (It's A Suffocation Risk)

New federal and local health recommendations to cover your face before going outside don't apply to young children.

'A New Industry Overnight': Early Education In A Distance Learning World

Teachers and parents are trying to bridge the gap between home and school for L.A.'s littlest learners.

'Essential' Child Care Workers Struggle To Balance Family Needs, Safety

In California, the decision to stay open is up to each childcare provider, who must balance the needs of families with the health and safety of workers and children.

Already On The Margins, Child Care Providers Look For Coronavirus Relief

Child care providers around the state are closing as parents whose jobs are deemed non-essential have been told to stay home with their kids.

Dear LAist: Will My Child's Day Care Center Or Preschool Close?

Amid school closures, LA child care providers have a lot of questions and few answers.

Kids Stuck At Home? Here's How To Keep Them Busy And Grow Their Brains At The Same Time

Yes, laundry can be educational- and fun! We went to the experts for tips on keeping the learning going even if school's out.

How To Talk To Your Little Kids About Coronavirus

Tips from a clinical psychologist: First, take a deep breath.

Helping Preschoolers Work Through Trauma, One Breath At A Time

The LA Unified School District knows many of its students will experience trauma before they graduate and it's preparing teachers to help those students.

Parents Of Young Kids: California Wants To Give You Money

If you made at least one dollar last year but less than $30,000 the Young Child Tax Credit could put an extra $1K in your wallet.

Early Childcare Providers Are Spending Their Own Money To Take Care Of LA's Kids

A new report found that quality childcare in L.A. costs more than any one funding source available.

Why Understanding A Student's Preschool Life May Be Key To Raising LAUSD Graduation Rates

The district's new Birth To Eight Roadmap aims to create a smoother transition for nearly 31,000 kids from early education to elementary school.

An LA Doula Program For Black Moms Derails After Accusations Of Racial Insensitivity

Doulas can help women have healthier births, but one local program is no longer operational after staff members were fired and others quit in solidarity.